we here at pro day sports does what it takes to improve your performance each and every single day that you walk through those doors whenever you give us the opportunity to work with we will make it worth your while because we gave the absolute best matter why when it comes to strength and endurance training, reason or agility, reason, we are able to do all of that. No matter what no questions asked. doors and enroll in no matter what we can get started starting with the three pillars of training which are training, testing. We, the Sports Performance Gyms Near Me have a mission to absolutely deliver unmatchable and unbeatable experiences and customer service when it comes toknowing that you are an athlete and you deserve to be trained like one by the best staff that can teach you college ready in no time.

If you going to our website, you can look at our calendar and we have a list of everything that we have to offer from day to day you can expect when you do business with us. We, the Sports Performance Gyms Near Me want to be able to train you and make sure that when you start with us you can focus on many different aspects such as speed, power, explosiveness, agility and your reaction timewe feel like all of these are going to be a great experience for you that you are going to enjoy and want to consistently come back. Just go on over to our testimonials and see what we are talking about when you hear other people talk about why they like our business and like what we have to offer.

If you going to our website we have a speed package that can work on your velocity that is training you know for outdoor sports like softball, baseball and even soccer and lacrosse. we can work on your velocity which is speed at which projectile is exiting the player’s hand, foot or other sporting equipment. We want to be able to work on this because it is a important factor in many different aspects such as various sports that require it. we will increase your performance and you won’t ever have to even question our practices. We, the Sports Performance Gyms Near Me offer best practices and preparation such such as using a radar gun that will be positioned above 7 feet above the.

We also have a power course that uses kneeling Powerball launches. This is a great skill determine an athlete’s ability to overcomeand overpower a defender. we use a 4.5 kg medicine ball that test the athletes upper body andthey are given two attempts and further distance will be recorded. To start we are going to put them in the position to fall forward and exert power towards the medicine ball andattempt to push it as hard as possible.

go on over to our site and join us today and look at the plans that we have and how much money you were going to be spending. Our site is prodaysports.com. If you would also like to call us then you can. Our number is 918-625-4011. We are located on 3661 s elm place, Broken Arrow OK.

Are There Any Sports Performance Gyms Near Me?


you are looking for a company that is been voted best personal trainer and passports Jim by the Tulsa world and the highest remonstrated sports performance training in Oklahoma as well as boasting a five star rating on Google, then we are here for you. We, the Sports Performance Gyms Near Me here at pro day sportswant to be able to teach you what it takes to be an amazing athlete and many different sports such as baseball, football, soccer, volleyball, wrestling, tennis and much more. it is here that we have packages such as explosiveness that uses a standing broad jump as well as an approach or vertical job. These are tests that are used by the best to be able to determine the athletic ability of people you are wanting to play for them.

standing broad jump is a category in which it is used for explosiveness and is used as a tertiary test for forwarding momentum and a broad job. we also offer best practices in preparation on how to do it in the best most efficient way possible. we, the Sports Performance Gyms Near Me also offer agility training that weintroduce you to our agility lien drill that is a storage room that would be agility star drill. it includes peer straightforward backpedal and has you covered distance 90° angles you do not have to touch a counter hand.

these are just a few services that we offer to be able to turn you into the best athlete that you will ever become. We, the Sports Performance Gyms Near Me want to make sure that you have what it takes to succeed in the college world and we want to be able to have college scouts there direction. we want you to be Whe best athlete that you can never be and with our best practices we are going to be able to shine in your needs to become an amazing athlete.

we have a proven methodtakes just two months for you to be able to be 10% faster, 179 percent stronger, 87% more agile, 97%, and jump 4 inches higher. take your needs and exceed them in the best way possible by training your body in many different ways to sustain all the practices in all of the games that you’re going to have to perform at. We want to be able to make sure that it is our mission to give you dynamic warm-ups and not just static stretching so that you can reach a variety of muscles and stretch them and make sure that you have what it takes before each game or for each run that is going torequire you to be constantly active.

If you like to be a part of this experience, then go to our website. Our website is prodaysports.com. This is the place that we can get you started and determine what you need today for which sport and what you would like to achieve during your time training. one results and we will work tirelessly for those results. If you would like to call is that you can call us on our phone number. Our phone number is 918-625-4011.