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Why $1?

We are so sure that we offer the area’s best training that you’ll be like the other 99%
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$1 may not be a lot to you or to me but for our local non profit that has
been feeding Tulsa’s youth since 2017… it’s everything!

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Since 2017, we have been feeding kids in North Tulsa….


In August of 2017, a need was brought to our attention. Athletes from a local public school without a booster club were hitting the field/court without any nourishment. Can you imagine sending your child to play/compete on a completely empty stomach? Can you imagine concentrating on tasks at hand when you’re hungry?

We’ll never forget that first spaghetti dinner- and the rest is history. The athletes AND coaches kept asking if we were coming back, because they didn’t believe us at first. But football changed to basketball which moved into wrestling, soccer, and track. We even opened the Circle Kitchen which supplied weekend food bags to the school’s special needs students among others. It was a fun and amazing year!

Our students value and appreciate This Is Us. Most of the referrals are from students which warms my heart. It is often difficult to identify those with the greatest need because students often isolate themselves from staff. Our see This Is Us as a much-needed community resource and supporter of McLain

— Mrs. Blalock [Mclain High School Guidance Counselor]


Poverty has debilitating effects in learning. The following statistics provided by a recent high school students thesis from 2016 (Neilson Pettingell) are staggering:

  • McLain has the district’s lowest graduation rate at 46%.
  • Of all the crimes in the US, HS dropouts commit 75%.
  • HS dropouts cannot be hired for 90% of all jobs in America.
  • Tulsa Public Schools (TPS) has the highest amount of poverty in all of Tulsa County.

The disparity between TPS and the other surrounding districts is huge, and there is a vast gulf between our children’s education and these students.

The needs are so great, it can be overwhelming. Our goal is to fight for these kids to stay in school by feeding and meeting some of their basic needs while showing the love of Jesus. If we all do a little, it will make a BIG impact! Help us be a light!

In everything we begin, bring toMcLain, we always consider the sustainability of what we do. But even so, there are times when we get overwhelmed – but God has never left us needing for anything. He has met our every need, and that is definitely some of the most amazing moments we’ve experienced in this endeavor. God is good.

After two seasons as head coach at Mclain, the Metro mom’s have blessed us as they come into our building and serve us pre-game meals. They present class and love. And not only our student athletes, but also other at-risk kids feel the love from these Metro moms. The things you guys do for our program mean the world to our student-athletes!

— Coach Ponder [Mclain High School Football Coach]