If it’s softball, Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons, baseball, I’m well back up. If it’s softball volleyball, I’m gonna be talking to them. How that? I’ve already got freshmen and night grade kids that are already being evaluated at a high level from visual in schools. And those are valuations are taking place so that they understand that evaluation and some sports start really early OK? For those who don’t know, back in 19. When it was actually 2007 or 8, the NCAA passed a piece of basket for legislation for men’s basketball. That 7th and 8th grade athletes had to be considered as prospect. Because they were already communicating with sentiment camps, running the shoe circuit, doing all that kind of stuff back then. So at the end of the day, that’s how early the valuation stuff could start. Most people think that that’s when recruiting, so quote unquote in person recruiting stars. No, if you wait till September 1 June 1 July 1, whatever, the date is for you between your sophomore and junior year, you’re so far behind Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons you don’t even hear. I’m a year behind. So we have to make sure we drive that home talk about numbers of visits you know. Seniors Division One they’re allowed to take five officials, division two, unlimited number of visits that they can take. OK, so things like that make sure you cover the gifts part, how they don’t need to take any gifts from anybody. This is going to be a common thing you get to. You have a kid garnered junior academic day to the school, and while they’re there. They will have set up an unofficial visit to visit with the coaches, and so while there on this unofficial visit, the University Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons you know has 150 kids come in for that junior day. Will all of them are fed lunch and their lunches paid for all of them. Get a backpack and a hat from the academics Department and admissions. Well, I’ve had parents that call me go we. We didn’t take the backpack in half ’cause it’s a gift and I’m going timeout. You’re misunderstanding the point. If it’s an admissions day, if it’s a junior day for admissions and it’s been held by the academic side of the school, you can. You can accept that with those other, except that at the backpack that lunch, it’s no big deal. You cannot accept a gift from a coach or a staff member in the athletic Department. That’s where the difference runs in. You can’t be on a visit and then give you some gloves you can’t be on a visit and take some shoes. You can’t do that. So I understand there’s a difference between church and state on this. OK, so I have to explain that. I almost spent about 10 minutes right here at Section 5 Roman numeral 6. Prejudice. What page are you looking at right now? Are you on the Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons page? What document? I’m looking at the at the college Coach questionnaire that you guys supposed to have in your hand is that was that in our box we got. Yeah you can you can you can go there too. There’s copies of it in there, but you can. Also it’s in access as well downloads just look for Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. Everybody else got this in your hand. I’m in front of you. OK, good. It’s I don’t know. Probably. You go right there, you got it. I so almost spent some time now and Section 5 where it’s important. Incidentally recruiting rules Roman numeral 6. Here’s what question 5 Roman numeral 6 says. Just so you know, Jen, it says questionnaires, generally speaking. One of college finds out about you. They’ll send you a questionnaire and you can receive a questionnaires as early as freshman year. The number question users see will indicate the amount of exposure you have with colleges or that amount of interest at colleges having you. I hate that that is not true. Every kid can go online to the to the website of every institutions athletics Department and get to a questionnaire page why his NCAA requires them to keep it and make it public. Every kid that played in the legacy, every kid that played in the whatever you know PBR showcase or whatever it was is going to get an email that may have a questionnaire in it from Duke. Is Duke sends baseball questionnaires to everybody? So it’s all that’s not true. So what I do is. Y’all listen to this ’cause you’re going to want to write this down. Write down Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons .We want to make sure that this. This is where the interview is either going to be 1. Or you’re going to lose it. This is where the clothes is going to start. Fall into place. If you don’t drive this home. You won’t win. So Mom and Dad, generally speaking. Wanna coach finds out about you? You might be receive a questionnaire. Now I understand. A lot of college programs send out hundreds and hundreds of questionnaires so they can build their. Camp list here’s the bottom line. If you. If we are not communicating with college coaches right now. We’re not being recruited. Recruiting is black or white. It’s not mystical. You’re either communicating with college coaches. And we’re doing that now. Or we’re not. And if we’re not, then we are not on their recruiting radar. And then, as Barney Fife says, nip it. You now develop the need Robert. ’cause now that just light went off? And the reason I want you to be a little quiet is let what you said resonate in their head. ’cause they’re they’re getting misinformation from the travel ball coach in high school.