Coach and a friend of a friend that knows somebody that thinks they know somebody. So you have to let this sit for just a second. So when I say be quiet and nip it literally, sit there for a moment and let it sink in or what you just told. Now here’s the reaction you get sometimes when you do that. Mom punches down the side and says I told you along time ago all this crap you were talking about. It’s not true. We’re not talking to anybody. You’ll see a little girl start one tear up a little bit and then you’ll see Mom say it was it too late. You’ll see Dad get the old arms folded book and is on his face. That was funny. You don’t want today. I just got all arm folded up and just started, you know, just kind of got that look on his face, right? ’cause he knows you bout to get all up in his. Backpocket. Ain’t stupid. But then today he also knows whatever he’s been listing to the past isn’t working. Dad has been investing in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons for years now. Now you’re going to want to soft pedal that statement at the end that I just said, you’re going to want to get all start. Well, don’t worry about it. We have solution number. You don’t fix anything right now. You let them you let them wall around in the pain of not being recruited. Let him sit there. Do not. Solve their problem yet. Furthermore, do not solve pedal that. You gotta tell him. Then in less we are communicating with. College coaches on regular basis. We are not being recruited. Record is not mystical year to communicate with them, or you’re not. And if you’re not, we’re not even on the radar. And then you speak, why? That’s where the bone recruiting bonus snapped in two guys. Now we got a bunch of nice guys on here, OK? Bunch of nice guys. We’re all nice people. But if you don’t break that right there the way it needs to be broken. You have done the child a disservice if you haven’t enrolled in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. Because the parents are going to still think they have solutions that they don’t have. So you have to. And because you’re a nice guy, you’re going to want to make that really soft and you’re going to want to make it easy. You want to break the bone, easy. Don’t just snap it. To snap it real gently. No, snap it hard. Let that sucker state through the skin and bleed. Compound it. And then we’re going to give him a solution and that solution is Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons. Think about that for a few minutes. OK, they gotta understand that it’s broken. Now you got a question buddy. Yeah, I mean just for the sticker. I mean, I’m just training and stuff, but. I mean, I’m just me thinking that you know you’re breaking out to them like that. I figured, I know there’s no Gray area what you talking about, but I figured more questions that fundamental come out from them. And there’s this story also just stare back. So we need to be staring it. I don’t really have questions from them at this point. No OK, I’m just. I mean, I really don’t. I realized I keep in mind too. I realize you guys. There you guys. This is all news and so in your mind you’ve ever heard they were saying that there’s some people create Dragons to slay. You know that means right? What if they had just enrolled in Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons early? We worry about the things we think about things that never actually come to fruition. OK, that’s kind of lets that defines fear. Yeah, I mean. You know though, but but the end of the day, next, right? I mean, in my mind, I’m thinking they’re going to ask a lot of questions right here. Not really. I mean, not really. ’cause if they, if we build some trust with them. So far, we’ve pointed out some things to him. This made sense. We’ve been genuine. They know they are behind on Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons, they know now. And all of a sudden we hit him with that. The truth is. 8 times out of 10 when I say bottom line is, you’re either being recruited or you not. If you’re not talking to college coaches and communicate with them on a regular basis, you ain’t being recruited. And when I sit there and be quiet for a second, usually there is a three format 3/4 seconds of awkward silence. That’s what I want. I’m letting I’m reading their faces. That’s the reason all three people are going to be in the screenshot of my camera. ’cause I’m seeing who’s in pain. I just want to see. Now Nate, there could be a question. Yeah, there could be so when we do next, coach, we’re going to finish our interview. We still gotta talk about the stages of recruiting. And I gotta decide if you know if I want to offer you guys an opportunity will get there once I get there, you’ll know I’ll tell you. Just be patient with me. But some guys want, well, you know, we’ve got a great Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons program and we’re going to be able to do. You’re not ready for that yet. Man, you’re not ready for that. Let him sit and feel it. Well, our coach told us, and I’ve had that before night all the time. Well, my coach told me I understand what your coach do. Which trouble codes do for a living every day? Well, he’s an insurance salesman. OK, well. I guess he didn’t live in recruiting everyday like I do, so I wouldn’t actually depend on somebody that doesn’t know what they don’t know and he don’t know what he doesn’t know. So whatever you tell, it is probably not accurate. I’m not being ugly to the guy, I just ain’t gonna take no bull crap off somebody ’cause I don’t think they know it whatsoever. You have a high school. Understand. These are high school coach. Teach 5 classes of PE and he’s also last lead director yeah.