Here at Pro Day Sports, we have a lot of different speed and agility training, performance training, explosive training, and so much more. I have one mission, and one goal. “Our mission is to create an environment for athletes to thrive and develop their athletic abilities and accelerate their athletic career to the next level.” We have several certified college scouts. Best certified speed and agility coach, and certified weightlifting performance coach. We promote drive, build, and our community. When I find that one thing that motivates you, and help strives you to your goal. He will help build your skills and strength, how to become a better athlete. They’re located right in the center of Broken Arrow, it is an amazing community. Our goal is to surround it with a community that cares about you, your health, your success, and your goals.

Pro Day Sports was voted the best personal trainer and sports Jim; according to the Tulsa world! We are also the highest and most rated sports performance training and all of Tulsa Oklahoma. Right now we’re sitting at a perfect five-star. “My experience today athlete development is that they are leaving the field and training complete athletes!” Michael Cobbins, NBA Forward, OKC Thunder, spoke out about hard training development. Come and see how we can help you get noticed on the field or on the court. If you seek out help contact us through the website or by phone to get a $1 session.

Going to our speed and agility training you will improve yourself with just two months. You yourself by becoming 10% faster 179% stronger jump 4 inches higher, 8% more agile, and 9% quicker. We have supporting data for these claims. Believed to be a good teammates, and a good player, you have to work as a team. But to become a good athlete you have to work at your individual skills. The greats are known for their name, because it just a good team player, they are amazing athletes. Help point becoming an athlete so you can grow as a person become the best athlete you can be.

Did you know that it’s harder to be able to play ball in college? It used to be 5%, now it is now between 3% and 4.5%. I want to help you get within that range. Overall, it’s up to you. There’s a lot of things you could do to stand out, we can enroll in our speed and agility training. MAC stronger, reaction times better, and you more explosive. We have high intensity interval training for speed, power, explicitness, agility, and reaction. We have over two thousand workouts with over hundreds of equipment, therefore you never have to do the same work out twice.

If you have any questions or concerns, are you much higher first week of classes for only one dollar, don’t be afraid to contact us. Pro Day Sports website is You know or contact us by your cell phone, our telephone number is (918) 625-4011. We look forward to meeting and working with you and helping you become the best athlete you can be.

Speed and Agility Training

Here at Pro Day Sports, we offer a bunch of different speed and agility training. Our goal is to help you become an elite athlete. In doing a player so could be overwhelming, and difficult. Therefore we have a step-by-step training, and goals. You get what you want to be. We put a lot of care and thought, and passion in what we do. We are very hands on, and strong-willed. We believe in creating an environment where athletes can grow and thrive. We want to help develop their abilities, and accelerate their athletic career. It will even drive, build, and community.

You want to find anything that you will close the power she threw, and help you use as motivation to reach your goals. To help you build your strength and skills, and orders to become an athlete. We offer several different speed and agility training, performance training, explosiveness training. Anyway surround you with this community who wants you to reach your goals just as much as you do. We are the heart of Broken Arrow, and just want to see you succeed in our amazing community.

What is the difference between dynamic warm-ups and static stretching? Static stretching is what were all used to. Static stretching is when you stretch and hold a position for 10 seconds at the end of the range of your muscle. The ideal behind that is if during your performance you reach and stretch that muscle, it is not the first time that muscle has been stretched today. However medical professionals has been calling out for putting athletes in the false sense of security. Now a team of medical experts and trainers got together and created the perfect stretching warm-up. We call it the dynamic warm-ups. Dynamic warm-ups is very beneifical and the future of stretching.

Dynamic warm ups provides a full range of motion activity about to perform. It helps ramp up your routine and energized athlete. It literally warms you up, and it helps to be able to jump into high-level competition, ready to go. Every day we go overseas warm-ups. First ten minutes of every single class is dedicated to it. Therefore it is very important that you come on time every time. We have these warm up posted in gym warm-up area, incase you forgets or want to review them. Static stretching does have a place, usually after a hard workout, speed and agility training, or after a competition is best.

If you have any questions concerns, or you want to get your first week of classes for only one dollar, don’t be afraid to contact us today. You can contact Pro Day Sports through their website. Their website is Or if you would rather contact them by cell phone, their phone number is (918) 625-4011. Look forward to working with you and your family, and being able to help you reach your goals, and become an early athlete.