We are confident that we provide the best Speed and Agility Training Tulsa has to offer. With over 95% of our athletes to receive multiple scholarship offers, we are a much-needed resource for training to any athlete around. The fact is, every single sport and athlete requires speed and agility. We all know that sports are just as much a mental game as a physical one. So not only do we train your body but we help you to be mentally agile as well. Agility is defined as the ability to move quickly and easily, but it can also be the ability to think and draw conclusions quickly.

We have a five-star training program to improve Speed and Agility Training Tulsa to maximize athletic ability in each person. We focus on speed, power, explosiveness, agility as well as reaction. These are things that scouts are specifically looking for when recruiting, and these are the things that we target in our training program. The highest level of effectiveness and efficiency has been revolutionized by the way that we strengthen and condition athletes. We do this by utilizing an interval-based workout where no child is waiting their turn, and instead is constantly learning clock management. Every athlete wants to be the GOAT, but can they prove the ability to manage more than just their athleticism.

Majority of athletes work as a team, so training for Speed and Agility Training Tulsa as a team just makes sense. We offer discounted team training because teams that work together went together. We understand that first haven so our organization embodies this understanding. The real win in training the entire team is that we are able to assist in building an off field community which directly increases on field performance. Our high intensity interval training is paired with team building to accelerate the capabilities already available to the athlete. To increase an athlete’s individual abilities, team training also allows the athlete to benefit from one-on-one training like a group environment. By training the team in this fashion we are able to increase the team’s abilities as a group.

With so many options for an athlete to become better, we look forward to the opportunity to prove why we are the highest rated and most reviewed sports training in Oklahoma. By training with us, you’ll be training with nationally recognized trainers virtually or in person right here in the state of Oklahoma. We have assisted more than 20,000 athletes to achieve the goal of playing college level athletics with a scholarship. We have been the world’s leading athletic recruiting training facilities since 1980. And the first step in reaching your goal as a student athlete is to get evaluated by a college recruiter which we have on staff.

If you have an athlete who desires to be the best and would benefit from the best speed and agility training at Tulsa has to offer, we invite you to look through our website https://prodaysports.com/ and see how we can best assist you in your athlete today. Never forget that to get started you can try your first week for just $1. If you would like a more personal approach feel free to give us a call at 918-625-4011 So that we can get you scheduled to try us out for a week.

Speed and Agility Training Tulsa | Athlete parents mistakes

If you have an athlete with any athletic ability at all, getting the best Speed and Agility Training Tulsa has to offer is key. Generally, athletic students have athletic parents or at least parents who deem sports as important. Just because you once were a student athlete or are the biggest football fan known to man, does not make you the best person to pick a trainer or coach for your athlete. In fact, we have seen several common mistakes that most parents make when choosing a sports performance trainer. One is discounting the fact that a good sports and conditioning training would be needed for your athlete. At every professional level of sports there are always sports conditioning trainers, getting them used to that now would be an added benefit for them moving forward.

The best reason to choose pro Day sports as your athletes Speed and Agility Training Tulsa is the fact that we are dedicated to the long game of your athlete. We are here to take the time that is needed to develop your athlete over a long term. Usually, parents of athletes decide to sign them up for pop-up classes for pop-up camps. These pop-up style training environments can be good for a short term, however in long-term development it can be a detriment. Not only were the workouts limited due to the lack of storage space for proper equipment of a full athletic development program, but they have a typical goal that may not be a need for your athlete.

In our experience, Speed and Agility Training Tulsa having the most athletes enrolled or being the first trainer or coach that you come and cross does not make it the best. In order to achieve top results we have maintained no more than an eight athlete to one trainer ratio to ensure safe weight training and instructions, the use of resistance bands, as well as plyometric exercises. Having too many athlete to trainer ratios ends up being a detriment to your athlete because they cannot get the instruction or the attention that they need. Going with the first ” trainer ” that pops up can work for your benefit but usually doesn’t. It’s very important for you to interview the trainer and shop around on the best fit for your child. Remember the athlete in question is a child, and training should still be fun.

Be sure not to fall prey to the speeding agility trap. Everybody says speed and agility, these are hot button words in athlete training and sports in general. While speed and agility may get you in the door, the fact is that our athletes end up with more power, explosiveness, and reaction time that set them apart in their sport. We have data back results to prove that our athletes are 10% faster and 8% more agile within just 2 months of training with us. The last nugget that we will leave with you is that sending your athlete to back to back training is very detrimental to their health and training. Something that you will hear with professional athletes is their Russian recovery time. The reason why the NFL only plays once a week is so that the athletes can arrest and recover from the previous game.

We are confident in our ability to be able to increase the speed and ability of your student athlete. We also offer the first week of training for just $1, so head over to our website link https://prodaysports.com/ to take a look at our reputation as well as our proven system. As always, feel free to give us a call at 918-625-4011 where we would be more than happy to answer any of your questions regarding your athletes training.