Everyone of you are going to get in improve vertical jump training Tulsa and almost everyone of you are going to let them convince you that you can do a one legged interview. That’s what we call it is a one legged interview for speed and agility training Tulsa. Or one of the parents is there and they’re gonna tell the other parent and you’re going to be convinced that they want it so bad that it’s gonna happen. And I’m gonna tell you, it almost never happens, so we should have both parents on the zoom call, yes, and that’s the beauty of them calls and not being in homes anymore, they can be here. They can be here. And you know what, we can be pleasant on the phone. I can start that conversation by listen Susie. You are so lucky even though your parents aren’t still married, they can set aside their differences and come together for your future. This is awesome, so I’m excited about this interview.

I just made it really hard for Mom and Dad not to be civil and decent at speed and agility training Tulsa. You know improve vertical jump training Tulsa? And I’m going to end of grandmas funding this thing. We gotta chiming, Grandma, Grandma. Listen if I go to a travel ball game and grandmas there wearing the stuff in raw and I will find out his grandma needs to be in that meeting. Grandma had paid for NSR. Yeah yes I got a question for you on the what if you have a kid who’s 100% Indian American Indian Dr Certain schools that give money for Indian kids athletes? Well, I mean, we Robert did an interview with such an Indian that when he got to the home it was like the whole Tribal Council was there and the chief was there and Robert had to nod to the chief every time he wanted talk in. The chief would not bat and then he would start talking and we got that girl recruited for improve vertical jump training Tulsa so. Are there places that will be interested or there’s some extra scholarship monies outside of athletics? Or yes, and we’ve got ways to get those, but as far as the rest of the process, we put him out there. If she is a Native American, we might put speed and agility training Tulsa on our scouting report if we think it would help their cause, you know. OK, very positive. Never demeaning way. We would include that in the Sky report. I’m just telling you so many situations you can’t hardly can’t hardly stump us on one of those.

Alright, perfect demographic. Are you surprised about that perfect demographic? Not at all. Doesn’t mean we don’t work with kids from divorced families. We do all the time. I just know going into it, but I’ve gotta make sure everybody’s there. Never remarried, their spouses need to be there. Everybody’s gotta hear this anytime somebody’s gotta take my information and go tell it to somebody else. It’s not as effective is that I tell them the information. Right, alright, so everybody’s gotta be there. What have you got a family that says you know improve vertical jump training Tulsa? We’re going to do the interview. Meet me and her dad, but we don’t want Susie there, we don’t. We don’t want her there. She doesn’t need to. She doesn’t need to worry about this. Are you gonna do that interview for speed and agility training Tulsa? What did you say? I said without the without the prospect without the kid, right? I’ve always, you know. I think the more communication. Because you can tell parents something and the key can believe something totally different. I’m not going to do an interview up kid there and you are getting a desk that I’m not gonna do it because you know what. If the kids are turn, you don’t want to work with them, right? If the kids not respectful, the kids doesn’t respond well to you.

This is not going to be a good fit. If the kid is nasty to their parents. I’m not working with him. All right, there’s too many variables. I gotta get to know the kid that I’m representing. If the parent doesn’t want the King of all, that should tell you something right at the top right. About how they feel about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Or that they gotta be in total control and their kid. You know that’s going to be a problem? That’s gonna be a problem for a college coach, right? Alright, alright is that speed and agility training Tulsa? Is that a hard stop that kid cannot be there walk away or if the kids at camp and they want to get it done then I mean there’s certain it is. It is absolute hard stop because you don’t know the interview yet. You’re going to get that on Wednesday. The interview doesn’t work without the kid because you know what? If Mom and Dad want this 180%? And the kid doesn’t wanna do it. This isn’t good for anybody. Almost the most excited person should be the kid. Right, the interview is a process to see if I want to work with this kid and his family, and I can’t know that without the kid being there to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Not going to be convinced to spend the $3500 if they don’t know how much they’re kidding, wants to do it and they’re gonna every time if you try to do it without the kid there, they’re going to say, OK, Clint, we really want to do this and we’re going to do this. Don’t worry, we’re gonna do it, but we gotta talk to little Susie ’cause we’re just we just kind of make sure she’s committed. Never close, never closed. Makes sense. Alright. Let’s go to our last point for the day. Is work efficiently at speed and agility training Tulsa? Alright guys. It’s a business. You gotta follow the NSR plan and you gotta have work ethic driving emotion. If this doesn’t mean anything to you if you’re a or. you know what i’m update this everyday. I’m not calling you everyday to get you out of bed. OK, that is not how this works. I will be 180% your support. You can text me in the middle of an interview. You can have me get on an interview with you. You can record an interview and I’ll tell you why you’re not closing. I’ll do all of that for you, but I’m not waking your **** up out of bed. OK, so that’s on you.