Pro Day Sports offers an amazing speed and agility training. We have been voted best personal trainer and sports Jim, by the Tulsa world. We want to invest in your athletic career. We believe in becoming the best athlete you can be. We want to know your great team player, we specialize in individuality. We want to help you reach your goals in becoming the best athlete you can. We teach, and increase your speed, explosiveness, power, and agility. Right now you can start your first week with only one dollar! We did this because were so confident in our program, and we know it works.

Our one week for one dollar class, is for three classes! That’s a little over 0.33 cents a class!! We teach you speed and agility training, performance training, explosiveness, and strength. We take a potent payment as a donation to the This Is US. It is a nonprofit working to feed local athletes in meeting. One dollar may not seem a lot to you or me but it is a lot for nonprofit. We’ve been feeding hungry youth in Tulsa since 2017, it’s everything to them! We found out that athletes from local public schools around us were going hungry, and then still getting on the field and performing their best, all while hungry. Now we have a whole community that goes out and feeds our students. We even have family members that come into the building and help serve the pregame meals.

There has been times where we were scared, and overwhelmed. However God came through for us, he never let us have more than we can handle. It is my every need and is working through us to see those kids. It started with just football, and then basketball, and now into wrestling, soccer, and track. We even started the Circle Kitchen, which gives weekend food bags to the special needs students and among others. It is very fun and enjoyable to do this for our communities. It teaches us a lot about ourselves and others. And it makes us better people.

We do a lot of stuff in our gym, such as; teach speed and agility training, performance training, a lot of others. But we love how we can help our students and students and local communities eats. We are happy if you could join us for one dollar for a week for classes, in order to help support This Is US nonprofit. We love in the gym, but working through God is so good. God is good.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or you’re ready to try your one dollar week long classes, feel free to contact us anytime. Our website is If you rather caused by your cell phone, our cell phone number is (918) 625-4011. We look forward to working with you and being able to help create amazing athletes, and being able to feed amazing athletes.

Speed and Agility Training

We have a lot of different speed and agility training however we only have one mission. Our only mission is to create an environments to be able to thrive and develop our athletic abilities in order to advance to the next level. Did you know that we were voted for and received the best in personal trainers and in sport gyms in Tulsa world. We also have an outstanding five-star rating on Google. We have the highest rated Jim in Tulsa. We have three main tears that makes us amazing. Those pillars are training, testing, and recovery. Each of these pillars is has prevented us from developing amazing, Allie athletes.

Our first pillar that helps us develop athletes is, training. We offer a lot of different speed and agility training, performance training, and room to grow. We believe that training will make a stronger and certain areas makes our body healthier. When you’re out of side of your sport season, he should develop yourself as a multi-sport athlete. This has up several different benefits, one of the big ones is, you’re less likely to burn out. Did you know that Kobe Bryant spends his off-season making 2000 shots per day, every single day. He never stopped striving to be the best athlete he could be.

Our next pier is testing. We believe that becoming an athlete does not happen overnight. Therefore we have realistic goals set for you and track your process. W therefore, we will know exactly where we are at in your training. I believe that you have to celebrate the small wins in order to become a better athlete. Here at Pro Day Sports, we don’t believe in stats. We feel like that is only good as the person taking your stats. We should base how they’re feeling on your improvements. Instead we have developed a youth level support performance testing stimulator. It’s something you’d see in NFL NBA. The test covers the five foundations of an athlete. Those are speed, power, explosiveness, agility, and reaction.

Lastly our third pier, is recovery. Recovery includes nutrition, mindfulness, self-care, vitamins and minerals supplements, to be able to rest physically and mentally. You believe that feeling your body with good food using time management, and the use of technology available to you you can prevent injury, fatigue, and anything else to hold you down. We are the only here to support performance Jim offers rapid reboot comprehension therapy on-site. We know how our team wants to have our speed and agility training all time however we do need days to rest. Our compression therapy can be used at any time by our members. In it to recover directly after a hard workout, hard practice, or just to stop by take advantage of it. Rapid review is designed to utilize the body’s natural healing powers. Uses are oxygenated blood flow to heal ourselves.

If you have any questions or concerns, or you want to try our gym for one dollar for first week, the don’t be afraid to contact us. Our website is They can call us anytime our phone number is (918) 625-4011. Look forward to with you and helping you become a great athlete.