Feel free to take video of your drills. Refer back to these videos to make sure that you’re hitting these words. Tip so we’re just coming off the ground, so I think, Yep, you’re starting with the 45. Your plant foot, just like we had it. Except this time when we’re coming through, we’re. Popping off of. Are blocked, right? But we’re not putting any power to it, so we’re actually going to be jumping backwards kind of right. Sounds kind of weird to practice this at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. Do you remember? Yeah. But yeah, there’s a little bit too far backwards, so here we go here. From Yep, so I should hear I I shouldn’t hear the first one. In fact, I think we’re just putting it out there, aren’t we? So we’re not taking a step with it. Right and then we should hear the second one. We should hear it. We’re jumping off this foot. Alright, here we go. 321 go. Yep, I want your upper body back. Still here party back. We gotta work our arms right here. There you go. That’s it perfect. I said to remind you, sometimes you’re doing everything without your arms. Arms are very important. This conditioningis less than or more than something at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons? More. More? Yeah well depending on the person.

You’re like my shoes, yeah, but you’re you’re zeroing in on something which I just need you to build a cake. I’m giving you all the ingredients you just gotta build the cake. Your favorite? Build the cake. What’s my favorite cake? You know, like a funfetti funfetti cake like a white cake with confetti in it. Mac. Forward. Take a step back, back back, back back. One more. Lean back lean back boom. Is this confetti cake my mom makes? Yeah, and I’ve I’ve never been a fan of ever, ever, ever. And she made it. And then it’s like, how long did she make it? How long will it take for the first time? Last year and. In the fridge and it’s cold and fluffy. Cream cheese frosting. Unbold both. Keep your hips the same height. True. You gotta be really quick with that last leg, right? You gotta be. Quick like when we train at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. Quick there you go, that’s it. I mean. Some kind of cake. Yeah, I like. Cupcakes. That makes me want to try your mom’s confetti cake. Is that right? I got you set up. Lean back lean back lean back right when you take that step you should be leaning back already right there right there, OK I’ll bring it through quick good. I wanna see you attempt to jump as high as you can on this one. Boom, there you go. There you go. That’s what I wanna see. Alright, so overtime.

Yeah, I think Kansas City might benefit from the rule one more time, but I think they need to change it. I got picked off oh almost got picked up. The last 30 seconds. Alright, nice video. Skill that we learn from workout one which is our chat with our impulse laws were nice and low. We’re going to Jack get that foot out, arms back and we’re gonna walk through. And we’re going to impose block off grounds, so it’s all that picked up all that referring to is keeping my chest. We jabbed. Get this position established. Indent plus one is a transition through this plant. Stand up here I stay low. I keep my center mass low and told my block it. Blocking is important in Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. Then I extended for takeoff. We might have gotten a little bit ahead of ourselves.

This is the step and go through it, right? You’re not. I think you’re holding it for a second and then you’re going through OK. Deb keep it Yep now lean back lean back lean back lean back good all right now bring it through. Bomb, yeah, and I want you to jump as high as you can. Good, here we go 321. Right here, yeah. Actually, ’cause this is the pit ultimate, so so it should be here anyway back. 6 seconds. 3. Right after. 321. Great athlete. Boom, good house good. Hi, big step and I want you to send the arms when you step. When you step I want yeah not afterwards I wanna see you at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. So in the arms there you go good, but right there even your your step. One right after. I think kickers are saviors. Yeah, I don’t know if I wanna be. I want bigger steps is your penultimate is the big step. Lead with your hips. There you go good. Good, that’s it. Big step with your hips good. Yes, nice job. Step good, Yep we can. We can speed up a little bit. One more big step with our hips. Good I’ll take that I’ll take that all day long. Tips just didn’t say very low the whole time, but everything else looked really good. 3213 update. Big step delete with the hips. There you go good Yep. It’ll all catch up. 321 right after. In your mind. Yeah. Yeah. I think. And she’s already had an option. 32 bold wins. I think one work on complete. Derek does a field goal, win it. Alright, let’s do this next video. We had here project here after this part. This one, the one that’s altogether. Stop. Lowered punching, watch him lead with his hips.

Bring that other foot row quick comeback as we apply the block arm strike down through. Focus on behavior. Push the cover distance. Not super important that you cover an immense distance to the detriment of your ability to carry your speed. Meaning if you push too far. I can’t hear you because of the celebrated we need to find that nice healthy pocket on how much you get pushed in order to get through takeoff effectively. OK. There we go. Go ahead. Yep. At last, foot block foot should be at 90 degrees. Big step big step. There you go, there you go. Make sure to jumping off just our plant foot. A block footage is out there. 10 seconds. 87654321 whatever reason Siri was. step. Good, there you go, it’s just speed it up. Have you tried speed and agility courses with Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons ? I can tell yes because you’re in here in good form, just. If I put out. Two more give me two more. Home one more. Alright. Did this kick goes in and they win? I’m good. Angels win. 321 There we go. Makes them leave with your hips good. Hips. Last foot I should hear a pop. Well, there you go. Like it? One more right? The same people in it every year. Expectation. Alright, last one. Except good, I swore faster. Except go there you go. First foot is from 45. That first word is almost 90. Except boom boom. Good good job. Think you’re done? I don’t think there’s another video. Thank you. Cool. Nice work. We still have 15 minutes left. That’s what I was thinking. I was like, I don’t know where we. Where we? Set it up. We really didn’t. Other than all. With me sitting here, maybe we save some time with them. But yeah. Serving class now yeah. Six and seven. I’ll probably do the same thing. Keep playing this Microsoft Word dictation. So Brett. Are you happy or sad? I’m happy for you. This happens to me every. athlete. We would have had, like I don’t know. Seven more minutes because they would still be working at that make sense. We’re able to skip ahead. still didn’t get it. I. Yeah, gotta go score.