Epic Online Program

Everything you want and need from our in-person training at home!

How to do it: Perform the first exercise (read from left to right) for 30-seconds then take a 30-second break and repeat that 4 times. Next, take a minute break then move to the next exercise.

Workout 1

Line Hops (2 Feet)

Russian Twists

Resistance Core Rotations

Resistance In-Out

Reverse Fly

Single Leg Squats

Mountain Climbers

High Knee Sprints

Workout 2

Resistance Curl

Toe Touches

Ice Skaters

Jump Ropes

Single-Leg Line Hops


Single Cone Run Around 

Incline Push-Ups

Workout 3

Resistance Jump Squat

Resistance Overhead Press


Broad Jump

Lateral Raise

Calf Raises

Leg Switch To Lateral Jump


Workout 4

Resistance Lateral Jumps

Flutter Kicks

Box Sprints

Resistance Isometric Curl

Resistance Lateral Shuffles

Side Plank Dips

Max Height Jumps

Table Top Crunch