So proud of the work that we do providing Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa, oklahoma. in 2017, a need was brought to our attention. We noticed that athletes from a local public school without a booster club were not having good enough nourishment as they were getting on the field or court. How sad is it to imagine sending a child to play or compete when they do not have a full stomach. Can you imagine trying to accomplish a task when you were hungry? This is an unforgettable memory for us. That first spaghetti dinner that we did was so impactful, and the rest is history. Everyone asked us to keep coming back, because they didn’t believe us at first. Many sports changed over the course of this time as we began setting foot into these facilities and helping these athletes succeed.

As we provide Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa, we hope to make a difference in this local community. We have noticed that poverty has been debilitating in this area. We really want to eliminate these sad statistics about children who are unable to perform at their Peak because they are hungry. We really want to make sure that everyone is provided for, as this is a staggering problem that we have noticed. We saw that McLean has the district ‘s lowest graduation rate. their graduation rate is only sitting at 46%. We find this unacceptable, and we are working to raise this number. of all the crimes in the US, high school dropouts commit 75% of them. We are striving to make changes to help more students graduate from high school.

When you take Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa with us, you can have confidence that you are helping to eliminate these problems in the Tulsa area. We are working with the different Justice systems and groups to help improve our community and our outlook on life. Tulsa public schools have the highest amount of poverty in all of Tulsa county, and we want to help improve the lives of these children. The disparity between Tulsa public schools and other surrounding districts is enormous, we see a vast goal between the education of our children and the other students in the area. We do not like to see this, and we want to improve it. help us be the light.

and everything that we begin, we consider the standard of sustainability of what we are doing. Will this be a goal that we can maintain long-term? Is this something that God actually, genuinely wants us to pursue? God has never left us needing anything. He has met our every need, and we are confident that he will continue to do so as we continue in these efforts. We believe that this is a valid cause.

Please learn more at give us a call today at the following phone number: 918-625-4011.

Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa | Help With College Recruiting

One of the benefits of attending Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa through our company is the aid that we provide in assisting with the college recruiting search. We know that there are many key aspects to this including identification and recognition. colleges want us to help identify as many prospects as possible so that they can pick the very best quality of athletes for their programs. imagine a funnel, and at the top of the funnel is a catch all opening. This is where colleges get their prospects. Once you have been identified as a potential prospect, the college will send you a questionnaire together with some basic information about you as a player. they will often allow a link to upload a video of your skills and performance against other competition. It’s important that you get your name and information to a vast array of colleges. the earlier you do this the better your chances of being recruited are.

At our Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa, we want to make sure that you have the best chance of getting recruited by a college as possible. We help with this by assisting in the prospect evaluation process. This is the beginning of the all-important waiting out process, and one step closer to an offer. coaches will examine the qualifications of all aspects. In this phase you must realize that the number of athletes vying for the same position scholarship is in the hundreds, possibly thousands. what colleges are looking at this, and we want to help.

By attending our Private volleyball lessons in Tulsa you are improving your chances of being recruited tremendously. We work directly with colleges to make sure that they have access to your footage and games. We want to make sure that you get as much exposure to them as possible, so you have very high chances of being recruited by a recruiter. If coaches feel like you may be a prospect, after they reviewed your data and video, they will put you on the prospect list for future evaluations, so it is extremely important that you get on this list. we will help you to do that.

Finally colleges will work on Prospect comparisons. all of the athletes that have reached out to them have made it so far. There will be lots of prospects, though, and it will be important to make you stand out. His comparison will take place for an entire recruiting process. These prospects are continuously and regularly being weighed out. The college coach needs to get accurate and updated information about you. we make this possible for you. Oftentimes the player whose information is best and most updated and who has a great video listed is one of the leaders of the pack. we want to make sure that this is you. we want to get your name out there for prospective colleges.

If you would like a good chance of getting recruited by a college and to learn more about this today, visit our website: We would also love to speak with you on the phone about this at 918-625-4011.