Speed and Agility Training is an interval based workout where a clock is in control. You can join us and start at slow as $7 an hour. We have various packages with affordable prices for you to choose from anywhere from $9 a session to $15 a session.Visit us today and be a part of Tulsa’s best Speed and Agility training. You can also get $50 credit to your account for your referring a new member. These are just small incentives for you join us and help you reach your ultimate goal in physical fitness.

Speed and Agility Training Can also be done in teams where you can also obtain discounted training with a work together, win together mentality. We strive to build an off the field community to increase on field performance. Our goal is to accelerate all athletes capabilities and give them a group environment with the benefit of one-on-one training Which we feel increases not only the individuals abilities but the team abilities as well. Being the nation’s only triple certified athletic training facility we take pride in helping your athlete run faster, jump higher, and throw and swing powerfully.

Athletes who choose to do Speed and Agility Training have much greater chances in obtaining collegiate scholarships or achieving their fitness goals in general. We feel that motivating your athlete is huge key to success and we also stress that it is vital to not treat training as punishment. sports are fun and winning is fun. training should also be fun and not something you should be dragging them to do. Visit us on our website today where we can help you choose the right coach in providing your athlete with the right regiment to help them achieve their goal.

If you would like to inquire about any of our services please visit our website or give us a call so we can further help you reach your physical fitness goals. we pride ourselves and being transparent and up front with our clients in achieving realistic goals and putting forth a schedule and plan so that we can first serve our client. Being affordable and having a great track record just helps make our job easier to serve you. You can greatly benefit from our variety of sessions in place where you can choose from either unlimited sessions, 10 sessions a month, or even five sessions a month.

Join us today for a free class and take you after the decision and your game to the next level. be one of our 20,000 plus athletes who have received multiple scholarship up and we can help you achieve your dream and playing your sport in college. All you have to do to get started is take the first step which is getting evaluated by our team of Highest rated sports training coaches. Read our featured athletes and college coach testimonials to see how you can start your sports journey and reach your goals. So be sure to visit us today at Prodaysports.com or give us a call at 918-380-2800.

Speed And Agility Training| We Do Things Different

Join us today in Speed And Agility Training in our one-on-one athlete training setting or you can also try our team training where we stress our work together, win together philosophy. We offer discounted training for teens where we build a community off the field to increase on the field performance. you can choose one of our online coaches or visit one of our facilities on Elm and Broken Arrow Oklahoma.

Everyone says Speed and Agility Training But not everyone understands what that means. on average we make athletes 10% faster and 8% more agile in Just 2 months. one of the most important aspects of sports training is rest and recovery particularly after a strenous workout is vitally important to allow your body to be ready for the next challenge. we here at Pro Day Sports care about your athlete and how he or she progresses but also how he or she recovers after our training. so be sure here at pro day we will do our best to make sure your athlete gets the training rest and recovery needed to become the best athlete they can be.

Some training facilities use Speed and Agility Training as social hour. Here at pro day we all like to get the most out of your time and money. One of the consistent measurables when comparing trainers should be the amount of time your child is actually developing. Some programs allow your athlete to go at their own pace and they could possibly get caught up chatting with friends more than working hard to become better.At pro day, athletes are part of a proven program where they are never waiting for equipment and when they are resting it is only for 30 seconds or 1 minute design rest.

So if you want to run faster, jump higher, or throw and swing more powerfully visit us today on our website or give us a call because we have level one certified speed coaches, level two certified vertical jump coaches, or level one certified Proteus coaches ready for you to take your athlete to the next level. be one of our 20,000 plus athletes who have received multiple scholarship offers and achieve their dream of playing their sport in college and make that first step in getting evaluated on your journey to becoming the athlete you want to be. We are a good place to go to for all kinds of stuff.

look no further here at pro day we are Oklahoma’s highest rating and most reviewed Sports training facility where you can train with nationally recognized trainers virtually or in person at our headquarters in Broken Arrow oklahoma. be a part of the world’s leading Authority on athletic recruiting since 1980 where we have helped over 20,000 athletes achieve the goal of playing athletic collegiate underscholarship. visit us today at Prodaysports.com, give us a call at 918-380-2800 or come visit us at our location at 3661 South Elm Place Broken Arrow Oklahoma