Respond somebody else here and I’ll be right with you. The camera head will roll. Any questions on what are covered? So far. Concerning the psychology of the of the recruiting questionnaire or college coach interview questionnaires. Is it? Is it a central? Good day yes, yes. As good. It is essential. Truth is, as Susan told you guys at your script. Is what you need to use it your way to stay in flow of what needs to happen in the interview and it’s your way to accomplish. What it is that you need to make sure it gets accomplished? Without it, you will be around to get lossed. And so will the family. So now what I’m going to do is I’m going to take some time. And I’m going to. I’m going to role play. If I don’t beat three dogs. So add before we do that, let me just go ahead and put them up and said let him think they’re going to run things told himself. Of. How you go through a Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons questionnaire? I realize that when I go have necessarily full blown feedback and conversation from a kid. So we’re going to just have to listen. Take notes. You probably want to take notes in different areas of this off to the side. So that you can kind of get a feel for, you know when you speed up things when you transition things, what things you should say when you say it? I’m going to keep it as realistic as most of them are for me. You know, and what a parent may say or respond or whatever they may do. Get out there as far as crazy situations and all that, so we’ll just kind of go from there. So we’re going to pretend that this is a volleyball athlete that. That I watched in Atlanta. She’s a sophomore, so she’s a 23 grab. She attends Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons but needs to also invite her friends to Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons, right? ’cause that’s kind of, you know, it’s kind of where I live. Freshman, sophomores, some juniors. I will deal with that, she’s a. 6 foot, one middle that can play outside. She’s really athletic, so I watched her. She came by. We had her metrics night and then I went to the court, watched her play while I was at the court watching her play, I texted her parents to let her know that I was at the court watching her play and then. They text back and now make some comments about how it will. You know I’ll get with you. Follow up with you later and we can go over her valuation and then. It’s at Trigger Point time I did. I did not set the interview then I followed back up and said clear you later. Soudan will it really counted? Prefer that you guys try to set it up when you’re with those people. At that time. So I set it up. Register her for Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons . Mom was their dad was not, so the communication was with mom. I went through the, you know the next couple of days did the same thing about setting the interview. I don’t text conversation with Mom and then then followed back up with a call. Got the questionnaire to them. Got the questionnaire back to me. Gotta farm farm up on the day reached out and see if Dad wanted to have a conversation he just said he was good. Looking to you know look forward to seeing us you know on camera on Monday night or Tuesday night or whatever it was. I did it so it’s real smooth transition nothing. You know nothing too crazy, just normal. Noos along the way you know anything. So they had seen me at the court. Her mom, had she acknowledged it. I was there watching her daughter play I text pretext, communication with all them, set up an interview with Mom. Then I followed up with Dad, followed up with the kid, asked him to ask a little asuza shoot me a text so I could talk about some ball with her. We did so I did everything that I’ve taught you to do so far. I’ve done all that that set this interview up OK. Her name is Marley, which is a real kid, by the way, so we’re going to go through that just like like this, a real kid. Setting the table for this understand. Is I’m gonna let him know I don’t care if you guys use zoom or if you do FaceTime video, Facebook video or if you do go to meeting or if you go. If you do find I prefer FaceTime and there’s a reason I prefer FaceTime. Is isba ’cause it’s less businessy? It’s less salesy. It’s more personal. We have Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons people on organization that’s going to tell you. Oh yeah, you know cinema. Google Calendar. Check in. They let him have the zoom contact to give him the hook. That’s great if that’s what you want to do and I’ll show you the people that aren’t the best to do what we do. The best have been training t Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons for some time now. So I’m not down in what they do. I’m just saying that it’s not for me. You make it too personal. You make it. If you make it too businessy, you make too many things to many places to click too many things to do. You get people lossed. Make it simple. There’s the kiss method, right? Keep it simple stupid exactly. Just keep it simple. You don’t have to overthink this soda shoes and look for my international people that I do that ’cause I talked to a lot of international people. We either do WhatsApp video or we do Facebook video. I mean is this what to do? We are the best at it Tulsa Tulsa Volleyball Private Lessons has to offer. I mean and that way because you know they don’t necessarily have FaceTime and can’t do necessarily anything about Apple product necessarily.