So he has time to be an expert in recruiting. Is that what you’re saying? Folks, you can take information from people that have part of the story and never get it right, or you can get somebody information for somebody that knows the whole story and lives every day. Which one do you want to trust? I’m that guy. I’m honored that. So I dress things that way directly with people. It sounds arrogant, sounds boastful. I don’t mean it to. I don’t want it to. But guys, let me tell you something though. You’re not gonna stop me at anytime. And you’re never going to get the edge on. So if they do ask you anything, just be prepared to come back with whatever you need to. But understand if you do this the right way. Nate, the truth is. You rarely will get a question other than what do we do now?Well we enroll in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons immediately. That’s the answer.. right. Say it again enroll in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. Is it too late you I told my my wife that we need to be doing something different. You’ll hear statements like that. You just transition right on into hey OK, take a deep breath. We gotta finish the interview. I still got stages of the process. I gotta make sure that I will still want to offer you guys if we get to that point will address questions when we get to the end. Is that fair enough? Mom and dad. I’ll address all over, but let’s forget, let’s get through this coaching interview first. This is the most important piece. And then everybody comes back down and any questions they have at that point who is still in charge and who’s the expert when you handle that that way here. You are. Youre the one who owns Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons and can train these young men and women the sport. And that’s the piece of it. You know. Y’all seen that crazy those crazy things. What you know, stay calm and whatever it is right? You know what? Whatever that little T shirt isn’t it meme is, you know, just stay calm and just be you man. Be confident. You know, OK, I’ll tell you. This happened the other day. This is good. This is good. The dad’s like man, there’s so much about this, you know, I thought I knew so much. He said that at this point, and I said, I know, I said, do you know who the general manager of the Carolina Panthers is? I said or was. Now he’s the Executive Vice President, Player, operations for the Redskins football team, and so do you know who that is? Although since again they Marty Hurney. Yeah, so you didn’t know that, did you? Do you think I’m already knows since he’s general manager of former NFL team and the current Executive Vice President, Player operations, which is a second on the totem pole in charge at Washington. Do you think he has every college coaches head football coaches phone number in his cell phone and access to him? After all, he tried to draft a lot of the players, right? Yeah. You think he knows me and they’re not recruiting she?youre the local expert youre the Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons instructor alright? I would think so. Ask me who his son? Was. And who he called to help his son with his college with his recruiting college. He looked at who I said. You’re talking to the guy. So don’t feel bad about not knowing everything because even he knew not that he didn’t know everything and he called a guy that does. You’re getting question about credibility now. Is this is this questionnaire something they go online? No, you’re not that this is yours. This is my assures the families never going to see this or they’re not OK. This is you OK. Which leads me to this. Add a scout two months ago. Said yeah, we sent the questionnaire over. Never heard back from him. So which quite what did you say in exactly? He said this. And I want to say in there just sign. Free all you build involve our fans so it’s just this is just like breast to see what’s what type questionnaire that they’re probably going to get from this is for you to take them through the process for them and their broken. If they show interest sign them up for Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons .OK. But you shouldn’t be sitting there feeling this app will be sitting there writing notes on it. I’m following it. I’m writing notes move so that I’ve got it. I’m gonna look up, right? Some notes. Now I can look back down I’m gonna keep eye contact with them ’cause I need to make sure what I see in the camera. OK, Robert, yes, so is this your biggest closing tool?If you don’t do Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons how will you get better? Oh, it is that is the closing too and you better master it, OK? And if you don’t master this, you won’t master NSR. Could you have you have guys that go in with this and sit and throw it out or keep this in the car? You know you better have it in front of you. I mean it OK. Good example out five years ago, with our national dating. Skip[CE1] . And so we always ask people that are really doing good in certain areas of their business to present and have conversation with the group at different times ’cause we want as many people involved as we can in the process, right? So we have a break and we go to the restroom and it’s we’re sitting there and I’m sitting there, you know, stall doing my thing and. And this guy walks in and he says, hey, he was talking to the gentleman presented he goes hey so so do you do that? And this gentleman that ask him this question had been with us for about 10 years and was awful. I only went strike that. You average couple of months you’re awful mean that’s all. If I saw that abused. I mean, I’m glad you’re doing that, but that’s part time. I think that. I mean, you’re not. You’re not really good at what we do if that’s what you’re doing. We can get you better, but you just not good at what we do it we won’t, we won’t great.