Podcast #6 – How Is Pro Day Incorporating Military Classes

What’s going on. Y’all. Welcome to the pro day sports performance training podcast. I’ve got a great one for you today. We are actually here with a guest. Most of you probably know this guest is Ryan Nelson. What’s up? What’s, so all of you know, Ryan, some of you know, Ryan has Ryan and others know him a little bit better and know that Ryan is a former Marine. So we’re going to be talking in this whole podcast about what pro day is doing, what Ryan is doing through TAC, Modo HQ, tactical motivation headquarters, and how we’re mixing those things together to come and give to the veteran former current and future military personnel. So Ryan, talk a little bit now about what it is we’ve started doing at the pro day to accommodate this part of our society with the top Sports Performance Training Tulsa around.

So we have started doing military classes. Um, we do active duty military veterans and any, uh, new military people who are currently talking to the recruiters, um, getting ready to either have signed up and our goal is, you know, have a ship out date or are, you know, currently in talks with a recruiter. And things like that to get them ready for Bootcamp for sure. So it was really all aspects of the military.

Yeah. Yeah. So let’s break it down on stage by stage on that Bootcamp. How hard is Bootcamp whenever you, it sucks. I mean that’s kind of the whole version of it. It’s art. So, you know, I was, I was an athlete growing up. I played sports, you know, I always did things, you know, it was very active. So I kind of, and I actually signed up to be in the Marine Corps my, the beginning of my senior year. So I went through my whole high school, senior year of high school as a poolies, what they call severe signup and GYN yet. So I did school and then every weekend I went and trained and did all that stuff with the military for the best Sports Performance Training Tulsa by far. So I did that whole year’s worth of being a pool lead before I actually went in. Um, and yeah, I mean that was kinda how I started.

Yeah. Lots of work to get. Yeah, it’s, it was, it was, I thought I was ready. You know, like when I went to boot camp, I’m like, okay, I’m in sports. I’ve done a year, the Puli training, I’m going to go. And I went and I did awful. Cause what I didn’t think about was, you know, I’ve just trained for what it was not to be better than like, this is what it is. What you don’t realize is that when you go in, you don’t, you’re not taking your first PFT full of food and sleep and just as raring and ready to go as possible. You’re tired, you haven’t slept in three days. I’m like, okay, let’s go do it and see how you perform and you do crappy because you trade for this specifically with your life when you are looking to get a better Sports Performance Training Tulsa experience. Not to be better than that. And if that is a lot of things that people don’t think about.

Sure, definitely not a lot of times do train for like, Oh this is what I need to do rather than, Oh I need to be even more ready for this. And that’s like, I obviously haven’t been through boot camp, but the thing that I’ve kind of noticed is you don’t know what’s coming next. It’s pretty much up to whoever’s running the show. Yeah, absolutely. Cool. So next stage we’ll move to current military personnel, redeployment, all that kind of stuff. Or you’re already in, you’ve been through boot camp, you’re about to get deployed. So that’s the other market, right?

We’re trying to serve with this. Yeah, we have a, there’s, especially in the Tulsa area, there’s lots of, you know, some active duty but lots of reservists and things like that. So, uh, we’ve got a reservist in, in the class currently. We just started this last week. Um, and they, you know, are doing either, um, they’re kind of active duty reserves where they go in regularly and everything like that where they just do the, you know, one weekend a month type stuff. Um, so they can come in and they can train so that when they go and do that one weekend or whatever it is that they’re doing, they don’t, they don’t fall off because they don’t necessarily have, you know, they’ve got full-time jobs or whatever and things like that. So getting out and being able to do the training that you need for that some time is difficult and expensive.

Yeah, definitely. So now we have like the crazy eager, haven’t been in the military yet about to go in. We have the current very in it know what to expect and then we have the former. So with the former, you kind of go from eager take on the world to like a sense of community, a sense of knowing what it’s all about. And so that’s where we get into the veterans, which the veteran community is massive and it’s underserved for what is put into it. It’s very underserved. And so talk about how what we’re doing is trying to build the community and build all that stuff.

Yeah. So you, when you go out as a veteran or military, you know, active-duty military or somebody going in the communities are very separate. Um, you, when I was going in, even though my stepdad who, you know, helped me kind of walk the path of getting into the Marine Corps, who he was a Marine, um, I didn’t know really anybody, I didn’t have access to veterans per se or people I definitely didn’t have access to people in the military when it comes to your Sports Performance Training Tulsa service. Um, they could give me, you know, those, uh, insights to maybe what I wanted to do, how to work, you know, the initial signups. So you don’t get, you know, taken as a fool and kind of like, Oh God, I’m just gonna do whatever. Then you’d have hate in your life in the military, which I got lucky. I didn’t. But, um, you know, it, you don’t have the access.

Even the veterans don’t really have access to new guys. The veterans don’t have access to, um, the guys fresh out. A lot of the guys who are fresh out who just got out of the military, um, they don’t have access, you know, they had a couple of friends but they don’t have access to anybody who’s currently in or other likeminded people that midst. It’s very difficult to because those aren’t intertwined. So what I want to do is build that community through, uh, athleticism through athletics and things of that nature. So everybody comes into this class of all deal and ties them all together there and then they can, we can start that bonding up with a better Sports Performance Training Tulsa experience. The old guys come and work with the new guys, fresh out the guys who are fresh out and are still Supermoto, but you know, they of, it’s the transition’s hard for a lot of people and um, being around those likeminded people and also being able for them to work with the new guys and motivate them going in, it makes them feel proud and things of that nature as well as hooking up with the old guys to kind of like get in, you know, where they’re going and they’re veteran now, things of that nature.

So I’m really just bringing everybody together. It bridges that gap between all future current and former. And on top of that, bringing in all of the veterans together because I mean there’s a lot of veteran organizations, veteran-run organizations, which is fantastic. But by creating those you drop out. We talked to the guy today and he said, you’re either going to be average or above average in terms of success once you’re out of the military or you’re way, way, way below average.

A big disparity in those levels for sure. And by creating something like what we’re trying to do, which is the cheapest training we can offer in order to get people in that gives them the quality that they need, which gives them the community that they need, it’s going to help to bridge that gap because that person that’s well below average is going to meet the above average. And then we can build community relationships,

chips and all of that. Um, there’s a statistic out there that shows that simply, um, after duty military that when they come out by simply being tied in to the VA, just, they’re not even getting disability and they, but just being tied into the community being signed up and in the system decreases veteran suicide by 70%. She so, um, just even, even if they’re not active, just simply knowing of its existence and that there is somewhere to go decreases in by 70%. That’s crazy when it comes to your Sports Performance Training Tulsa services. And so as opposed to just having veterans with veterans and they hook up, which is great, I mean there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but um, you kind of get into a sounding board and everybody helps and it’s super helpful. There’s nothing bad about it. But I know as a veteran, one of my favorite things to do is to, is to, you know, help guys or just come out, you know, talk to them, whatever.

Cause sometimes they need support, you know, being, you get MODOT and you get hard-charging and then you have this way of thinking. You come out and you don’t have that anymore. It’s, it’s, it’s hard. Um, and then also being able to coach those new guys is, is awesome. It’s just a lot of fun. It’s just like with the product, being able to teach youth athletics and train people, it’s, it’s an amazing feeling. And so being able to do that in the military, it’s just, it’s not there. I’ve been in done veterans stuff before, uh, but it’s all just vets or if I’ve got some guys fresh out, you know, that they’ve come into the veteran community. So I’m looking forward to really bridging those gaps that haven’t, that just aren’t out there. Really.

Yeah. I mean those are going to help altogether. Like seeing these guys going in as a veteran I imagine because this is how it is for me as an athlete. I see like their motivation, I see that and it’s like, Oh, now I remember why I did this. I remember all the stuff behind this and kind of helps you. Whereas justification might be tough sometimes in the darkest times and that gives you that. Oh yeah. Okay, cool. That like that was me. That was, and you can go have an effect on that person. You can have an effect on the community around us. So it’s, it’s crazy ’cause it’s like, okay this is like a step for the pro day because we want to involve this and then you want to build this community through Takemoto, which is going to be everything under the sun.

And it starts with, okay, what we’re doing at pro day is running a military class, which our military class is at 9:00 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday it is $5 a time. If it’s your first time, it’s free. If you bring somebody for the first time, it’s free for you to come at that time. So really our whole goal is how do we get people in. You’re not signing up to longterm contracts, all that stuff. It’s like we just want you there because we want to build that community. We want to sweat, we want to hurt you that Hey and then lead this. Exactly. And then fresh perspective on the day, build the community and then it’s endless possibilities.

Yeah, there’s, there’s a lot of things. They got lots of stuff in the pipe that I want to do, but first and foremost is building the community. Once you, once you do that and bring everybody together, everything kind of just kind of falls in place, then you can do events and just kind of create everything with that community. And I think a lot of things I haven’t even thought of are going to come out of that. When you really start combining the new heads and the old heads and all that kind of stuff. It’s like you said, it hasn’t been done yet. It really hasn’t been done. There are lots of, you know, there’s lots of veteran stuff out there. There is with the exception of one base, you know, groups or whatever. There are no active-duty military groups really. And there’s definitely no, you know, Puli groups out there. It just doesn’t exist, you know, that’s just not there. And so being able to tie those together is not anything, if it does exist, I’m not aware of it when it comes to your Sports Performance Training Tulsa services.

Yeah. Yeah. And I mean at the end of the day, these pulleys are going to be your next big dudes. In the military and you don’t know who it’s going to be. It’s, it’s so crazy how much, I’ve thought about this a lot lately. Like athletics, military, business, all of these like classifications are so much like each other, you know, like it’s all like who is it comprised of in sports, it’s the team. In the military, it’s who’s with your business. It’s literally like who is your employee? It’s the same stuff. If you have these strong likeminded people behind you, the possibilities are endless. And so if you can bring these strong likeminded people to one location, to one social media page, website, whatever it is, where they can be like, here we are together, here’s what we can do together. These are endless. That’s when the whole military veteran pulley, all that environment completely changes and it becomes a true community.

Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. That’s very cool. So obviously this was a little quicker format, which is dove into the surface or a centimeter deep. So we have plenty more to talk about and we will talk about want to keep going. I want to get a little bit more of like who is Ryan Nelson on a podcast? And then I want to get a little bit more of like, Whoa, as tack motivates to keeps developing, where are you going? Cause the fun part about the beginning of a business or the beginning of anything is there are a hundred different directions. So where that goes, how you can serve your community and even the community outside of the military will be huge because there’s a lot to offer.

Yeah. Well I mean it branches into Elios your fire department like Oh there’s a lot of those guys are veterans. And then inside that gives, it brings us access to this. Those are all brotherhoods too, you know. So you branch into those guys. There’s, there’s the same, a lot of those guys deal with the same issues that we deal with within the military. So, you know, my, my brother-in-law’s a firefighter in Bixby, you know, we’ve got, I’ve got friends who are police officers, so there’s, there’s a lot of, there’s a lot of stuff out there that’s big stuff when it comes to your Sports Performance Training Tulsa by far.

Yeah. The impact on those communities than the impact that those communities can have on the rest. Cause that’s one thing that like, it’s hard to find more driven people than people in the military. And it’s also hard to find people that think of loyalty, people that think of brotherhood and all that stuff more than the military. So taking all those qualities and then thinking about like, okay, if we can make a community of veterans where the struggles aren’t what they, yeah, they’re what they shouldn’t be. They shouldn’t be what they are. If we can take some of that away and create a community where veterans are out in the actual community outside of the military as well, like think about the things that could be done by veterans, for the general community, it would make the world so much.

It’s crazy. And I, I’m guilty of this, obviously, I say the brotherhood, but you know, sisterhood, you know, a lot of, a lot of this stuff, you know, it’s for the most part, it’s a lot of dudes out there bringing it together, building the brotherhood. But, um, you know, I worked in conjunction with several other, you know, veteran communities and things like that and the female military community is even more so heavily underserved. You know, they are a part of the male groups if you want to kind of put too, because a lot of that stuff, you know just kind of just evolves that way. But there’s, I mean there’s lots of female-oriented stuff out there so I really want to, you know, stress stress, you know, any female military out there like the sisterhood, you know we really do offer the best Sports Performance Training Tulsa, I definitely want that to be a part of it because you know, a part of this community is learning how to help everybody. And so you know, if these guys are out here, you know, all the brotherhood or whatever, you also have to think about, you know, making sure that our sisters in arms and everything like that is, are getting just as much help and then we can help them succeed as much as possible. Also, cause they’re even more so underserved than we are. That’s awesome.

I am pumped to see all of the barriers you break down with all of this and everything that you can build this cause it’s going to be amazing. So like I said before, 9:00 AM Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Don’t be nervous, don’t be worried. Don’t think I got better things to do cause you don’t come in, join the community, and start building what I mean everyone knows the more people you have, the more community you have.

Absolutely. And you come, as I said, it’s free the first time. Come try it out and then just bring everybody, anybody, whether you think they’re in shape, it’s a, it’s a class for, you know the people who are ripped killing it out and the people who have fallen off since they got out and things like that, that it’s the no one in here is going to be, you know, fat shame and whatever you, that kind of stuff with a new Sports Performance Training Tulsa service. Like it’s all about, it’s you come back to the brotherhood and everybody’s going to be picking you up no matter where you are. So it just invites anybody you can think of, show up and we’re going to have a great time and kill it.

Very cool. Very cool. All right, real quick plug areas where they can communicate with you. Um, we’re on Facebook, uh, tack Modo HQ. Um, is our Facebook page. We have a private group if you are interested in being a part of that private group. Messaged me on tack Modo HQ and Facebook tack Moto. Um, we’re in the process of building the website out tack Moto hq.com. So all of those things we got, obviously you can reach me through the pro day as well. Um, yeah,

email as well. our.Nelson@tackmotohq.com. Correct. Literally anything you can think of, even if you’re like, Oh, this might not be directly tied to them, but it involves veterans in the community, please reach out, let Ryan know how he can better serve everyone. I mean, at the end of the day, the community will give the answers on what’s needed.

Yeah, absolutely. Any feedback is much-appreciated awesome. Well, thank you, Ryan. It was so good talking to you. I’m glad we got to jump into this. I’m excited to dive even more into the future into who you are. All that stuff. It’ll be sweet. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you all for listening to the pro day sports performance training podcast. We’ll see you next time. Peace.