Add study says you see a jump. Alright, you need a drink. Good alright next video. Restless even further from Milton Jab with arm to age, add and walk through. So now we’re going to introduce some stimulus to our plant leg, which is the link that moves forward. So we lowered the jab. We get this position established and from there I’m gonna keep my shoulder over my tip. And I’m going to walk myself through to the point of my plant being completely established. Set back, I lower Jack. Shift my weight without falling forward too aggressively. And I walked through. I’m holding these positions two to three seconds, just enough to feel a little bit awkward, but we have to build these neurological connections and to do so, we need to spend some time with positions or penultimate jab and walk through. OK, so when you do it at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons, would you go this way and this way so I can watch? So I don’t have to get up off my lazy seat. So. Yep, but I want you to hold it for like a full second before you walk through. So it’s the the the. Jab jab and hold and then walk through. Yep, when you walk through. Hold. What’s my hip height? Right, it says what I don’t want to see is you standing ’cause you’re not gonna? You’re not gonna do this. Be nice and low. We do something like that. Yes, so again. Nice low. Whole. Pike also I’m bringing it right. Right, I’m not sweating it up with my hips now facing that way. Taking the step 45 is very important with Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. Keep my chest back. Ultimately, we’re just putting it out there. All my weight still gonna be on my plate. Make sense. Alright. Say it again, what? Yeah. Yeah alright 321 go.

Pretty good. Big step. 45 good everything is good, but you’re just leaning over that front foot. So go and put it out there. One more. Put it out there. You’re still living in the lean back, there you go. Now I bring the other foot through. That’s it, but not too far if it’s. Here there’s two parts. Going here. You weren’t on that last one, you’re just add then. This this lady’s gonna be straight but I’m not reaching for it. I’m just putting it out there. Yeah. Big step. Good, that’s good. 45 just stays there. It shouldn’t turn when you said 45. Jackson good. Big steps in the arms. Good boom. Yeah, you’re learning you’re learning. Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons will help you in a game like scenario and for that I’m excited. Why? I don’t know. What did these retiring? Yeah yeah, that’s all I saw, but what else? So. That came out yesterday and it was. Tom Brady. And so he basically Wilder and said no, I’m not. Oh, really, yeah. So what David clear did? Is your something from someone for another reporter right? And make something that was entirely so. Tom Brady is not retiring, so Tom Brady really. At least he hasn’t announced. He’s like he’s like I haven’t fully made that decision yet, but yeah. No, I’m not. Yep. Actually like these steps better than your right side, but I’ll tell you why I hear it a little bit good. Oh good. Yep, good. 4590 good. 4590 good.Right this work that should be it

Boom boom boom Shaka laka. Does it say that yeah, it did chachalaca? Alright, so next video so this was six that was six videos. Now we’re halfway through Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons moving on to the next one. Now the first two on this one are going to be over on the term. Remember going to be hops, be a little bit more strength and conditioning type stuff. Workout number two. We’re starting with a PA staple which is our forward traveling hops matter. What you start with, but I’ll take my right leg here. Gonna be standing on this leg and floating our free leg. In front of our head so we do not want to see this. The reason we floated in front is to help control pelvis angle so that we still have that nice stacked position which is again shoulder over hip, hip, over right and we take a small hop with a small bass. And we established that Nice landing. You’ll notice that if I get a side angle here that I’m not sacrificing this orientation, it was called the center of mass right for males in the center of mass of the chest, females and gifts. But I’m trying to prioritize that relationship so that we don’t get our way too far out from.

So let’s get foot here. Nice and balanced little hot little balance and even though that add we call arm straight into that jump so synchronizing the hop with my arm straight. We take that single link, so I think that’s it. You ready for this? OK, head over to the turf. I’ll follow you. When you start Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons way down there. Wherever you want. Alright great athlete 321 go. That’s right. I want more heights than I’d want going out. I wanna I want you to make contact down and I’ll jump on the up there you go. 321 run out delete. Don’t forget. Don’t forget to start here. That makes you go down and then up, down, up, down, up, down, up versus like the full swing. 3/2 1. Great athlete. Don’t start here, start here.Does that make sense? Im wantto see you next week at Tulsa Volleyball Private lessons. OK? No excuses. go 2. 13 athlete there you go. Hello. 3. 2. Life right after. 321 321 right after. But listening. While balancing, it’s like you’re actually pretty good listening. Edit Yep.Nick

What do you think it is? Sideways one single leg. Jump sideways. Jump to the direction that your foot is down. so here we go forward we moved into lateral single leg hop which is exactly how it sounds nothing changes here except for moving to the side as opposed moving feeding my shoulder into this. I’m staying tall again. Little hot little balance making sure that we balance both sides so that we’re gonna block insert. We’re going to introduce a drill called Block Jazz.