I said I’m looking forward to seeing Dad and and and doing improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Sofia on Wednesday on 3rd Friday at 6:00 o’clock I had my head torn off. But I was able to deal with it when we needed to write. I didn’t say husband. I said dad. Why do you think she told my head off when Mom said when I said Dad give me some? Give me some reasons why she might be offended by that. That isn’t room for speed and agility training Tulsa. Is not around. The map. Earlier boyfriend or something their new husband know there were two what? Women who moms? OK, I don’t judge people. I start my place. She she kind of wanted to make a big deal out of the fact that you know she had done a research and. You know she was from Southern California and she’s all of a sudden got all sideways and you know you Bible belt people and you.

And then I’m sitting with my man what are you talking about? I’m out I love everybody. I mean, I can look at what you doing if I get the termination based on Scripture, what I think, but at the end of the day, I ain’t judging nobody does improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I mean that’s that’s that’s up to you. You know so don’t take that wrong way Mom, I just always ask for, well, you should. And then we got solved and she was just a hash for both parents and. And she was a PhD doctor. Kao Berkeley or. California school engineer what makes very smart lady who did speed and agility training Tulsa. Very intelligent people. Point is is that one time out of having many thousands of people that I use dad or husband would have been wrong so I’m always going back to Mom. Hey I want you and Dad and will grow up, speak looking forward, seeing you Dad and Susie. On Friday night Mom go down. I look forward seeing Mom a little city Friday night. Great, now if I haven’t met Mom or Dad at this point, why do you think I text it that way? But ’cause clear just in case there is not a mom or dad in the picture with this other person, that’s going to come out at this point. And it’ll come out one of two ways. You know my, my husband is deceased mother Mom is to see. OK, I’m so sorry.

I didn’t mean to open him to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You know a woman, but every college coach should I talk to is gonna know bout the family dynamic of your situation. So I’m so thankful that you shared that with me while at the same time to do speed and agility training Tulsa. I’m very sorry about your loss of the pain that his car suffered over the years. Well, it’s very new. It’s old and they’ll tell you. Right now we’re now are we getting past business and we’re getting into what? Personal you dog? Is right. OK, you just saw. Noted that I mean it you’re paying attention to what they’re saying or they’ll come back and say well, we’re divorced. OK that no problem is it is a situation where you guys are Co parenting little Susie and you guys are amicable enough that we can have both of you on a zoom call you don’t necessarily have to be at the same place, but be able to be so that we can talk about this. Yeah, we that’ll be great and 99% of the time it’s going to be the situation with a divorce situation where both parents are amicable and Co parenting. In this you will have the situation where it’s deadbeat mom, deadbeat dad, and there ain’t no, they not even involved at all.

Seek guidance from men Susan before you respond to that text about speed and agility training Tulsa, or they responded that for that. Let statement OK yeah some guys yes time if you don’t develop that trust with them to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. They’re not gonna open up and share those things with you, so you’ve developed if you’ve developed the credibility to get in the door. Right and be able to communicate with them. Then you’ve got to be able to, you know, get those questions from a trust standpoint that they’re willing to share. You know personal information that they may got just really off and look, you gotta be able to do that. Guy and I think I know that it’s hard to think outside of the moment, right? I mean, Bill, it’s always a little hard to think outside the moment. Understand, am I asking the question and making sure Mom and Dad everybody is altogether right now? Am I asking that because I need to know today that they’re going to be there to improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Yeah, I do. I need all three of I need to know, but why am I asking that question in the big picture? I’m trying to let them build so much trust with me now that and if there’s an issue we can discuss it talk about. I want that relationship for speed and agility training Tulsa.

The beginning built on a personal side now so that when I get to the point on Saturday night at 6:00 o’clock after I spent two hours with him and then another 30 minutes giving him what it is is solution to their broken. Recruiting problem that I asked him for $34195 that there’s a relationship that’s already in place. And it’s not just somebody that text him cold cinema message cold, it’s a cold call and this ask him to write a check for $34. I’m looking way past the moment to get to where I need to be at the end. Now here’s the other side of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. If I work with this family. I need to know all this stuff. I’ll give you a case in point the situation, and I had that I didn’t know and I didn’t know till two a month before speed and agility training Tulsa signing day.