So he asked this gentleman that presented, he said, so hey, do you? Do you do that questionnaire in the whole every time? He said, without with without a doubt, every single time in front of me. Working through so that the family feels what the deal is going on. He goes, huh? You know, I don’t do that. I kind of do it my way and without hesitation. The guy that was present looked at him to go well and your numbers indicate that you do it your way and walked off. And I’m still there. I haven’t said a word. I’m sitting there taking care of my business is installing the whole time I’m going. You the man, I mean, you just slap that do right in the back of the head like a little kid I mean that was that was beautiful is like I mean it was like insert up you know what does a guy go back home and start do it. He starts going back home and does the Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons and keeps doing this. What starts happening they start getting enrollments. Why? Because you are not better than the process. We spent 40 years refining this. 40 years fo Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons . Don’t think you’re going to do this. You’re gonna get lucky and get your 10% and that’s all you’re going to get. Or you can do it the right way. Master this mastery it master it.Howd oyuo master i? by continuing to particupate in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. I will get down #6 right now. Number. Keep in mind Rohlf Roman numeral 6 of Section 5. We just broke the recruiting bone in two. These people are hurting. Now #6 I’m gonna give him a soothing few moments. I’m simply going to talk about what identification, recognition, recognition is. I must simply talk about what it really means to be evaluated. I’m really going to talk about what the comparison stages an offer stages. Then I’m going to let the bone be broken again when I say. To them. So when those four sections there and based on the fact that we’re really not communicating with any college coaches. Which one of those? Phases, do you think you’re in? And you know what comes next? Well, we’ve only gotten a few emails about camps and we haven’t really talked to any coaches, so I don’t even know that we’re identification recognition. Mom, Dad, you’re not. And you guys are spending all this money traveling all over the country. Spending money on Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. The average family spends 30 to $40,000 / 4 five year window of travel ball. And you’re not talking to the first coach and not communicating with them at a high level. Some people would argue that that’s the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again, and you expect a different result. I don’t think it’s the definition of insanity here. I think it’s a definition of not knowing what you’re supposed to be doing. And your child’s play the price, but not being recruited. And then I go into questions 789, ten, 1112 and 13 and 14 very briefly. And then I get to a point where they fully understand that the process is broken and I’ll walk you guys through this after lunch by doing a mock interview. So you get a feel for it. At this point, we’re probably an hour and 40 to 2 hours into an interview. And we have a productive decision to present yet. Gas. People have gotta feel a ride. People are going to feel right. And they don’t feel it. It’s going to be very difficult for them to make a decision, because if they don’t feel urgency and they don’t feel need. They’re not gonna have urgency in knowing that Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons is what they need or need to write a check to get you to help their child. And you have to create that. But then again, those opposite of coach, we had to create that desire for them to come play for us as well. It’s like I tell guys it coasts in AI coach division, 3-D2 or D1 that wasn’t fully funded in as a as a percentage for. even guys at that you just gave the kid an offer. And their offers $10,000 a year. For academic money. And you’re selling them yourself and why they should come play for you and your parents should still write a check for $25,000 a year to come play for you. True or false fellows? Who? You’re a football coach. Ah, today one small FCS program where money is split up and cut up. You offer a kid books, you offer kid room and board. And you still tell him. Later, he still wanted to pay 15 grand a year to come to school here. And you’re not a Pell Grant kid. You’re selling. So make no mistake. You’re doing everything that every coach ever does. And you’re trying to make the parents understand they need you to solve their problem on a much greater level, ’cause you’re not trying to solve their problem with one school you’re trying to solve their problem with dozens of. And that’s where it gets real. This interview is designed for you to take them down the journey in the path. So that you can get them to understand the necessity and the need to have you involved. I’ve don’t love stuff, only this morning there’s two hours and half that I’ve had you. You’re tired, you’re hungry. I’m going to advise you to get something to eat. I’m going to advise you not to load up on carbs because it’s going to be a long afternoon. I’m going to advise you to turn your AC on and get it bone chilling cold in your place so that you don’t have a choice but to shake and stay awake. Get it shake. So anyway, go ahead. So we’re going to. Take a break. It’s 1237. I want to bring us back at. 140 will give us an hour. We’re going to be on a dead Sprint the rest of the day. When we come back we will be looking into the importance of Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons and how it benefits our kids. I will try to have a stone by 4:30. I promise I can’t say I will, but I’m going to make every effort to get us there. OK. It’s going to be a lot of information. I need you to be literally wide awake and ready to go. I see you guys at 1:40 central time which is basically one hour from right now. Thank you.