Pro Day Sports is the best speed and agility training in Oklahoma. We were voted for the best personal trainer and best supports Jan, according to the Tulsa world. Located in the heart of Broken Arrow. , We have a perfect five-star rating, where the highest and most rated sports performance training in all of Tulsa Oklahoma. We have hard data to show that you will grow and improve in just two months. We specialize in making you a great athlete not a great player. We believe everyone should be a team player but you’re here to grow as an individual.

Anyone can be a player, a player is just someone who part in a sport or game. Not everyone can be an athlete. Because not everyone has the drive or the willpower to become one. An athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical activity. You will have trained your body to have explosive power quick reactions and the ability to outperform your peers. To be able to use your speed and agility training efficiently and correctly. We believe training is one of the huge pillars that every athlete should follow. Even on your off-season, you should be trained to be a good athlete. Did you know Kobe Bryant, on his off-season, when every single day to the gym and made 2000 shots per day? That’s not how much he missed, that’s how much he got to the hoop!

We believe in testing say you have something to celebrate. The set realistic and small goals, they can celebrate all your small winds. Doesn’t happen overnight the little at a time. We have developed a youth level performance testing. It is something you would see in the NFL or NBA. It tests the five foundations of an athlete: speed power explosiveness and agility and reaction.

We believe in recovery. Recovery can include nutrition, mindfulness, vitamins and minerals supplements, recovery, self-care, and being able to rest mentally and physically. Pro Day Sports believes that you should take care of yourselves. Our speed and agility training can be a hard practice, we offer a rapid reboot compression therapy on-site. Therefore any of our members can recover directly after a hard workout hard practice able to stop in. It is designed to utilize the body’s natural healing powers of auction edge in blood flow to heal ourselves in addition the compression therapy break up any lack said acid that may have been hit hard during the workout days.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or you ready to try your first week for only a dollar! And please don’t be afraid to contact us. Our website is Or if you’d rather call us by your cell phone, our cell phone number is (918) 625-4011. Look forward to meeting you and your family and being able to help you become the best version of yourself.

Speed and Agility Training

Pro Day Sports offers speed and agility training, and that is the start of building an athlete. The difference between a player and an athlete is that, a player is someone who plays a sport or game. An athlete is someone who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical activities. Anyone can be a player, not everyone can be an athlete. Passion, patience, strong will, speed, explosiveness, power, confidence, and so much more. Pro Day Sports is an amazing gym. We even won best gym and best personal trainers, according to the Tulsa world.

We have three easy pillars that every athlete should follow and it is Pro Days proven method. The first pillar is training. The best thing you can do outside of your support is to develop yourself as a multi-sport athlete. It makes you stronger and more areas, healthier your body isn’t fighting certain muscle groups, and you’re less likely to burn out. You’ll be able to practice your speed and agility training and other sports and environments. Did you know that Kobe Bryant on his off-season was a gym rat, and cut constantly every single day, would make sure she got 2000 shots per day. It is always working to make himself a better basketball ballplayer.

Another pair is you have to celebrate every small point. Becoming an athlete is not overnight takes a lot of hard work. We believe in testing our athletes to see exactly where they’re at and where they need to work towards. Here at Pro Day Sports we don’t believe in stats to measure how good you are. Instead we have developed eight youth level performance test, it is something you’d see on NFL or NBA. It works for every major sport. Which is great because a lot of our athletes are multi-sport athletes. It still covers the five foundations of an athlete, those are: explosiveness, power, agility, speed, and reaction.

Lastly, our last peer’s recovery. That includes nutrition, recovery, mindfulness, self-care, vitamin and minerals supplements, and much more. When should be able to rest physically and mentally and tease the technology around you to prevent or treat injuries, fatigue, any other aspect that will hold you down. They’re the only performance trim around the offers rapid creepiness compression therapy on-site. Skippy is by our members at any time. It that’s after a hard practice, hard workout, or even if you just want to come on and use it. It’s designed to is the body’s natural healing powers of our oxygen blood flow in order to heal ourselves. It also breaks up laxative acid buildup in our muscles after a hard session of our speed and agility training

You have any questions, comments, concerns, or you’re ready try your first week for only a dollar, don’t be afraid to contact us. Our website is or call (918) 625-4011. He had better contact us by yourself, our cell phone number is day number. Look forward to working with you and getting it best version and athlete you can be.