If you’ve been interested in getting more experience in Performance Sports Training then you should look into and reach out to pro sports training and recruiting. Promote sports training and recruiting is the nation’s only triple certified athletic training facility that is proven to make your athlete run faster, jump higher, as well as throw and or swing more powerful. We have lovely one and level two certified speed, coaches, vertical jump, coaches, as well as power core coaches. We also understand that your chances of playing college athletics or less than 5% but however with us your chances are more than 95%.

With Performance Sports Training You are guaranteed to improve your athlete or yourselves skills within just a two month Period to become 10% faster, 179% stronger, jump 4 inches higher, become 8%, more agile, and 9% quicker. And we have all of the supporting data to prove these claims stated above. We have a motto that is important to understand. That motto being that there is no “I” in the word team. We play for the team that is on the front of the jersey and not for the name that is on the back of it.

One way that you will be able to give yourself the best shot is by enrolling in our Performance Sports Training classes. Some things that we do differently from other athlete developmental programs is that we do testing to track your exact progress, we do multisport training for your optimal athlete health, we also offer small group training, so that you are not waiting for your turn and you are able to get that one on one time with your coach and or trainer so that you can get all of your goals met with efficiency. On top of all of these things we also offer all of them at very affordable prices.

One way that speed and agility training or performance sports training can help you to become a better athlete is that it makes you stronger, faster, and way more explosive. The second reason and often being the most overlooked reason is simply how much college coaches will value their athletes that play multiple sports. Speed and agility training can act as a second sport or at least here at Pro Sports it is. We have a high intensity interval training to ensure that you increase your speed, power, explosiveness, reaction time, and much more that will benefit athletes in every sport.

If you are ready to make yourself or your child etc. into a better athlete, then you should definitely consider contacting pro sports. We have several different ways to contact us in an offer. Amazing deals. One being that you will get your first week of classes for only one dollar and you can try your first class for completely free. Our phone number is 918-380-2800 or you can visit our website at https://prodaysports.com/. Another way to contact us would be by coming to our HR building located at 3661 South Elm Pl. broken arrow OK 74011 https://prodaysports.com/.

Performance Sports Training | More of Our Services

In our Performance Sports Training and recruiting facility at pro day sports we offer several different different types of performing sports training. Those being speed in agility, volleyball, training, training, personal training, tumbling and vertical jump. Within all of these training there are several different aspects to each one and several different coaches that will be able to cater to your specific needs, and to ensure that you are able to have different options if you are unhappy or just not able to connect with your first assigned trainer.

When you start getting into Performance Sports Training with sports training and recruiting we offer a deal that you can get started on your first week to test out the waters for only one dollar or you can come to one class for completely free. We hold the Guinness world record for the vertical jump, and we hold the PPA that was chosen by the Guinness world recorders to officially certify our vertical jump results. we have another Guinness world record PPA for the 1000 pound squat and the four minute mile

Performance Sports Training is so important when you are trying to achieve sports and athlete wants and needs. Sports training and recruiting understands this and has proved to make more than 95% of our athletes receive multiple scholarship offers and then achieve their dreams of playing their preferred sport in college, and or in the professional leagues. We are Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed sports training facility and train with nationally recognized trainers, virtually or offer in person sessions at our HQ.

At Pro sport, sports training and recruiting facilities we have helped over 20,000 athletes achieve the goal of playing athletics in college under a scholarship, or even into the major league or whatever that preferred sport may be. With our recruiting phase at pro day sports you can expect to still be competing for that exact same scholarship against 40 other athletes but sports can help you to get ahead of those other athletes. They will start to ask questions such as. What is your work ethic? Do you have goals? Will being in a college environment change the way you work out? All of these factors are important for our coaches to see if you fit the program that you are currently in and see if you fit for potential universities in the future. You will be so very happy that you chose Pro Day Sports and our team of trainers.

This is something that you are interested in for yourself or your athlete then you should definitely consider reaching out to us on our website at https://prodaysports.com/ or you can always give us a phone call at 918-380-2800. Giving us a call or visiting. Our website. Will answer any possible questions that you may have about our facility and we operate as a company. We are located at 3661 South Elm Pl. Broken arrow OK 74011 and hope to see you soon!