OK next one. How you can? Yeah no. I I agree with you on that. I don’t. I’m interested in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. You know? No, I mean what’s in the mail? No, but I haven’t needed it either. ’cause I got COVID 2 weeks ago. Yeah, alright, so those are done Next up. Lower back. Cross. Yep, you can switch me. You’re gonna do 20 taps totals, that’s two. 3/4 5. man this is not catching everything. I wanted to catch. Next up. Next up is. Downward dog trying to. This evening This pasito all done. Right Next up for Mini broad jumps. 40%. And then you’re gonna go backwards to think grabbing the ground. There you go back. Just start filling out. We just start feeling natural. You’re facing me. In the air. Switch another switch switch drop switch. Drop drop switch. Looks like it’s still a game with Bengals are coming back. Switch right face the same way, come back. Is the other leg. Is couple quick ones? Uh, OK, so just corkscrews left. So either way down here you go about 10. Yeah, I’m gonna turn it off.

Sweet, let’s get right into it. We’ll watch video number one. Take this computer with me. This selector. What do you call this? What do you call it a remote? my family calls it a selector selector yeah that’s a proprioception our bodies awareness of itself in space. Eyes closed. Drop it, we’re going to be performing these blinds locks not only straight down into the slides. And drop we’re taking a mental checklist of Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. Will be landing feel strong and stable and reconnected. So just right where you are or pretty close to it. Turn up the music ready 321 go. The straight down. Photos drop. 10 seconds. 987654321 yeah, you’re just gonna feel your body’s balance. In this all this. Being familiar with your body. What is this song say sipping on straight chlorine? Hahah Alright, here we go. Great athlete. Good. 3/2. Wow. Red athlete everybody Butte. But but it’s beauty. You ever seen Crested Butte sweatshirts, Crested Butte? With the. Ski ski resort. My great athlete. 3. 2. Wow red athlete. Alright, you got one more shoe go middle side side. This is going to help you with Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. Middle side so stands for what? National scouting report? I knew it was like national scouting, something. I’m like national scouting recruiter report. Supposedly your dad was one at one point. Supposedly your dad wasn’t as our scalp at one point. So what I found out. Yeah, I totally. One great athlete. Patrick my homes. Now you get away with that. 10 times 321’cause that’s. Yeah, that’s your rest. Patrick yeah it’s tide up. Did a whole circle and then a full circle again through. To tight end. Yeah Travis kelce. OK, very number 2 ready.

Next row we have here is what’s called a standing sent as we initiate our penultimate stride, which we’ll get into later. Learning all of these steps in our vertical jump for Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons here at Pro Day. We’re gonna be doing what’s called, sending the arms. The arms sin is a nice little way of wind up the arm. Driver, shoulders and creeks and tension in order to create some stretch reflex through that strike. So from the side. Lower relax and we’re going to. Back into ext and we’re looking to feel that stretch at end range and ride that natural impulse back to the hip. Another focus point is shoulder remains over hip. Hip remains over ankle so that we can mimic that same posture as we get when we go through our ultimate strike and when we are in the middle of a game of Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. This allows us to do it in a little bit more balanced setting. We don’t want to throw the arms back too aggressively. We want to make sure this remains comfortable because the reps here are a little bit higher. This is the. Who’s writing questions? It’s hearing it in writing it. Because I saw like there was some on here. You’re fine, you can talk.

This time out here that what? Like it was, it was typing whenever I did something and I was like, well, yeah, I can kind it. Can kind of hear you. It’s listening through these. So if that’s loud enough, it’ll it’ll say it. If if you’re loud enough, it’ll say it. I’m just trying it out and see if I see if I like it. Cool yeah alright here we go any questions? 321 go. Let’s see, it won’t pick up the music. Yeah, it’s picking up the TV. 321 You need what? Yeah. When it picks up something athlete, I think. I never get it. But I’ll never get the removing all day. Maybe we need to reset it. I’m kind of liking this. On my phone, go to that iPad and stop it and just sit right here. 321 down there. A lot. Well, you watch this you like football. I thought the chiefs were gonna. World. My guess is what happened last time against the Bengals. I guess the Bengals came back and wanted alright. 3 seconds. Great athlete. It’s just a fourth down 4th down game. Put down put down. 321 had a little surprise yesterday because we were going to game and I’m like well go to bets game had dinner till later tonight with my grandparents and apparently my grandparents came to that game with my cousins that I haven’t seen in five years. Where do they live? Like half of the family goes to Jakes. Half the family goes to Bixby, but you haven’t seen this five years. And. They look so different. Well not their twins, yeah? And the owners. So we end up. And it was. Every time since Joe went to Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons hes been solid. Covered from it fired. OK. So is there a serving? Yes and I have to teach it coach Megan. Kit comes late. There’s two classes after this. OK. The number three that ultimate step and holds this is going to be green. Right, ultimate step and hold.