Are you looking to get your child into Sports Performance Training Near Me? There is a great training facility located right here in Broken Arrow Oklahoma ProDay Sports is the ultimate training facility to have your child perform better than they have ever before.When you are trying to train you want to make sure you are training the right areas and for the right outcome. Always train for the name and play for the team. We have an amazing motto which is play for the team on the front of the Jersey not on the back T = together E= everyone a = achieves m= more.

When you are trying to get into Sports Performance Training Near Me you want to make sure that they are well educated and know what’s going to work for your child. ProDay sports is the place for you. If you take a look at our website you will see featured athletes in college coach testimonials with clients we have worked with. We are here to provide your child with training techniques that is going to push their body to getting in the absolute best shape it has ever been in ! Is your child competitive and can’t seem to find a technique that is improving their skills in their current sport or sports? We can guarantee you will see results when training with us within 2 months.

Every parent wants their child to be the most recognized and best athlete on the team. Along with wanting to be able to put their children in Sports Performance Training Near Me that way they are getting further training outside of practice and able to perform at the highest possible level they can. Is your family very competitive? Pro Day Sports can make your child the absolute best on your team. We are the nation’s only triple certified athletic training facility proven to make your athletes run faster, have a more powerful throw or swing, and jump higher than they ever have before. Let us put your kid at the top with our amazing trainers who are fully devoted to giving your child the absolute best results you can ever imagine.

In addition to being Oklahoma’s highest rated Sports training facility ,Our trainers are extremely passionate about what they do and how they can help further your child’s performance. Not only do we offer in person training in our facility, we also offer virtual training sessions. If this is something you would like to try out, get started with us and your first week is only $1. What better way to try something new. You know after your child’s first week that they are going to want to come back and you are going to want to bring them back by seeing how our techniques are different from the average facility.

Give us a call or stop by our training gym and get your child training with the best in Oklahoma. Open doors for your child. We would love to have you as a client. 918-380-2800
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Sports Performance Training Near Me|Triple Certified

Do you want to give your child an opportunity of a lifetime by Sports Performance Training Near Me? Pro Day Sports is the only training facility that has a triple certified athletic training facility where our technique is proven to make your athlete have better performance. With our technique your athlete will stand out and draw attention, giving them potential and opening doors for them. Once your child sees the progress they have made while training with our facility they will want to continue to train because they see the difference, they feel the difference and they will know the difference from when they came in.

When you are trying to have your child professionally trained you want to make sure that they are able to train your child in more than one skill set. By using a trainer who only has knowledge on one skill set or one sport it limits your child and holds them back from their full potential and getting a potential scholarship or even multiple scholarships to go to college, that is why we train in all skills and Sports to give your child the opportunity to be able to perform during any sport. It can be a little complicated to find a Sports Performance Training Near Me that is very well educated and how the trainers are willing to push your child to get them to the place they should be or want to be. We will do that here at Pro Day Sports!

When you have the right Sports Performance Training Near Me, not only will you see progress in your child’s performance, you will see a whole new outlook and attitude, more self-confidence and knowing their self worth going for that golden ticket and receiving it because they will be capable of achieving absolutely everything. We train your child to give them full accessibility to use every muscle in their body no matter what sport they play or if they want to change Sports they won’t have any trouble doing so as their body will be fully trained and all their muscles will have been targeted and worked to have the best performance.

We offer multi-sport training for your athletes Optimal Health while we do our training in small groups. Your child will not be waiting to return to their work out. We will have them working out the entire time while we are testing to keep track of your child’s exact progress and what we need to improve. your child will look forward to training and enjoy the progress they achieve and how quickly they achieve it. We are ready to do some thing for you today with it all now.

Go to our website at and join a free class now or let’s schedule you an evaluation whatever works for you. We have many opportunities for your child’s growth. Give us a call today!