Pro Day Sports is the best sports performance gyms near me. That is something I hear a lot from all of our athletes, and families. I mission here at Pro Day Sports is very simple. We want to help athletes thrive and develop their abilities, only able to accelerate their athletic career, by creating the perfect environment. We have several certified coaches, and several college scouts. We have a certified vertical jump coach, certified speed and agility coach, and a certified weightlifting performance coach. We have three pillars in our training. These are all Pro Day Sports proven. It will even training, testing, and recovery.

Sports performance gyms near me offers amazing training. We believe that one of the best things you can do outside of your sports season is to become a multisport athlete. Not only that have a lot of health benefits, by training your muscles stronger areas of your body, less likely to burn out, but also because, college scouts love to see multisport athletes, and helps you stand out. Did you know Kobe Bryant would spend his off-season making 2000 shots per day! That every single day, he was known for a gym rat. Always wanted to make himself better.

Our second pillar, is testing. You can be, and I delete athlete overnight. So we believe in creating a set of realistic goals, and celebrating them when you pass them. We track exactly where you’re at, and what you are wanting to be at. Will it help you reach your goals, and it takes one goal at a time to do that. We have created a use level sports performance test, that you can use on every major sport. It’s something you would kinda see an NFL or NBA. These tests cover are five foundations of an athlete, those are speed, power, explicitness, agility, and reaction.

You can always go to the sports performance gyms near me, and not expect some recovery time. Recovery is needed to recover your body after a hard workout, competition, or a hard practice. Recovery can include stuff like self-care, nutrition, mindfulness, physical and mental resting, and many others. We are the only you support Jim that offers a rapid reboot comprehension therapy on site. Rapid breed boots is designed to use the body’s natural healing powers of auction in blood flow. It also help break up lactic acid buildup in our muscles.

Those are three pillars, that Pro Day Sports follows. If you have any questions concerns comments, or you are ready to try your one week full of classes, for only one dollar. Don’t be afraid to contact us. You can contact Pro Day Sports by telephone or on our website. Our website is If you are wanting to call us, our phone number is (918) 625-4011. Look forward to hearing with you and being able to help you build your athletic career into what you want.

Sports performance Gyms near me

The best sports performance gyms near me is Pro Day Sports. We were voted the best personal trainer and best performance gyms near me according to the Tulsa world. We are also the highest it both rated sports performance rating center, and all of Tulsa Oklahoma. Right now we are maintaining a five star rating. In fact, you can try your first week for only one dollar. That one dollar goes to our nonprofit, to help feed local athletes and kids in need. We believe in three main aspects help you become a better athlete. Those are; drive, finding something that gives you purpose and holding it close to you. Build, building the skills and strength you need through extensive training. In community, surrounding yourself with people who want you to succeed and care about your goals just as much as you do. Luckily, we are located in the heart of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. One of the most supportive cities in all of Tulsa County.

We do several different things at Pro Day Sports like sports performance gyms near me here. These are a proven method to help better athletes. Some of the things we do different is we have affordable prices, want to make sure that everyone can afford to come here. We have small group training, that means you and I can be waiting for your turn, instead you’ll have intense training for 30 seconds, and rest for 30 seconds. We tests to track your progress, we want to see exactly where you are, and make sure you’re right on track to getting to your goal. We also help with multi-sport training for optimal athletic health. We want you to be as healthy, and the most elite you can be.

In just two months you will improve drastically. You will be 10% faster, 179% stronger, jump 4 inches higher, 8% more agile, and 9% quicker. They have supporting data for these claims. “My experience with Pro Day athlete development is that they are leaving the field in training complete athletes!” Michael Cobbins, NBA Forward, OKC Thunder says about our amazing sports performing gyms near me. We believe that everyone is and can be a player, but not everyone is an athlete. In a player is working with a group, being athlete is being proficient in a sport or other physical activity. If your goal is to continue playing ball in college, you really need to stand out. It is getting harder and harder to secure scholarship. It once was about 5%, and now could be 3% to 4.5%.

Howdy stand out? General in speed and agility training, and sports performance gyms near me helps make use faster, stronger, and more explosive. College scouts love to see that you know and play in multiple sports. At protégé high intensity interval training can really help an official your explosiveness, speed, power, and reaction time. After he has stood out to your scout, they start looking at you personally. Meaning like, what is your worth ethic? How often times to you workout? Are you in line with the athletic neutral guidelines? Do you meet your goals? And so much more.

If you have any questions comments, or concerns, are you ready to try your one week of classes for only one dollar. Don’t be afraid to contact us. You can contact Pro day by our website, that is Effie Braddock talk to us by your cell phone, or cell phone number is (918) 625-4011. We look forward to working with you and your family, helping you become the best athlete can be.