We’re starting to introduce some of these positions that become prevalent in our jumps, so we’re going to lower our center of mass just slightly. We are going to. Step and as you step, we’re going to notice by go from the side from this way for you. I stepped the hip, not the head, meaning we’re not diving our head forward on the set. Keep it hit back, shoulder over him and we hold. This should feel like the journey of the way this place evenly between your feet were not needing into the front foot into a lunge. Does that make sense>. We go voer this when we do Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons . Every athlete goes through this. We’re not sitting on that backne we’re distributing that way evenly with the toe of that. Don’t clear our plans slightly elevated to the way this primarily on the heel and gentle outside of the foot. Step and hold. We’ve progressed. Any questions? You’re gonna step with one foot, then the other, then one foot, then the other every 30 seconds. OK 321 go. Big step and we wanna make their go make contact owner heel. And in a 45 degree angle. 45 good. We’re also doing it pretty much right in front of us here. We don’t do Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons stepping to the side we need to step directly in front. A little bit to the right, so just take step. Nope too far, so I want it to be in front of you. Yeah, there you go. Yep. Sorry left handed, yeah. Class new demonstrated you always did it left hand or left foot yeah. Yeah. You would or wouldn’t buy. It’s cool. 3/2 that’s weird.

Yep, it looks good. Yep, it looks really good. I just wanna see you start lower. Don’t put all your weight up there. There you go good. That’s a good one. OK, we’re stepping with our hips, not with our upper body, OK? So just kind of step out there. There you go. That’s the best one yet. You’re a quick learner probably because you do Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons weekly with us at Pro Day. Yeah, I remember that we were leading with our hips and not our upper body because we had to recover our upper body. Later, so we could just keep our hips in front to begin with. Then we’ll get to our stacked position quicker. 3/2 There you go. Good good. Good, I think you’re you’re leading with your hips a little bit more, so keep going. 1. Good. Tulsa attack he wrote that from the last tournament. Wow.

None of my teammates recognize both days that I work practice. 321. Alright. Music, did you drink? Drake yeah. alright. Here we go. Steven are bold. Jab jab is simply a faster moving variation. So our first one with A was a step. The jam has placed that aggressively. And you’ll notice that instinctively about my arms back or set my arms, because we’re going to be added in US end lower jab and center. We get to this position. We take stock or a checklist of how we feel. We feel balanced. Are we completely uncontrolled? If you feel iuncontroleld that means that you need Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. We help control your budy through a series of balance and reaction techniques. Is our way forward or back? Or should be even just like it was in that step and Holt? Do one more lower we jam. And back. Reality just he’s just staying on his heel, so don’t transition anyway forward. Just gonna try as best as you can. Balance on that heal. Alright. We’re just doing a little bit more aggressive jab. This is one that. No, I guess we’re not dragging out on it yet, but. An aggressive one, which means I want you step further out. We’re sending ours back OK, so I have question, yeah? So whenever, like. In volleyball when you are doing Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons, Small hands and you’re getting ready to take off. Better to have their own like I’ve seen this or I’ve seen this or I’ve seen it just like right here. So I think what I think what this will teach you is actually. Yeah, like the the further back they are probably the better. OK. So yeah, you can get to here quicker than here to here. OK so I would. I would probably say. Like close, close to you and then go back. OK, yeah, so let’s practice that even right now, right? So you’re gonna do your standing send. yep yep but again we’re making contact her heel and holding it there. Leader of our hips. Yeah, but our heel. You decided on the middle of your foot.

There you go. So big step heel. At a 45, Yep, I can get up and help you. I was sitting on my knee. With my foot. So. Yeah, there you go. Yeah front foot front foot. Which is called what is our front foot called on that? No, it’s either the plant foot plant, foot, plant, foot. Like class flat foot so platfoot, so I’ll use those cues and stuff so he’ll down on your plant foot. Yep OK here we go 321 go. 321. 321. Yep, just your heel though. There you go. See how your body is in the middle, not out front. There, yes. Send your arms back. You can, you can send them back. You kind of just placing them back go and send them, send them. Said there you go good. Also what I’m seeing as compared to your first jump you remember your first jump was. What arm was going where? Actually going out, going back together now. Im so glad you’re taking Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons with me. We are actually seeing immediate improvement. 321 great great. There you go. Just heal though.

There you go. Alright, send hours back more aggressively. There you go. Good. Yep, trying it at 45 degree angle though. There you go. That’s it. One more, one more. You got you got another one after this? What’s that? What have you had to eat today already? Yeah, well actually woke up and had like. Right, yeah? 45 degree angle. Yeah. There you go. I like that one. Good. Keep that chest back. There you go. Yeah, give me two more. Two more good ones. 1. Two good. Grapes and bananas. Nice homemade more fruit. It was from Roosevelts last night. Nice. Anything on the menu so I’m like, I’m just busy. Nice watch this. Next paragraph. No, I thought it would give me a next paragraph next paragraph.
There we go