Are you looking to get your child into Speed and Agility Training? Well look no further Pro Day Sports is the place for your child. Did you know the chances of your child playing college athletics is less than 5%? Here at ProDay sports our athletes can receive multiple scholarships to continue their dreams while still being able to play sports in college! We are here to make sure your child has trained with one of the most knowledgeable trainers that is able to make them stand out and have full control of their body while improving their athletic abilities.

There is so much more to sports than just training for that one particular sport. Maybe your child plays volleyball and you think they don’t need Speed and Agility Training. Which is a natural instinct to most whenever that’s how they train their whole life growing up but it puts limits on your child and their capabilities! Let us inform you why training with us is going to give your child so much more in their athletic life and open doors to success. Ultimately our goal is to get your child in the Best shape they have ever been while they are still able to have fun and enjoy their sport.

Putting your child in Speed and Agility Training Give some full control over their entire body and every muscle in it making them quicker, jump higher and giving them more power behind their throws and swings.When you give your child a trainer that is fully capable of making them successful in athletics it opens the door to success. With our trainers they will show your child how to have full control of their body while excelling in their sport or Sports. We take pride in knowing that the children we work with go further than the average athlete.

Our facility gives your child the expansion to grow and be in the best shape humanly possible. We are the nation’s only triple certified athletic training facility. Our techniques are proven and we have testimonies from previous clients and even current clients to show you how far they have come and how great they are doing. We are Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed Sports training facility because of the hard work and dedication that we put in every day before work and after work your child’s athletic development matters to us , so let us give them exactly what they need.

We Look forward to working with your child or children today so feel free to visit our website at or give us a call today at 918-38-02-800. we would love for you to stop by and take a look around and maybe even meet some of the trainers! Let us give your child the roadmap to success and show them exactly what they are capable of and more!

Speed and Agility Training|Train Your Full Body

Finding the perfect Speed and Agility Training facility is great but what about finding a facility that offers so much more at Pro Day Sports we have so many great training sessions that we offer to give your athlete the guide to become the best athlete they could possibly be. our trainers show your children how to be a legitimate athlete which is more than someone who can run past, digital, or do heavy lifting. An athlete is a skilled individual who is trained in a sport for other forms of physical activities.Let us give your child the opportunity of a lifetime!

There Is nothing wrong having your child trained for their particular sport but also about from so much more.Speed and Agility Training is great but why not give them full access to targeting all their muscles in their body which will lead to better outcomes and performance.Our facility is the world’s leading Authority on athletic recruiting since 1980, we have helped over 20,000 athletes achieve their goals while doing athletics collegiately and under scholarships.

Our facility delivers results for each one of our athletes and we track those results to provide ongoing encouragement and a great mentorship to all of our athletes that we serve. We offer great training sessions that will help improve reaction, agility, explosiveness, power, and of course being.Speed and Agility Training it’s great but we offer so much more and are willing to give your child access to that to improve their athletic abilities. We have worked with some professional athletes previously who have given testimonies and still are amazed by how well our training techniques work. feel free to view some of our testimonies from previous or even current clients.

Our trainers are great at what they do after all our athletes are on average 10% faster in the small amount of time of 2 months.Is your child looking to have more power well that is something else we offer the average athletes here are 179% stronger in just two months as a result of training and putting in the work. In addition we also offer explosiveness training and the average athlete jumps 4 inches higher in 2 months also. Have your child’s agility improved by 8% in only two months. We also offer reaction training or average of the has a 9% quicker reaction time and 2 months.Whenever your child is training at our facility Pro Day Sports you will see an outstanding amount of improvement in their athletic performance in 2 months as a result of working with one of our trainers.Look at all of that progress your child can make it just 2 months we are here to make improvements. If you are ready to have the training that’s guaranteed to be the best, then do go ahead and see what we are doing for you right now with this.

Are you ready to give your child access to the most phenomenal trainers near you ?Well give us a call today at 918-380-2800 or feel free to visit our website and set up a week of training to try it out for only $1 you can visit our website at