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I’m Sherah Williams and have been competing in gymnastics from the age of 4 to college level at Seattle Pacific University. Competing primarily on the Vault and the Floor, I know the ins and outs of tumbling. When I was 4 I was enrolled in a tap and tumbling class, however I wasn’t too fond of the tap part of it. I was constantly cartwheeling all over the place and didn’t stop.

Luckily my ballet studio closed down and my parents made the decision to try gymnastics Instead, I was hooked. I quickly moved up in the classes, and joined the pre-team that next season. By the age of 8 I was involved in competitive gymnastics and just kept climbing. I competed my entire life and made the commitment to join a D2 college gymnastics team in Seattle Washington. Floor and Vault were my two events. I competed every meet for my school.

Those 4 years were the best years of my life. One requirement for being on the college team was that we had to coach a gymnastics class one night a week to kids from our local Community Tumbling Private Lessons Tulsa. After those 4 years at college, I didn’t get enough of the gymnastics world so I moved home and coached at the same gym I competed for as a young girl. I have coached preschool kids, Rec kids all the way up to competitive kids. After a couple of years, I helped start a girl’s program at a new gymnastics facility that was previously only geared for boys. I know the love I have for kids and teaching them tumbling will continue to grow. Even as a 33-year-old mom of 4, I still look forward to the times I can tumble and fly.

Jumps and Tumbling Class:

What our class offers- Tumbling basics starting with handstands, rolls, cartwheels and bridges. The most important skill in my opinion is a handstand and the reason why is that you have to trust your arms to be able to catch you when you jump to them upside down. If the basic handstand isn’t taught correctly, then going backwards might be a little scary. I will evaluate the participants basic skill level before we just jump into “trying new skills”. My extensive background in Gymnastics has taught me the proper progressions and how to safely execute teaching them with a goal in mind.

Things that help tumbling at Tumbling Private Lessons Tulsa:

  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Core muscles
  • Body stability
  • Conditioning


Mechanics of class:

Every Tumbling Private Lessons Tulsa class will start out with a dynamic stretch so that our body is ready to perform every skill safely. After all basic skills have been assessed we will get to work with progressing your skills every week. Like all things, consistency is a big thing. Tumbling teaches a continuous cycle of progressions. I will be focusing on all the tiny details of each skill so that the next time the student comes we can go over it a tiny bit of the previous lesson and then dive back into the progressions of the skill your child is really after.

What is Tumbling Private Lessons Tulsa needed for: Most cheerleaders and gymnasts want that certain skill “the back handspring”. Most want it to be on cheerleading squads, or to join competitive teams. Once the foundations are set, my goal is to teach your child the importance of safety when performing these high level skills: Back handsprings, standing back tucks, continuous back handsprings, tumbling from a power hurdle. All these skills are needed for higher level programs.


Jumps are also a huge part of tumbling. Not only am I teaching you the foundations for tumbling but if you can’t jump correctly, getting the correct set for tumbling will be hard. Did you also know there is a difference between jumping and bounding? From bounders to straddle jumps we can go on the mechanics of how to do the perfect jump. Have you ever tried to jump with just your heels? It doesn’t work very well. Pushing through your toes is a common phrase you will hear a lot from me. WHY? Because toes create power in your tumbling.

Combining Fitness with tumbling:

Like I said in the beginning, in order to be able to do a back handspring you have to be strong enough to jump backwards onto your hands and for your hands to hold up your entire body without crashing onto your head. Between turns, I will give you an exercise or two that correlate with that particular skill. The Tumbling Private Lessons Tulsa exercise could be holding a handstand against the wall, or holding a hollow hold, but something specific that gives you all the core strength to perform these tumbling skills with ease. I really think that if a coach is very active in the beginning of the skill with technique, it is easier to obtain the skill safely in a reasonable time.

My Passion:

My passion is to see kids excited when they get that certain skill that is holding them back from trying out for things or just feeling like they finally accomplished a big goal. I personally like to start with smaller goals on skills they already have to make them better. I have a niece who does tumbling at her ballet studio, and even though she has a skill, the instructor over that class is not worried about the overall look of the skill, but just that she can do it. When I had a private one on one Tumbling Private Lessons Tulsa with my niece, I fixed her legs, and her arms in a back walkover and made it look perfect. Simple little words that get these kids fixated on something else other than just “go” really helps these kids perform tumbling skills safely. My overall goal is to see kids get excited when they come to do privates with me, that someone believes they can do the skills with hard work. I take pride in how I coach kids and know that every athlete will walk out our doors with something new.