Tryout pro day, sports training and recruiting facility today a facility focused on performance sports training !Give your child a chance to train with one of the amazing trainers we have to offer. We are the nation’s only triple certified athletic training facility, a proven method to get your child where they need to be or should be. We have a speed lab powered by Universal Speedrun. We have a PPA certified Jump coach. PPA stands for project pure athlete which is fantastic ! we also have level one certified proteus coaches available to help your child throw and swing become more powerful

Not only are we a Performance Sports Training center, we also work with college recruiting to continue your child’s athletic journey throughout the school journey. We offer speed and agility, volleyball, training, vertical, jumping, personal training, and last, but not leaves tumbling so whatever it may be that you were looking for we can help you. We have tailored out with our personal training sessions, your child expert guidance. They will have motivation and accountability and of course they will have improved.

Are you trying to better your child and help them become an athlete? Have you tried Performance Sports Training? If not, that is a great way ProDay sports offers performance training and can Help improve and increase your child’s strength , agility, reaction,explosiveness, vertical jumping and more. We also help prevent injuries. By the proper foreman technique we do and use when performing our exercises which can help them avoid injury in the future. We want to set your child up to have it all, know it all, and be it all.

We also offer customized nutrition plans that can be personalized to your child and their fitness goals. This can help them make healthier choices and learn how to fuel their bodies properly, for optimal health and fitness . We guarantee your child’s results will make them feel better,and show their full potential in their sport and show a significant amount of progress in just two months! You are going to feel absolutely fantastic, that you were able to provide your child with the best facility for them.Opening doors to their future by guiding them in the correct direction is what we are here for to give them the push they need with the correct way to train and enhance their performance in all aspects !

The first step into getting your child set up to be a complete athlete is getting evaluated. We can do that for you. Give us a call at 918-380-2800 or stop by our facility at 3661 S. Elm, PL Broken Arrow OK 74011 or visit our website at We look forward to training your future athlete.We can’t wait to celebrate your child’s achievements with the hard work and dedication they put in with our trainers!

Performance Sports Training|Being the top athlete

Giving your child access to a facility that is guaranteed to improve Their athletic abilities by Performance Sports Training is a great option and we offer that in so much more here at Pro sports. Our trainers have put in countless hours of hard work and dedication getting our clients to the top. We train them in a few different things that way they are showing growth in their overall athletic abilities, helping them become the best on their team and making them stand out to college sports recruiters our techniques give your child a chance to extend their athletic journey while they have the chance of receiving multiple scholarships because of the I think they have become after training with us.

There’s so many benefits to Performance Sports Training that will put your child at the top. Are you looking to improve their fitness levels, achieve specific health goals, or maybe you just need extra guidance and support when working out? We can do all of that. We guarantee you will see improved results, increased confidence, expert guidance and we will tailor your child’s workout to your childs fitness goals or even health goals you have for them . We guarantee that we will get your child there and those goals will be achieved .

Our trainers are well experienced, and have years of experience. They have taken the time and furthered their knowledge on how to get your child results that are going to be substantial and long term. They know exactly what is going to work for your child. Performance Sports Training is very beneficial if you have a child who plays multiple sports, even if you have a child who only plays one sport it is very beneficial as it helps with their reaction time, strength, agility, and so much more that your child’s gonna stand out and catch eyes of everyone and become the best. Having your child only train for the sport they are in holds them back and can even cause them not to be the best athlete.

Do you see a kid on your kids team and think it’s just talent they are probably training outside of the team to be better than the other kids? Let us give your kid that opportunity to be the best!
We are here to give your child a healthier lifestyle , and would do that by giving them better workout habits routines when it comes to working out when taking care of their body. This can help lead them to long-term success and a more stable, healthy lifestyle that everyone wants for their child.

Let’s get your child a personal trainer and give them all of these great benefits. Let us help make your child stand out and show that they are capable of Achieving their full potential and being an athlete . Our trainers will help open doors for your child’s future, possibly even help them receive a scholarship to their future college. Give us a call today at 918-380-2800 or stop by our facility and speak with one of our amazing staff members. We are located at 3661 South Elm Pl. Broken Arrow OK 74011.