For athletes in Tulsa Speed and Agility Training can be the difference in achieving their collegiate sport goals. At pro Day sports we make athletes, most do not come walking through the door already in it. The difference between a player and an athlete comes to one word. A player is a person taking part in a sport or game, and an athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical activity. The fact is, any person can play the game of whatever sport you’re in, but athletes, true athletes are called to train for the moment. And that’s exactly what we do here.

There are three pillars that we utilize when athletes in Tulsa Speed and Agility Training with pro Day sports. Training is one key pillar, but not just training to do the actions of the sport you have chosen. It is imperative to train outside of the sport and develop yourself as a multi-sport athlete. In doing so it makes you stronger and in more areas with a healthier body. Because your body won’t be fighting the compensation of being underutilized in certain muscle groups, you’re less likely to burn out. This gives you a competitive advantage. Once your training has started, another important pillar is to test your training. We are not talking stats here, as we believe this is not an accurate measurable. At pro Day sports we have proprietary sports performance testing similar to what NFL athletes and NBA athletes go through but brought down to a youth level for every major sport. The five aspects of an athlete are speed, power, explosiveness, agility and reaction.

The last pillar for athletes in Tulsa Speed and Agility Training is recovery. When you are not training, it is important for your body to recover. This should include some form of self-care, nutrition, mindfulness, vitamin and mineral supplementation in your daily routine. Remember when you are training to be an athlete, your body is not only an engine but it’s a business. We are here to offer real life solutions on how to maintain your body’s effectiveness by fueling it with good food. We are also the only sports performance gym offering rapid reboot compression therapy on site. Rapid recovery is design using the body’s healing powers of oxygenated blood flowing through our bodies. Compression, breaks up lactic acid buildup to reduce soreness the next day.

At pro Day sports we have a proven method that takes student athletes to the next level. If your athlete has a desire to play professionally, we are the best in the business to ever do it. We also have a National Scouting Report (NSR) scout available on our staff to help you attain your goals and give training suggestions that we offer here in house. Our entire goal is to bring out the athlete that is already there in you. If you have a desire to play sports on a more professional level, we are the right fit for you.

We invite you to look at our website which will give you further understanding as to how we do things differently here. It will also showcase many of our student athletes that were recruited after training with us. Feel free to give us a call at 918.625.4011 so that we can give you a more personal approach on how to better assist your athlete in becoming their best.

Tulsa Speed and Agility Training | Data driven results

If you were an athlete and chose not to be part of Tulsa Speed and Agility Training You are less than 5% likely to play college athletics. However, we have a proven record of over 95%! That equates to 20,000 athletes that have received multiple scholarships. It all starts by being part of pro Day sports and getting evaluated by our on staff scout. We can help you take your athlete skill to the next level in 2 months. They will be $179% stronger, 10% faster, 9% quicker, 8% more agile, and you will have the ability to jump 4 inches higher. And our data backs this claim.

If you are an athlete in Tulsa Speed and Agility Training We are sure you follow the greats. Of these greats, they all spent time and money with personal trainers. Both Kobe Bryant and LeBron James have been utilizing a personal trainer that they trust for at least 20 years. Since we have a college scout, we wish that more athletes, athlete parents, and athlete families would understand just how important it is to have personal training outside of working with your team to practice. To be a great team player requires you to be a great individual player. Which is exactly what college recruiters are looking for. Their job is to take you from a high school setting and put You on the team, based on your individual talent. Practice is learning the fundamentals, the X’s and O’s, how the game works that you’re playing. Personal training helps you become a better individual player by offering multiple training times throughout the week specific to speed and agility.

Being the best in Tulsa Speed and Agility Training is what we have done best since the day we opened. Not only do we have numerous athletes that have fulfilled their goal of playing college sports, but we also have a proven method that has worked to gain a 95% success rate. New insurance that will be able to take you from zero to hero in no time, and have seen data-driven results change in 2 months. While being part of the team it’s a must to understand that as an individual not only are you an athlete first, but you are becoming a more proficient athlete.

Our coaches and training staff have a proven track record and look forward to the opportunity to prove it once again. We have the ability to track your results and progress and work with you to celebrate small wins. As long as your athlete gets 1% better each day, in 100 days they will be 100% better. It is not necessary to go from barely bouncing a ball to being a hall of famer in one training session and in fact is downright impossible. By remaining on track with your training and making sure to better your results each and every time you train you are increasing your speed and agility with each training session.

If you are even more excited than whenever you first started reading this, head over to our website at or you can read many testimonials as well as see what colleges are saying about the athletes that we have trained for their program. Feel free to give us a call at 918.625.4011 So that we can schedule your first week of training for just $1.