When we provide Tulsa Volleyball Lessons, we are looking to instill the very best practices in all of our athletes. We know volleyball is a very popular sport Top by many different coaches and practitioners. We also have noticed that there are many false practices being taught. We would like to put an end to these false practices, and we believe that it begins with our facility. We’ve noticed that many facilities are teaching that athletes should be playing with a high elbow as opposed to a low elbow, so we are working to change this horrible practice. We all need a foundation behind our beliefs and we believe that we have found something in science that suggests that we need to be teaching our athletes from an earlier age to utilize a low or neutral shoulder hitting mechanic.

Because we teach Tulsa Volleyball Lessons, we are passionate about making sure that we have the very best practices. Everyone is choosing what they would like to believe, and this is where we will dive into our belief that what we have taught our athletes in volleyball over the past several decades could actually be causing extreme anatomical harm and horrible shoulder pain unintentionally. This is, in our opinion, the definition of insanity. We want to create different results by trying different methods. Thankfully, we have run across some doctors and coaches that are practicing a different way.

When you attend our Tulsa Volleyball Lessons you can rest assured that we are teaching your children the very best methods available to them. We are learning new volleyball hitting mechanics that we are teaching to our athletes. Is this something that we really need to consider here? we believe so, and we are going to dive into this right now. We have been learning about the science and physiology of volleyball players. We are looking into their biomechanics, and we are digging deeper. How does anatomy affect all of this? we are looking at the shoulder in general, regardless of the gender of the athlete. Whether they are male or female, everyone has the same general or mechanics when it comes to hitting.

Although there are some benefits to high elbow hitting, we know that the downsides far outweigh them. when you really start to understand how to create force and torque when hitting, you start looking in the shoulder. you start seeing the benefits of what we are talking about. So how can you hit harder? If you teach a high elbow, it is far easier to teach unless it is complex. when you jump, the arms naturally assist this position. However, here with our company, we are looking for a better way.

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Tulsa Volleyball Lessons | Preventing Injuries

When you send your child to Tulsa Volleyball Lessons, we know that you do not want them to be returned to you with various types of injuries, including shoulder injuries. This is why we are striving and working our hardest to prevent these types of injuries. Although we are also very focused on performance, we are even more focused on making sure that our athletes are healthy. It is easy for someone to teach a high elbow swing, but we are looking to change this practice as it undoubtedly causes countless injuries to athletes in the volleyball sport.

Because the natural emotion is to jump and raise both arms, you are left with a dilemma when you are teaching Tulsa Volleyball Lessons . We know the injuries are very common, and that is why children are in so much pain. There is a mechanical problem with the way that we are currently playing volleyball. Our goal is to strengthen and condition the movement patterns that we are currently making. This affects all of the joints and different aspects of the body, so it is incredibly important that we get this right. When a high elbow hit is performed, the child begins experiencing pain. The high elbow is likely the source of the problem. that movement with the hand going above the head whether they’re swinging or even jumping can create pain.

At our Tulsa Volleyball Lessons, we are making a difference. What we are doing is teaching a new type of Master Class so that Within a span of months they will be able to recalibrate the way that they hit to a more effective approach that causes less injuries. We are hoping to even completely eliminate the risk of injury with this method. We are teaching them how to take the muscles underneath the shoulder blade, flatten them down to the rib cage so that their shoulder blade moves and get them out of this forward-rounded rotated position. if my arm is coming down into the neutral shoulder, I begin externally rotating now because of the fibers of the muscles. These fibers are now stretched. They are engaged in the movement, and this is what we want for all of our athletes.

Volleyball takes a different approach. It is different from other sports that involve overhand throwing or hitting. Volleyball teaches emotion that does not make any anatomical, biochemical, or physiological sense. At our private lessons, you have all kinds of Athletes Training here, not just volleyball. no one else is able to teach these lessons like we do. We really do believe that this is what is going to make the difference for your child. We believe that this practice will create effortless power.

If you would like to learn more about our practices and see how we can help you and your child improve in their skills, please take a moment to visit our website today at https://prodaysports.com/. we would also love to speak with you on the phone about what we are able to offer you: 918-625-4011