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Project Pure Athlete (PPA) was chosen by Guinness World Records to officially certify vertical jump results

1,000 lb Squat | 4 Minute Mile


Vertical Jump Training 1000 Lb Squat
Vertical Jump Training 4 Minute Mile

What do these benchmark records have in common?

They all didn’t seem realistically attainable benchmarks until recently.

We are in a new age where athletes are training at higher and higher levels and exceeding seemingly unattainable feats . Athletes are stronger, they take better care of their bodies, technology is better. Athletes are using data and studies that show patterns and techniques that when done consistently will result in higher performance through efficiency. Efficiency allows the athlete to perform their best but also extend and lengthen their ability to perform at a high level… longer. Over time these “learned skills” became sports. Following the time a learned skill becomes a sport is a huge influx of coaches, maybe even tens of thousands with that particular expertise like a strength training coach or a speed coach. Almost every community no matter how small has coaches who can elevate your knowledge and keep you accountable.

Jumping, similarly, is in its infancy but it holds all of the prerequisites for a stand alone sport. There has been long jump and high jump in track and field events even in the olympics for decades and there are coaches that train these skills. However coaches don’t really exist when it comes to approach jumps and vertical jumps. Thats where PPA and has been for the last 15 years. Founded by professional dunkers, we started identifying why some jumpers are more successful than others. We eat sleep and breathe vertical jump. So much so that Project Pure Athlete was recognized as the metrics testing authority of Guinness World Records for vertical jump testing. When Guinness was looking for the right authority they recognized PPAs long time involvement in the NBA and other Professional Sports Leagues as well as our expertise having tested tens of thousands of athletes and analyzed countless more jumps in the sole effort of helping more athletes with their jump.

Project Pure Athletes is also the world’s leading authority in training athletes and coaches the proper technique of performing vertical jump.

As this sport of jumping gains steam it’s important that we have the tools in place for coaches to properly instruct vertical jump technique. We have developed coaching courses currently standing at level 1 and level 2 certifications to do just that… build a vertical jump coach community worldwide. Club directors, trainers, coaches and athletes from every major sport from basketball to volleyball and even soccer, all are welcome to vertical jump training Tulsa. Enhance your skill set.

As a volleyball coach for many years i’ve seen a variety of coaches attempt to tackle the question from the athlete “How do I jump higher?”. One coach in particular who I look up to greatly as a volleyball mentor was asked this by an athlete. “What can I do to jump higher?” Although the coach had experience in teaching the game of volleyball for decades and probably got this question dozens of times before, I remember what he told her… “Go buy a jump rope and get in lots of jumps at home”, He said. That was it! That was the instruction to the athlete and that is what millions of athletes are experiencing all across the country. Will it help? Yeah it could, but it falls short of helping that athlete to the fullest as there is so much more that helps an athlete jump higher. That’s what I want to be for my athletes here at Vertical Jump Training Tulsa.


This is Tyler Ray founder and Co-owner here at Project Pure Athlete we really are synonymous with jump training and more specifically jump technique coaching over the last five to seven years we’ve done our best to both popularized and standardized methods of jump technique that are now used globally. In my 17 year career I’ve been exposed to some of the world’s best athletes and some of the world’s best coaches.

Two years back we introduced a coaching course our Project Pure Athlete Level 1 jump technique course where we work with perspective coaches to be able to give them the tools necessary to work with athletes in the context that we do to look and analyze in athletes jump overhaul that effort with our jump technique principles and be able to have them jumping higher on the spot

Corey Else at Pro Day Athlete Development Center in Tulsa, OK is one of the most talented initial coaches that we’ve ever come across, his inherent understanding of jumping is nothing short of elite. We are confident that if you work with Corey and Pro Day Athlete Development Center that you will see the progress and the results that you’re signing up with. At the end of the day it comes down to passion and Corey and the entire staff at Pro Day Athlete Development center is ripe with passion! They have our stamp of approval and we can’t wait to see your results.”

Coach Ty
Project Pure Athlete

Vertical Jump Training Pro Day Sports

“I can’t be more excited to learn from the best vertical jump coaches in the world in Coach Ty and Coach Chase. What I’ve learned from the certification training is so valuable to bring back to athletes here in the Tulsa-area and across the world frankly with our new virtual offering. It’s an honor to be a part of the PPA coaching tree and among other coaches around the globe that eat sleep and breath vertical jump technique. I promise I will work with your athlete to be intentional in their movements, to focus on the technique steps that have been statistically proven to help them jump higher. Let’s do this vertical jump training Tulsa!”

Corey Else
PPA Certified L1 Vertical Jump Instructor
PPA Certified L2 Vertical Jump Coach

Why do we teach vertical jump technique?

Learning a new skill just broadens your depth of competency as a mover. So the qualities we develop from jump training technique will bleed into how you move on the floor as well, not just in the jump capacity, It will make you an overall better athlete. How quickly can you get to a ball, how quickly can you find an opening? How do you respond to situations? Improving that mindfulness and self-awareness in vertical jump training Tulsa. Becoming efficient in movement allows for better athletes because they no longer will be thinking a lot about what they’re doing instead they are super self-aware and free up brain space for reaction and game play.


Who should take jump technique training?

Jump technique training is so important for volleyball and basketball athletes to train and have the competitive advantage jumping higher than their competition its integral for their sport. However it’s becoming more prevalent in other sports like soccer and football as the game evolves coaches are seeking new ways to find the advantage like drawn up plays for their best vertical jumpers in the end zone or from corner kicks.


“Isn’t it something that kids should learn on their own as they grow up?”

As far as age is concerned we begin vertical jump training Tulsa and technique beginning at about 10 years old depending on the athletes experience. Something we hear from time to time is a parent or coach who says “Isn’t it something that kids should learn on their own as they grow up?” My answer is Yes and no. Before the age of 10 I would agree that kids should be kids and play and explore movement. I do believe there is some benefit to the implicit aspects of movement before that age, but once they begin to join competitive sports we start having shooting coaches in basketball or hitting coaches in volleyball right? Same goes for jumping, we want to begin introducing concepts early so they don’t form bad habits.

At around 10 years old we can introduce small concepts like proper squat and when we are teaching them we simply say you know how you get up and down off the ground like this, it’s called a squat and a squat is one of most powerful positions being. Next here are the positions of jump right? Do you recognize what position we are mirroring in the landing phase of our jump? A Squat right? Correct! So ultimately we can make it fun as they learn new skills that we’re going to start to unravel more and more efficiency every single year as they get older. Now the perfect time to being jump training as we introduce concepts and let’s push the athlete to efficiency by maybe getting a little bit further on their penultimate that will help you gain speed and get off the ground. We are not putting 10 year old’s in a weight room and giving them a periodized program. That will come with time, experience in proper jump technique and age.


Jumping comes naturally to my athlete why does he need technique training

Some athletes are genetically gifted in the action of jumping. If jumping entirely innate or natural, which some people would want us to believe, then how is it that at PPA strictly teaching proper technique and nothing else can we have so much impact on the outcome of the jump, +4,6,7 inch improvement in so little time. That proves that jumping is not implicitly learned? Just like shooting a basketball, naturally you’ll find a way to get the ball in the hoop but if the world’s best are all falling within parameters you should copy then you need someone to teach you that skill. Vertical jump training Tulsa is a learned skill that needs to be taught.

Think of bumpers on the bowling alley or training wheels on a bike. That’s what jump technique training is for our athletes. Sometimes it is at the beginning of their jump journey and others must unlearn bad habits and relearn proper technique. But introducing bumpers sets boundaries of efficiency. I’m not going to bowl the ball for my athlete but I’ll guide my athlete to stay within these boundaries that will give them the most success.