Proday sports offers the most high Performance Sports Training. Training services ranging from personal, vertical jump, speed and agility, and sports training for any and all aspiring athletes. For only $1 your first week is completely covered. We create College level, proficient athletes. With intense training, heavy testing, and essential recovery. We guarantee in only 2 months we can make your athlete faster, stronger, quicker, agile, and much more.With proday Sports there is a higher chance of being scouted by colleges. Training for multiple different Sports ensures all athletes receive the optimal attention and skills required for whatever sport they go on to play.

Extreme Performance Sports Training from proday proves to school and college athletes alike that we can improve your skill and ability. With our strenuously proven methods we make sure you, as the athlete, receive personalized and comprehensive help with your every concern. After your first few sessions Understanding what you need to improve athletically will become a simple process. Giving you results is our promise and through one of our College scouting staff we can get you the college dream you’ve always wanted. Now that we’re partnered with a photographer in the area your chances of being recognized in the portal go up tremendously.

Performance Sports Training Offers the best Speed and Agility training for only $7 an hour. With speed agility training, we improved skills in most high intensity sports.  reaching Peak Athletic capability and all of our students is achieved through agility, power, and explosiveness. The agility training is carried out in intervals utilizing The proper rest and repeat methods. High expectations and well-researched programs are proven to give you the edge over your competition. If jumping higher or running faster is a problem for you,it doesn’t have to be. We take care of all of our athletes and focus hard on safe, personalized, and result generating programs and service.

We will make you jump higher. we will increase your agility and speed. we will make you stronger. We track our results to ensure all athletes are progressing at the best. showing you the best results is always our guarantee. Athletes from all sports are welcome to learn better routines for perfecting their playstyle. We at pro day lead the industry in improving the quality in crafting complete athletes. Our athletes understand the importance of consistent training and much needed rest. We train to avoid any and all sports related injuries.

If you have the drive to complete your goals and develop your skills and strength we are just the right pick for you. Join an amazing community that cares for your success and performance as much as you do. Calling us at the number (918) 380-2800 Today ensures that we can build you a precise schedule to make you the best at what you were always meant to be. Visit our website at to read more about our promises and guarantees.



Performance Sports Training | Improve to the best of your ability

Performance Sports Training Is imperative for athletes planning to perform at the college level. With our training and recruiting services We’ll make you stronger, faster, more agile and so much more. Playing sports for a college is very unlikely, but with us more than 95% of our athletes have been given scholarship offers. We’re the most reviewed and highest rated Sports training facilities in oklahoma. Since 1980 we have been helping over 20,000 athletes achieve their goal of playing at the college level. Hearing our athletes and Coach testimonials will prove to you the quality of our amazing products.

Performance Sports Training offers free classes to Our athletes wanting to test our services. Testing differs greatly from our competitors by tracking the exact progress. our affordable prices heavily outweigh other training professionals. multiple sport training options are offered to all athletes. There is no wait list if interested in small group training. The experience will bring complete understanding of skill reinforcing routines. We can guarantee your athlete’s skills will improve vastly. our athletes experience a 10% increase in their speed. an increase of 179% in strength. We make athletes 8% more agile. and we teach our athletes to jump almost 4 inches higher.

Performance Sports Training Has studied copious amounts of data and supporting research to craft a plan perfect for all athletes wanting to achieve their dreams. With the correct amount of drive and motivation there’s not an athlete we cannot train. We make sure your athlete is in the right setting and community to improve the level they’re at currently. We also work to improve athletes’ comfort in adjusting to the stresses of college sports. With our consecutive training routines and only a few months we can have you at your best.

Your athlete will reach the next level by using our proven training programs to increase their athletic abilities and conform them to an environment that helps them Thrive and develop towards their athletic career. We will install a drive that has you working with us to build the necessary skills to outperform your competitors. Our community cares as much about your success as you do. Let us give you the advantages that pro athletes all around the world have. our training routines and programs are comparative to those you would see in NFL or NBA camps.

Calling us today at the number (918) 380-2800 to swiftly ask any and all questions related to our training programs, routines, locations, or anything along those lines. Visit our website at to learn about our professional history, promises, staff, and our certifications. Our training programs are comparative to professional grade and are proven to improve your athlete. Our headquarters is located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Visit us to finally achieve your collegiate, professional, and even school level athletic dreams. We are prioritizing creating you the most comfortable community and program that produces you the results you need.