I’ll be evaluating young the whole time for improve vertical jump training Tulsa and he won’t know. Yeah but I need him to get you videos so he does know. Yeah and I need him to let his parents know that you got me video about speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, because they’re not gonna see you with their eyes because tonight you’re going to be wearing a desert raise or whatever you’re saying. You’re gonna be wearing a desert race Jersey. They’re not as an Sr. Scout, right? So you’re missing that opportunity to be seen as a scout, so we’ve got to make sure we do some things so they see us as a scout even though they’re not seeing us with their eyes as count. That makes sense. The phone booth change in and out of between innings. I have that all the time, not between innings, but definitely if we’re on a tournament you know they’ll wear their Jersey and do a little bit of coaching and they go flip improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

And then there, NSR. You know I had a. I had a scout a few years ago. Who was having a hard time getting any closer to speed and agility training Tulsa? And I’m trying to figure out what he’s doing and I’m like OK when you’re at the field and you’re watching these football games. What are you doing? He said, Susan, your stand. I’ve got the best seat in the house. What do you mean? I’m on the chain gang. I’m like dude, what are you wearing when you weren’t? When you’re doing the chain gang, what’s he wearing? He’s wearing like this. Strike things right the little best, yeah you can’t. CNS are nowhere. I said you’re invisible. I know, but I can evaluate the kid. Alright, so he got the evaluation, but he’s missing that big part. Of them seeing him evaluate their kid. That’s why we won. Closing. So, Jerry, you’ve got to be aware of improve vertical jump training Tulsa. You gotta make sure that this kid, if he gets you video, lets you know. His parents know that he got you video. Right? After tonight, you might say, hey, by the way, I was coaching opposite your team for speed and agility training Tulsa. I was evaluating during the whole game. I probably wouldn’t tell him that before the game after, but after the game I don’t mind doing that. And you know, if I see mom and dad, I’m gonna say list my dad. I wear several hats.

Today you think? Recruiting experts so your sons want to play in college and I’m going to start that conversation, yeah? Alright referrals the best thing you can get, it should be a big part of your business. Once you have a level of success. Robin, I probably get a couple of months. There’s some people that say they get 75% of their business a month from referrals. Yard area is gonna take a little while. But it shouldn’t take too long. Alright, you take care of your kids really good. People are gonna talk about it. Understand. There is a reverse here that you may not have thought about. Some parents don’t want you to work with other kids who improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Some parents are scared if you work with another kid that’s going to take opportunities away from their child. So sometimes you may ask a parent you may ask for a different position. You may think about something like that. ’cause I don’t want parents to feel weird about helping you find more business. Sometimes you’ll have parents ask you odd questions about speed and agility training Tulsa like, well, how many setters are you working with, or how many catchers are you working with and they don’t understand. They think you’re pitting the kids against each other and you’re really not doing that. Every kids recruiting is completely unique.

Kids have completely different skill sets. Their recruiting path is going to be different. Is there occasionally when a coach is trying to decide between a couple of NSR kids? Yes, but that is not the typical situation. They’re awesome. Alright, now I’m going to get to the next part. I will pass all this to let me get to page 39. We’re going to talk about social media again just for a minute. I know we talked about social media on and off. it’s a big part of our business it’s a it’s a friend base, especially in the Instagram world. Instagram is kind of closed off, so if you’ve got a friend. All this time on this post for 70 people to see. half of which were your reach. When you’re doing your social media stuff for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, OK, clear. Do you have a question? Yes, ma’am. So seriously. We’re all a team going right, especially where all the teams. So tell me if this is not true, since you know probably more about Facebook than I do. Jerry Post a commitment some type and I go to like speed and agility training Tulsa, OK? Rather, if I love it or comment. Exponential sees more people, is that correct? I’ve been told that. If you comment more people are likely to see it, then if you just like it.

OK, I heard love well in love. Sometimes they say that the emotions can be stronger. I’m not sure about that comment is the strongest thing you can do unless you share it which is even stronger, right? OK? So when you say when somebody has a welcome post, I’m sure y’all saw some of that yesterday when you were trying to find post to share, you saw our scouts welcoming new athletes. And they get a welcome post. And then if you notice at the bottom the comment was welcome from Hawaii. Welcome from wherever and all these scouts are welcoming to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, and that’s so that all of their friend base can see that post. Alright, and it helps all of us, and so we try to do that for each other. Question OK? I asked you last night about speed and agility training Tulsa. Addition to Clint. You know, if we go and select share. Right then.