Here at Pro Day Sports, we have a professional, certified speed and agility training coach. He is a part of the CSAC. We also have a certified weightlifting performance coach, a part of the CWPC. Two of our coaches are also college scouts. When I have one mission here at Pro Day Sports, it is to have our athletes being the environment to develop their athletic abilities, thrive, and accelerate the athletic career. We promote drive, build, and community, all to surround the athlete.

Ace statistics stretching is when you hold a stretch position at the end of the range of the muscle for 10 seconds. The reason we do that before is so if during our performance, we have to stretch it, it isn’t the first time we are stretching up muscle today. It’s a good idea, but not the best idea. We’ve gotten with top medical professionals and now it is being called out. It instilled a false sense of security in the athlete. Now it medical experts and trainers say, that instead of a statistics stretching before competition, now we got to a series of dynamic war maps. Those are designed to provide a full range of motion for the sports and activity you’re about to perform. It is in motion with the ramp up routine so that our athlete is warmed up, and energized.

We have developed a completed list of dynamic stretches and warm-ups. The first 10 minutes of every class is reserved so we can put every athlete through that target movement in which they are about to perform. You forget the routine these are always posted in the jam warm-up area. It is very, very important that you arrive on time and get his full warm-up before jumping into it are speed and agility training. The static stretching does have a great place for after a hard workout or competition. We just don’t suggest we do it before.

We have the time, equipment, and the knowledge, and had to make your athlete stronger, faster, healthier, more flexible, and more explosive in their sport and in themselves. We want to find the drive. The thing that they wake up for and gives them purpose. We use that with them, in order to reach the goals. We then build the skills and strength they need to become an elite athlete. That’s variation of our speed and agility training, and high-performance training. We also have an amazing community that wants to watch everyone walks in the door grow and everyone cares about our athletes features.

If you have any questions concerns or comments, or you want to try one week of our training for only one dollar, feel free to contact us on our website anytime. Website is Or you can always contact by your telephone. Our cell phone number is (918) 625-4011. We look forward to working with you and getting you to be your best self.

Speed and Agility Training

Getting through speed and agility training and performance training can help make you a great athlete. The difference between April you’re an athlete, is as followed. A player is someone who takes part in a sport or game. They are great teammate. An athlete is a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical activities. Although they aren’t teammates and athlete, is more focused on the individual in the team.

Our mission is to have an environment for all of our athletes and students, to thrive and develop. When help accelerate their athletic abilities and their careers, on to their next level. We have three main pillars that every athlete should follow. These pillars are Pro Day Sports proven. Our pillars are training, testing, and recovery. We stand by these. They have been tested and we know they work. if you have any questions all you have to do is call us to find out more.

We believe that throughout your training career, you go through a lot of different performance, speed and agility training. However on your off-season, he made try to take on another sport, MBA multi-sport athlete. This not only makes you stronger and other areas, allows you to use other muscles of your body, and helps you not burn out so quickly.Our testing is very important to us at Pro Day Sports. We believe in celebrating the small victories. After we set realistic small goals for you, we track those goals in order to track exactly where you’re at and where you’re guiding to be. Success is overnight that a small victory could be.

We don’t believe in taking stats, we feel like there’s too much play in it depending on whoever your stat petition is. Instead, we have developed a deepest level performance testing simulator. It is very similar to the ones they use in the NFL and NBA. And the best part is every major sport can use this test. The test covers the five foundations of an athlete. Those are speed, power, explosiveness, and jollity, and reaction. Her last spear is recovery. Can’t stay speed and agility training all the time and not expect some kind of recovery time. We are the only jam that offers rapid reduced compression therapy on-site. Rapid review is to design utilize the body’s natural healing powers of oxygenated blood flow to heal ourselves. All of our members can come by anytime. Is either right after a hard workout, hard practice or even just stop by. It also breaks up plastic acid buildup in the muscle groups.

If you have any questions comments or concerns, or you ready to try your one week for only one dollar. Please feel free to contact us anytime, by using our website. Our website is If you’d rather call us by your cell phone, our cell phone number is (918) 625-4011. We look forward to your phone call, and look forward to meeting with you. Were excited that we can help you become the best athletes you can become.