This is again everything here is really surrounds the concept of building behaviors for jumpers for blockchain. Is about applying that address punch of our block bold, which is that last contact that gives us that return energy from the ground and helps us convert all of that horizontal speed from our approach so we lower ourselves into our client like we bring that block light up near our planet near it not. Rounded transition throughout ultimate. We’ve made contact with our plan. That back leg is cycling through. Arms are starting to cycle through and now we bring our blocked foot. To a job position, so it’s an aggressive punch. Where else do you need to be aggressive? Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons? yes that’s right Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons . And you noticewhen we are there we are trying to strike my arms down with the contact of my block foot and lower stay lower. Jabbing that foot out, punching it to the ground, contact is made through the ball of the foot, none of them, until all of the foot hits. And that’s where that energy is going to be transitioned from. We’re going to hit OK. So this is the yellow part of our jump remember we learned at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons that this part is called the plant sequence. . The last two feet. So you’re black.

Right here is the party gone through there already gone through this and already heading back up here strike. That I want your arms to be tense in these kinds of workouts, right? So? OK, so 45 arms right back here, they’re ready, cycled through bold and then or grated from up so they’re down and they contact or nothing. Yes, that’s it. Good, I’m telling you your left hand looks your left handed approach looks better than your right handed approach. That’s kind of sad though. Actually, the last girl that I did on on Wednesday during Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. She was the same way her left handed looks better than her right handed.

Then I can’t hit. I cannot hit my left hand. Yeah like abstein, throw the ball and try to hit it and it will. So I think the reason behind that with you and with her is like. It’s easy to learn something left footed and left handed. Because you haven’t been doing it for a long time, but the fact that you’ve been doing it wrong right hand for so long it’s taking you more time to break that so that you can restart again. As in like middle hitter, my coach wants to start with my left foot. And so, so right, so you’re OK, so you’re right handed. She wants to start with your left foot so that it will go. So which is fine. The reason you know why she’s having to do that is she wants to be fast. But if you can do, like if you look at a collegiate high school and collegiate level of doing more things. It’s just she wants to get past it so we can speed it up. And that’s just it. Where you’re here with you, right from forward. Right? You can do your full approach here at the gym with Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons but how about in a game like setting? . Left yeah, you just you’re you’re you’re here and all she wants is 122. Not even three. So the three would look like this 123, right? And so the reason why is because at your age it’s easier to teach you that, so you can get to the net quicker and be set the ball quickly so we can score point versus high school in collegiate level. We’re starting with this with forward so that they can get enough speed. Quote, I think I’m better at a three step because and and you might be a number. That’s what you’re gonna learn here, and it’s OK. I think you know share is gonna be fine with it, because if I can teach you to be as fast in a 3 foot approach as you are in a 2 foot, that’s exactly what she wants anyway. Well, it’s actually not.

Who is the current Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons coach? And so, so. He’s saying that because. You’re too slow to the ball. And it’s OK because of your age, but if you can learn to do what you’re doing in a two step in the same speed in a three step, then you’re you’re golden, right? We got so we got OK, so we’re down three with 39 seconds left in the game. Third, and goal and goals. They’re on the. Let’s pause our training so we can see how this ends. Always got it. OK so he’s gonna. They’re going to do one more play so that it’ll at least be 4th down. And then they’re going to kick it. He’s already getting ready. I’m going to eat you. Yeah. I think I think I think the Chiefs have like magic. I really do magic, yeah? Finally, 5 minutes. Well, they haven’t really. They have a really good chance of going into overtime here because they have to pooch kick it into the. But let’s see if they can win it right here with them. Touchdown. We’ve got all the time in the world all the time in the world. Also in the world. Oh humble, oh. He recovered it, but he was almost out of field goal range. This is still a pretty easy kick for us. Is it Butler? No, it’s. Oh but. Lucky. Now, had they not recovered, it would be over. That was a poor play by Patrick Mahoney. 3 minutes. Yeah. Is it, isn’t it? Is it? But. Harrison, butker second. I think it’s pretty easy. Imagine if he doesn’t make it. There’s no timeouts for Cincinnati, so this is it. Cheering. So they’re going overtime.Alright

Right? Next video. The drill, called impulse, blocks. Some of you might already be familiar with this, but I do that. What we’re doing is taking our blockchain and progressing that into a little bit more of a dynamic effort. For we leave the floor same position we were in with our blockchain. The only difference here is as I transition through to it to my block. I actually pop up off the ground trying to find that nice little complimentary impulse from the ground, so we’re here. Paul. And I’m popping up so I’m facing you. Arms are back not fully back because they’re coming through at this point, Yep. Striking, finding that nice contact. This is again at any point.