Podcast #7 – Athlete Deep Dive (ft. Tiffany Shoulders)

Welcome to the pro day sports performance podcast, doing another interview today. Very excited about this one. I am here with the world’s strongest woman. She’s run the fastest half marathon time in the entire universe. It’s amazing. She’s an amazing CrossFit athlete and amazing gymnast all around. Crazy good at everything. Tiffany shoulders. What’s up Tiffany?

Hey, thank you for having me on your

of course. Of course. How much of that was true with our Sports Performance Training Tulsa?

I went to, that was true. I’m excited to be here. Well I didn’t run the fastest half marathon but I’ve ran a lot of them and I’m not the strongest yet.

Yeah. Okay. Awesome. Yes, with high hopes in the future, but it is crazy. You ran a half marathon and you say 48 out of the 50 States. Geez. When are you set to finish? All 50

well I was already set to finish them but dear to do to Corona. I did not get to finish them, but I’m planning them and hoping to get them done before I get to college.

Awesome. That’s very excited. And where are you going to college at?

Um, I am right now set at Seton hall, but I’m wait-listed to two schools.

Very cool. Are you excited? You’re a senior. You just technically graduated even though it probably doesn’t feel like it cause the world is crazy, but

I’m excited. I got to throw my papers up in the air. My last class was an art class, so I asked my art teacher I could throw up on my artwork. Let me do that. So it’s like high school musical.

That’s very cool. That’s awesome. That’s sweet. Are you nervous for college or excited for college or both?

I’m excited for college. I’m excited for the new opportunities is going to bring

awesome, cool deal. So what I want the base of this podcast to be, I want people to understand who you are, but at the same time I want to talk about workload and everything. You work more than anybody that I know and you make it work. You have energy, you’re always bubbly and happy and you do so many things. I know things have changed because of school ending and stuff. But before this all happened, like you were doing gymnastics for how many hours a day? Four to six hours a day. Yeah, and then you would go to CrossFit and then on top of that you would work out at our gym all in a day and that didn’t even end there. Like you would do Ninja, you’d do all kinds of other stuff, so you do so many things, but somehow you have the energy to do these things and somehow you manage to not be a cripple frilled lady. You’re still chugging along. How do you do that? How do you manage all these things with our Sports Performance Training Tulsa?

I think it’s like realizing that every breath is an opportunity. Like you’re not gay. I’m not guaranteed tomorrow. So looking at, let me give everything a hundred percent today because if I give a hundred percent today, then that’s going to give me one step closer tomorrow. And if I were, if something were to happen, at least I know I gave a hundred percent every time and every minute of every day

for sure. That’s an awesome mindset. I try to do the same. I’m not always as good at it. You get caught up in life and stuff gets crazy. But yeah, I mean that makes sense for sure. So what is your like recovery regimen look like? Do you just try to get a ton of sleep and try eat as much food as possible to make sure you’re good?

Um, I do try to make sure I get enough sleep. Um, I try to make sure that I stretch every night. So it’s like really good for your like just to get all that lactic acid. I run a lot so that gets my lactic acid out, you know, if it hurts, even if it’s just three miles that is slow. It’s getting my lack acid out, slammed buddy for the rest of the day. So I think that helps a lot.

Yeah. I want to apologize because throughout this whole conversation you’re wearing the jacket right now you’re a professional obstacle course racer. So like the tough Mudders, the Spartan runs, all those things. You do that at a world competition level. You placed 22nd and the entire world and obstacle course racing. So explain to me what it is, what you love about it, and then you can be mean to me for forgetting about that in the intro if you want to.

I’m also go, of course racing is pretty much, I do it like American Ninja warrior, if you’ve ever seen that TV show, just a lot of grip and upper body intensive workouts throughout the whole course. I try to do mine at around nine miles and there’s usually a hundred obstacles. Right now I’m trying to get an ultra done, so I’m training for, it’s going to be 24 hours and then it’s as many offices as I can get done in this 24 hours. So I’m excited about that one. Um, I just love that it pushes your body. It’s like there’s some stuff I look at. I’m like, there’s no way anybody’s gonna make it through that. And then you see somebody and you’re like, okay, it’s possible now let me figure out how to get my body through it, even if it’s not the same way. It’s just like, and then the exert, like you get so excited when you get done with it. And

for sure it’s, I mean it’s a huge accomplishment. You’re not only running an insane amount, so like you do the what, how long did you say was how many miles did you say? Nine miles. So obviously you’re not doing nine miles of straight obstacle course, like you’re running in between those. So it’s mixing the running, which you love to do, mixing the skill work, the gymnastics mixed with weight training mixed with acro mixed with Ninja. All of those things put together to be a whole race of all of your favorite stuff. So that’s gotta be like exhilarating and fun for you with the best Sports Performance Training Tulsa by far.

Yes it is. And I’m so thankful for everybody who’s helped me be able to get to the point where I am now that I used our Sports Performance Training Tulsa.

Yeah, it’s so cool. When is the next like competition world championships, how often are those

world championships? Every year. And it is on October 4th this year. So a little less than 150 days qualified. Yes. Yes. I am so excited. And it’s in America. So yeah, it’s in Vermont.

Oh awesome. Fremont. I would not have been my first guess of where it’s going to be a marathon. Okay. Geez, that’s gonna suck. They’re gonna be like climb to the top of this lift and then monkey bar across the lift of cables will be fun. I’ll be really good. That’s awesome. Cool. So doing everything that you do, was it weird balancing school with all of,

I think it was difficult balancing school with that just because I know my academics have to come first, but I love doing what I do. So it was kind of a give and take on both of those cause I don’t want to let one drop below the other

for sure. For sure. So you’re going seeing how you’ve been accepted, but you’re still on the table of figuring out where you want to go. Awesome. Cool. So what are you going to be studying? Do you know?

Um, I’m still kind of figuring out, I might do something with math and like problem solving. I kind of still want to stay in and do a little bit with like muscles and stuff. I think I’m looking a little bit into kin biomedical.

There you go. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s very cool. I knew before you were looking at engineering to build rollercoasters. Are you still interested in,

I’ve been talking to the people who work at Imagineering for Disney. I got a hold of one of them with our Sports Performance Training Tulsa.

Very cool. That can lead us into a great segue into our next area or topic. Disney world. That is your favorite place in the world? Yeah. How many times in the last year have you been to Disney world?

I think four times.

That’s insane. You got your senior pictures done at Disney world. Awesome. What’s your favorite ride at Disney world tower terror. Awesome. That’s very cool. I’m going to baffle you a little bit. I’ve never been to Disney world. I know I need to. Yeah, we can go down there and we can do the what was the marathon thing that they did there? The dopey? Yeah. We can go down there and I can watch you run because I will not be running a marathon. Was that your first ever marathon you ran? What did you think of it? Did you love it? Yeah. Awesome. That’s very cool. What was like, how much harder is a full marathon than a half?

It’s a lot harder. I hit usually I don’t hit a wall in my half. Well in my full about mile 17 you’re like, I’m just done. I want to quit. And then I got to mile 20 and I don’t remember mild 20 to 22 and I just remember somebody giving the ice and I was like, how do I, okay. At this point I’m just deletion.

Yeah, he lost all sense of everything. That’s crazy. That’s awesome though. That’s a huge accomplishment. And you want to do the Boston marathon? Yeah, that’d be so much fun. That’s like really heavy competition though. Don’t you have to qualify and do like a bunch of different things?

Yeah. You have to qualify for it and so I’m excited to be out there running and seeing if I can get up there and get to about speed.

You’re going to for sure hundred percent okay. Hard question. Now, out of all of the things you do out of all the activities, sports and all that stuff, what is your favorite one? Like if you had to choose, you’re choosing this thing and this is the only thing you can do forever. Is it running? Is it obstacle course racing? Is it CrossFit? Is it weight training? What would it be? I know that’s why I’m putting you on the spot. The good thing is none of those things have feelings, so if you’re not dealing with your kids on this one when it comes to the best Sports Performance Training Tulsa,

I think it’s hard because they all like go together. Right now I’m really like enjoying CrossFit. I think I see myself going really far in that right now. I love obstacle course racing too just because I love the community that gives,

yeah. Is there a more of a like a backing I guess a more of a foundation built for CrossFit now than there would be for obstacle course racing like CrossFits further along in the more people do it, it’s a little bit more popular and seen as a as, I don’t know how to word it, but is it something that’s more official? I guess then the obstacle course racing is with the best Sports Performance Training Tulsa,

I think that obstacle course racing is so new that it’s just going to take like two or three years to get really, really big while CrossFits already really big for sure. I think they kind of go hand in hand though. So just strength training and then having your body awareness.

Yeah, definitely. So if you can get like right now CrossFit, super strong, keep running, you ride the wave of CrossFit and then once obstacle course racing is picking up, it’s like okay, now you’re the best obstacle course racer. You transitioned, made a pivot and now you’re the best of both. So you want to do CrossFit competitions?

Yeah, I think I’m going to start doing them. I’ve been talking to my CrossFit coach.

Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s exciting. All right, to wrap things up, I want you, you’re people are listening to you. I want you to tell people whatever you want them to hear, whether it’s motivational, whether it’s something that’s helped push you through stuff. Anything that keeps people going, you’re one of the busiest people. I know. You’re one of the most dedicated people I know. So give some people some knowledge, some Tiffany knowledge. I’m putting you on the spot right here.

Alright. So I think the best piece of advice that I’ve probably like ever gotten is just like, you can do more than you think you can do. And so I used to be really scared to do something and he, one of my coaches at camp Tillman, they’re like, you’re more capable than you think you are. And so anytime that I’m like, I’m tired or I don’t want to do another round, or I don’t think I can do another round or I don’t think I can do an obstacle or just like day to day life, like I’m going to fail this test or whatever it is. You just have to be like, I’m more capable than I think I am and that gets going to get you so much further. Cause it’s not that people like don’t reach their dreams and stuff. They set their dreams so low that they reached them and they could have reached 20 levels higher. So I think that’s

very cool. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Well thank you so much for joining me, for letting me interview you for giving people all the good knowledge and the who. Tiffany is as a whole, so I appreciate you. Thank you so much. Thank you for having me. Of course. Thank you everyone for listening. This is the pro day sports performance podcasts. Thank you all so much. If you’re interested in learning more about Tiffany, follow her on Instagram at TIFF toes on Instagram. If you see a car driving around with a license plate that says toes, it’s her car. So just honk at her and drive up next to her. Don’t hit her. Please don’t hit her. Like I said, this is the pro day sports performance training podcast. Thank you all for listening. Reach out to us if you want to try out a free class and we look forward to hearing. I always say hearing you all next time, but they’re not hearing. We look forward to talking into your ear next time. See ya.