I saw you made the one I commitment alert a kid in the irons Jersey improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Yes, ma’am. That’s when I say. Alright, so that’s how you do it. When we take a break. Y’all can get kinda firmed up on getting speed and agility training Tulsa done OK. Will give you a break after Robert finishes some prospecting this morning. Alright, please don’t do it while we’re doing training casual, you’ll miss something else. Alright, anybody have trouble or anybody have success adding signatures to your emails on your different devices? I have trouble with that. I sent the. As I understand it, separate email ’cause my picture didn’t sent to Ryan, so it sent assemble my information about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, but it didn’t have the picture so I had to resend that. So I was just waiting on the picture to appear in the signature. OK, because you have to copy paste. OK, we haven’t put the. Are you gonna put that picture in your signature or you think Rod is going to do speed and agility training Tulsa? I thought I was gonna do that because on the instructions for. The email signature on the video. That’s what it said. OK yeah, everybody text at some point in time this morning I’ll give you an example of a signature to use for your text messages. For the first initial, contact somebody in your email.

Here’s my cell phone number. 251 554 0211 251554. 0211 and I’ll just send you a message back. It says thank you and then you have a sample 8A signature of. How that you can simply use a signature to address credibility to improve vertical jump training Tulsa and those kind of things with who you are in your background. I. I did not get my email done, but I will at lunch. Alright, yeah, anytime we’ve got some break at speed and agility training Tulsa, there’s some time to get caught up. Now I’m gonna give you a heads up and give you a pass today if you didn’t get everything done today. Tonight’s homework. I need done 100%. OK, tonight you’re going to be learning about all of our services. You’re going to learn about all of our contracts. And we’re going to be discussing the differences when you when you offer one contract versus another, and you need to have all that in your in your knowledge bank. So I need you to have all that done in the morning. We’re also going to be talking about pay and how the pay structure works. All that’s going to be really important. It’s not going to be effective to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If you had it in your homework tonight, so just a heads up on that. Season question having trouble getting my email on my laptop. Got it on my iPad and phone. Is that something I need to talk to somebody in the office about might be a.

I mean almost signatures. Well have a signature setup for speed and agility training Tulsa, but it doesn’t. I just sent Robert a text for that so I can get exactly what you guys want, but the fact that I can’t get it set up on my laptop is. You know there’s a Chris. There’s a tutorial I found on YouTube for that. I just didn’t get around to doing it, but there’s it’s. I did watch it. It’s it. Looks like a pretty good one. Alright, and I understand if you’ve got any IT issues, you’re not sure how to do something like that. Ryan in the office, Ryan Ryan, not Brian, but Ryan. Is RIT guy and he can help with that? So when we have a break or when we have, you can or want to have lunch or whatever you can send him an email and tell him what you’re struggling with. Its Ryan app nsrhyphenate.com. And that’s that’s who helps all of our IT issues, OK? But I think we go into Google. Is that not correct to set up your email on your laptop? Anyway, that’s why. Yes, but I get to the very end and it tells me oops, there’s a problem, so I assumed it would be IT.

That’s the reason why I said yeah. So he is available to you. Just realize he’s supporting a lot of people to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If it’s something just like I had Jerry help Bill at the break is something one of us can help each other with. That’s better just to keep it off his plate. If it’s something simple like that, but but if we’re having trouble, Chris would definitely need to get that worked out.

Alright, anybody have anything else about speed and agility training Tulsa? Alright, Todd is supposed to get back on shortly. I. So you’re gonna get all a break. Yeah. Always, at least here. So. Sure you do. I’ll jump in the water a minute. Oh what’s going? Get rolling here today. Have your device in front of you will talk about prospecting today. I think we’re going to be on page 25 of your keynote, so if you have your keynote in front of you will start there. When you look at the funnel, but first of all is everybody had page 25 in front of him where you could see that goofy looking little funnel in height. But you know all that could raise your hand if you got it. So I know we got it good. You have to follow on page 25 in the game. I use 25 of the keynote. If you have a book already, it’s in the Mail today. If it will be in the book as well. I if you don’t have it let me know real quick. Jay, good. So. When you look at this, improve vertical jump training Tulsa looks complicated, right? I mean, it just looks it looks like there’s speed and agility training Tulsa. There’s this big funnel at the top and you gotta, you know. And This is why I tell people when you look at it. You go. Wow man, it looks like you gotta put a whole lot of stuff in the top of the funnel in order for one little prospect to be, you know, pop through at the bottom.