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Additional Benefits You Have Access to Alongside Your Pro Day Membership


Trinity Yoga Studio

What do all of these premier athletes have in common? Tampa Bay Rays third baseman Evan Longoria, LA Clippers Big Man Blake Griffin, New York Giants Victor Cruz, Former Dallas Maverick Dirk Nowitzki, Veteran NBA star Kevin Garnett, Super Bowl Champ Tom Brady, Shaquille O’Neal, Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and the Athlete of the Decade for the 2010’s Lebron James. They all attest to having yoga in your daily routine to offer athletes balance, stability, and a sound mind.

We are excited to partner with Trinity Yoga Studio in Broken Arrow to offer 1 yoga class per week for only $20 per month that’s more than 50% OFF.


Body Solutions

Sports Massage is a specialized technique designed to release built-up lactic acid and tight muscle fibers. Sports Massage is a form of modality that helps reduce muscle soreness and limited flexibility. When the muscle fibers are overused the fibers go into fight or flight to protect the surrounding groups and synovial joint movements. Constant impact on the body can cause soreness, tightness, strains, stiffness, calcium build-up, and limited range of motion.

Sports Massage helps reduce muscle soreness, reduce muscle stiffness, increase range of motion, promote fluid circulation, reduce fatigue and lag time, trigger point release, speed up recovery time, and increase flexibility. Some contradictions will prohibit sports massage for some athletes so be sure to consult your doctor.


Regenerative Treatment Centers

For our athletes that suffer from acute or long term physical ailments, we couldn’t be happier to partner with Regenerative Treatment Centers. They offer athletes cutting-edge solutions from Stem Cell Therapy to a variety of Vitamin IV Therapy.


Macro Meals

You spend your money with Pro Day because we develop athletes. However, we also know that our customers often don’t follow through investing in good healthy food choices to help fuel their bodies with the nutrients needed to reach and keep in top physical shape. We have completely removed the excuse we hear most often from our athletes and families. I don’t have time to cook a nutritious meal. Just inside our facility, you will have access to Oklahoma’s #1 Rated Meal Prep Company, Macro Meals. Try them for the first week with a % discount!


Herbalife Nutrition

As a member of Pro Day, you get up to 35% off Herbalife products sent directly to your home. The Herbalife 24 line is specifically designed for the 24-hour athlete and unlike some supplements available to your athlete this line is the third party tested for banned substances.

This comprehensive nutrition line offers athletes hydration, preparation, prolongment, endurance, strength, and restorative effects on an athlete’s body.

Create an account here and use code for 25% off a single item or 35% off of Herbalife bundles.


Team Cura

What does it mean to be a well-rounded athlete exactly? Colleges and universities pass on great athletes every day and opt to move forward with a prospect who has similarly qualified athletically, simply because of personal branding. When an athlete’s written and verbal communication skills, interpersonal skills, and social media posts relay the athlete’s “brand” like a better fit for their institution, coaches are more likely to choose them.

Pro Day is proud to bring you an exclusive offer from Team Cura: the leader in training athletes for life! Watch Rob Hughey’s video introducing our partnership here!

With our exclusive partnership, we can now offer you the Skills Beyond Drills? branding self-assessment for FREE. Even if you are a “self-branded” rock star or overall further along in your recruiting journey than most, it’s never too late when it comes to managing your personal brand effectively. What are you waiting for?
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