I have to share situations that come up like that so that you understand the significance of why we have to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. So now I will send this guys doing the doing the interview. The way should take his time not in a rush for speed and agility training Tulsa. What happens next to you? He in interviews? Yeah, they’ve actually close. as he wants to tell a guy who’s been coaching division one for 20 years and having clubs and all that kind of stuff no they they know the guy that knows what he does and now the sudden nobody in question one. Do not read this to people when you’re in front of them on camera. Don’t sit down, go. NSR keeps a file on every athlete we interview because don’t do that. Get your personality to it. Hey, you know Mom and Dad is good to see you here this evening and I really do appreciate you guys making the hospitality of expect. You know, having me in your home on camera will talk about our interview, the interview this evening will talk about what I need to talk to you about. But him and tell y’all why this are colleges, what it is now. This is off script. I’m going to try to get them to talk about themselves and question one. That’s all I’m doing. I need the kid to talk about speed and agility training Tulsa.

I need the kid to tell me why they want to play in college, what they’re really good at, what their strengths are, what their competence for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, what their owners are. I need that kid to talk. Now you have two kinds of kids. You have some that will throw up all over you when you ask him a question. They’ll just keep on talking and they just they just keep on talking. That’s great, but you’re also going to have the kid that says that you say hey. So tell me some things about you that make you special, some honors accomplishments. Well, I made varsity when I was a freshman. They sit there. You better have a whole page of notes about Google stuff that you Google about this kid. You may have a better have a whole page of notes from where you watched a video of them playing so that you can now engage in speed and agility training Tulsa, so that’s great. I know you made varsity when you were and but So what was it like to make Farsi when you refresh but hope you had it make you feel, well, you know I was reading article other day about you and you actually you know you hit one out.

In the six to actually, you know, win the ball game improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We get so and So what was that like? So you engage them now to pull conversation out of them, right? Get them having a conversation with you. Again, it’s them getting countered with you. Here’s the most important piece of this. In question number one. Understand this is about them telling you why they should be playing in college. If they don’t verbalize how good they are in the success they’ve had in the honors achievements of accomplishments they’ve had in speed and agility training Tulsa, is it going to be any wonder why they’re not talking to college coaches when it’s time to point that out? I mean, after all, they made varsity when they were ninth grade whoopty Dag undo. OK, that ain’t no big deal. But if you get on to explain why it was a big deal and some of their other strengths and their accomplishments and what it was like in their dream to play and you get him talking, then all of a sudden it does hurt when they’re not talking to college coaches, and you point that out to him later on in the interview. You gotta you gotta start breaking the bone themselves so question number one psychologically is to get them to talk about themselves and to get the kid engaged in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Now Mom and Dad are going to want to jump in on occasion to save him. If they’re struggling, the momaday gonna talk. Don’t jump in, be kind, but take control of the interview and it has like this like Mom hold on. Just I know you’re proud of it and I know you would add have got a lot of stuff and I will talk to you in just a minute.

I actually have a section in my questionnaire here were parents comment. So hold your thoughts and I will get to you in just a minute. I understand that this is prepping him for his conversation with college coaches and he’s the one who’s got the eligibility left. So let me let me finish my conversation with him about speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s important as college coaches that I talked to about him. If we were to be moving forward are going to want to know what all I know. So let’s so little Jimmy. Let’s get back to you real quick. And then Jimmy starts talking some more. Now I know Mom and Dad want to talk, so after we after Jimmy after I spent 15 minutes talking with him improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

At least 15 minutes. Now I’m going to look at Mom and Anna. Go OK mom. I know you’re proud. Now tell me what he’s left out. Well, he didn’t tell you made his spelling Big County champion when he’s in the 6th grade and Kim Tell you about this and he didn’t tell you about that man when there was this time when he you know he did a walk off when he was five. I mean, they’re just gonna start telling you everything and just listen. In this letter and then by that time in number one speed and agility training Tulsa, you’re 20 minutes and #1 by just letting them talk. And you get the number 2 and it’s like hey, they won’t know what your dream I need. Are you committed to improve vertical jump training Tulsa Jimmy? I mean and limit the reason you gotta get them to say commitment. Did Susan tell you all the number one objection that you will never get over?