Did you know that that Pro Day Gym has the best sports gym according to the Tulsa world? How about in the Tulsa world we were also voted the best personal trainer? Those are a few victories for us. We are the best Tulsa speed and agility training. We are located right in the heart of Broken Arrow; in the New Orleans Square District. The service anyone in the local area that wants to come by. We have a perfect five-star rating. We are the highest and most rated sports performing training in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In fact, we believe in what we do so much that, we will let you try your first week for only one dollar! We are now offering classes for ages seven and up!

We do a lot of different things here. We tests to track your exact progress, we have affordable prices, we have multi-sport training for optimal athletic health, and we work in small groups. The reason we work in small groups is because then you don’t have to wait for your turn. We have everyone’s work in 30 seconds. 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off. You always have your next turn. We don’t believe in a social hour, where everyone waits. We want you to be able to jump in their and start being able to work and train on yourself.

“My experience with Pro Day Athletic Development is that they are leading the field and training complete athletes!” Michael Cobbins, NBA Forward, OKC Thunder said about our training facility. In fact, you will notice a huge progress in just two months. In just two months you will improve and become 10% faster, 8% more agile, and 9% quicker, be able to jump 4 inches higher, and become 179% stronger. Have supporting data for those claims I’ve just made. We believe that everyone should work as a team, this training is for you as an individual.

Did you know that it is extremely hard now to secure a sport college scholarship? It used to be around 5% but now; you only have a 3% to 4.5% chance. In order to give yourself the best shot we can enroll in our Tulsa speed and agility training. I see faster and more explosive. Makes you stand out too. You believe in high intensity, speed, power, explosiveness, agility, and growth. How many times are you going to speed and agility training? Per week? Not saying practice. But speed and agility training. Practice is just fundamentals and how to work as a team, were focusing on working as for you an individual.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or you want to get your first free week for only a dollar, feel free to contact us on our website. Our Tulsa speed and agility training website is prodaysports.com. If you feel like you would rather talk to us by telephone our telephone number is (918) 625-4011. We look forward to working with you, and being able to help you grow.

Tulsa Speed and Agility Training

“My experience with the Pro Day Athletic Development is that they are leading the field and training COMPLETE athletes!” – Micheal Cobbins, NBA Forward, OKC Thunder, said about our amazing Tulsa speed and agility training! Pro Day Sports working as a team is only half the job. You can practice all the time for the sport you want to succeed in. Practicing your sport is good, but all you learn is fundamentals; learning how to play, and how to work as a team. You can start right now, for your first week to be only one dollar! We have been voted the best sports gym, and the best personal trainer in the Tulsa world! They are so proud of our athletes and everything they’ve achieved.

We specialize in training you as an individual; based on your talent; no one else. Things that can help you grow as an individual, is having a personal trainer. Need to do things such as speed and agility training, sports performance training, strength and conditioning, vertical jump training, explosiveness training, reaction training, and so much more. College scouts once an individual that is amazing. Sure, they want you to be able to work with the team, but they want your individual skill sets in order to put them in their college team. Our Tulsa speed and agility training, it can help you get there.

It is getting harder and harder to get a sport scholarship. It used to be around 5%, now it is more 3% to 4.5% to get one. Lord to give yourself the best shot and always enroll in our Tulsa speed and agility training. At Pro Day Sports we have high intensity training, transfer power, explosiveness, speed, agility, and individuality. If you have speed and ability training, you have a head start over half of the other athletes you are competing with. You much to be excited, and get your highest rated university out to watch you.

We went to see you be the best version of yourself that you can grow into. As you grow in the sport, you have to grow as an individual player. To become healthy, best, magic tile, fast, and confident in yourself. You’ll notice that our Tulsa speed and agility training you will see a huge improvement within just two months. Improvements you’ll see it is; you will be 10% faster, jump 4 inches higher, 8% more agile, 9% quicker, and 179% stronger. We have all the supporting data for the factor stated. We work hard and have a focused mindset we have a strong will work diligently with you.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or you are ready to try your first week out for only one dollar, don’t be afraid to contact us on our website. Our website is prodaysports.com. Or if you feel more comfortable calling us by phone, our phone number is (918) 625-4011. Look forward to meeting you and helping you become the best person you can be.