If you’re looking for some of the greatest speed and agility training you can find, the gives a call today at 918-625-4011 going to website, ProDaySports.com, today. Here at Pro Day Sports, and training to the very best athlete that you me. We will give you great training sessions with a membership that fits your needs. We’re going to show your results SSV can and we know that we can make you one of the best athletes out there. We’ve seen 70 rapid improve Antilles we all about our website. We’ve had silly statistics that prove our training action dismissal. If you’re an athlete or wanting to improve your athletic ability, and time to use a call today so we can book your very first appointment.

My commission we have many different membership second fit anyone and everyone thinks. If you going to website, ProDaySports.com, you will see that we have a chart walking everybody through our membership options. If you want to frequent our company, Pro Day Sports, three times a week, then you will only pay $150 per month for three training sessions a week. This price will go down the longer you stay with our company. For example it dropped by five dollars each month and then was you to six months you’ll only be paying hundred and $125 per month for as long as you say training with your company. This is the same with the other two options of two sessions a week or once a showing. The decision to start set hundred and $125 and will drop down to just hundred dollars a month after six months. For speed and agility training once a month, will start making hundred dollars but then only and up paying $75 a month after the six-month period.

If you wanted to your speed and agility training, then simply time that you should gives a call because we are going to go above and beyond serve you in any and everyone can to make you better at. Our mission is to make better athletes. We want them to as their potential and reach their keep abilities that we know is in them. We want to drive our students to want to be the best and pushing so hard possible to achieve that goal. We are all the buildings our athletes of and showing them results. We know when they start training, no but he was not because they love the results that they see.

We’re going to help you improve your strength, quickness we are going to help you improve your strength,, quickness, agility, and vertical jump when the next. We have seen people improving their skills after just too much s. All it takes is to us superficially by 100% want to become 10% faster. We have proven this assistance because we will perform performance testing before, after, and during your training sessions.

Sign up with us today for your first three training session for the first week of training sessions for just dollars by calling 918-625-4011 going on to say, ProDaySports.com, today.

Speed and Agility Training | Many Different Training Services for You

We have many different speed and agility training sessions for you to join here at Pro Day Sports. We’re going to give you optimal training time, training, reasonable prices, performance testing, and performance training. Our performance training is going to help improve you in so many different ways including your speed, strength, power, agility, reaction time and so much more. You can learn more about our training sessions on website, ProDaySports.com, today.

To work on your speed and agility training that includes tenured sprints. He spent to help you improve your speed because we going to come over and over again. This is going to test your speed and then you can watch improve over time again and again.. We’re also going to help you with your power on your bench press. We know that we can shrink that by doing this because we see many of our athletes. We Going to want to explosiveness where we will help you your jumping vertically and was. We know that there’s lots of in sports and you wherever you plan. Lastly we’re going to improve your agility, through many different drills, which is going to help you improve that in your reaction time which is both going to help you in almost any sport that you can play. It is essential to have great agility and reaction time in basketball, football, soccer in almost every sport.

We also going to performance testing before you search with us so we can see the progress that you make after starting your training sessions with us. We know that you are going to see such an impact and increase of all of your main skills that we are focusing on. We will have a leaderboard owner website and in our clubs to see who is raking the highest improving was. You’ll build the watchers help move up through the leadership for as you search assess through our speed and agility training sessions. You’ll be shocked at the amazing results that you see in we can always to help you grow as an athlete and as a person.

We went off recently different things in within the training sessions of speed, we will offer you three different options of the frequencies you like to train. We have a three times option for you to some, a two times we often, and at one time a week option. All of these have different prices, to fight on our website also website, today. What you do is going to website and click on the pricing tablets will take you to chart. The great thing about our pricing is that it goes down the Longview service. Your price will drop down $25 a month after your six months. Will slowly and a half a little bit each month and then you only pay under $25 for $150 service. This is such a Riccio and you can read more and understand more when you going to our website, ProDaySports.com.

We cannot wait for you to join us say, so gives a call at 918-625-4011 or going to website, ProDaySports.com, today.