Our Proven Method

Play for the Game, Train for the Moment

What does Pro Day’s motto even mean? Allow us to explain.

We make athletes. Now you’d expect most everyone who walks through the doors of a facility providing sports performance training is already an athlete, sometimes yes, often times no.

Did you know the only real difference the oxford dictionary uses to differentiate a player from an athlete is the word “proficient”?

Athlete: a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical activity.
Player: a person taking part in a sport or a game

So how do you become “proficient” like the greats: Lebron, Messi, Serena, Simone, Mahomes???

Easy…Every player can Play for the Game but athletes are called to Train for the Moment. When your number is called, you are prepared to perform in your moment because you have trained your body to have explosive power, quick reaction, and abilities to outperform your peers.


Here are 3 pillars every athlete should follow and adopted as Pro Days Proven Method for developing athletes:

1) Training: Coaches and medical professionals agree that one of the best things you can do is to train outside of your sport and develop yourself as a multi-sport athlete. The variety in your training will make you stronger in more areas, healthier because your body isn’t fighting the compensation of underutilizes muscle groups, and you are less likely to burn out!

Take the late Kobe Bryant for example. Kobe would spend his offseason making 2,000 shots per day. Not taking, making! That’s a commonly known statistic that he was a gym rat constantly working to makes himself a better basketball player.

What is less known however, was his work ethic to train intensely for 20 years with his long-time personal trainer and Lakers staff member, Gary Vitti, on building himself as the best athlete he can be. You see, Kobe understood that his efforts should be split evenly between becoming a great basketball player (2,000 shots made) and becoming a proficient, efficient, lean, elite, extraordinary athlete. To do this he would need to do more and different than what his peers are doing (20 years). Here is your call to action: spend month 1 of the next 20 years with Pro Day, see why our model is proven, you won’t regret that decision!

2) Testing: You have to celebrate small wins in the process of becoming a better athlete! It takes perseverance, hard work, and time to achieve high reaching goals. Success isn’t overnight. Where do you start then?

At Pro Day we tell anyone we can that.. “you can’t manage what you don’t measure”. Simple enough right? But when is the last time you tested your individual abilities? We aren’t taking about your stats here. Stats have so many variables and aren’t that great of a measurable for you as an individual.

First the stats are only as good as your statistician who may actually be a volunteer or kid brother tasked to take your stats.

Next the variable of your teammates, team, coach having a great day or a bad day could vary your stats from day to day simply on the team’s mood, not even mentioning the caliber of the competition your facing that day too.

Lastly, these stats are specific to your sport as a player. As we discussed above, you want to show off your progress and accomplishments as an athlete, so that the college coach can pluck you out of a system and a position and plug you into their system or a position of their choice because you are an athlete.

We know now that stats are not a good indicator of a player or athlete’s abilities. Then what measurables will work? We have developed proprietary sports performance testing similar to what you would see in the NFL or NBA on TV but we have brought it to the youth level and now every major sport performs the same tests. These tests cover the 5 foundational aspects of an athlete: Speed, Power, Explosiveness, Agility and Reaction .

3) Recovery: Include self-care, recovery, nutrition, mindfulness, and vitamin and mineral supplementation into your daily routine. Your body as an engine. We help to offer solutions to maintain its effectiveness by fueling it with good nutritious food, using time management to rest physically and mentally, and use technology available to you to prevent/treat injury, fatigue and other aspects that will otherwise hold you down.

We are the only youth sports performance gym around offering rapid reboot compression therapy on site. This can be used by our members at anytime to recover directly after a hard workout, a hard practice or even stop by in the break of a tournament to take advantage of some rest and recovery. Rapid Reboot is designed utilizing the body’s natural healing powers of oxygenated blood flow to heal ourselves. In addition the compression therapy breaks up lactic acid build up in muscles groups that were hit hard during that days workout.

These 3 pillars are what Pro Day is modeled after. We have proven that making athletes, no matter what sport, is pretty simple if following these three very important pillars to athlete development.