So we go to this soccer improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We hit our software database. It’s always good to hit about a week ahead of time. You know, if we can get the information that far out. It’s good to him about a week ahead, so hey, we’re going to be there this weekend to speed and agility training Tulsa. That way when you get this County forms in, you’ve got some time to do things so. If. If I get all those forms in, I’m going to begin the communication with those athletes and those families before I ever make it to the tournament. So I’m going to send something else just to those families of texts and email, you know. Preferably a text. I got the phone number and I’m going to ask for some other things. Maybe they didn’t include video asking for video, maybe they didn’t include their schedule.

Hey, if you’ve got your scheduled for this weekend already, send that too. So now those that respond back to me. You know the scouting form with somebody raising their hand for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Now if I begin my communication with the scouting forms before the event and I’m asking for things. And they send it back to me for speed and agility training Tulsa. Now they’re raising both hands. They’re really hot in the process, so now at that point I’m going to begin asking the questions that I would just start the interview process and I’m getting a little further ahead of myself here. ’cause hopefully I’ve had the video to evaluate them. You know, at least, preliminary video to evaluate them. And then I’m going to start that process, but even if I don’t begin to the interview process at that point, I’ve at least got enough information. OK, I’m moving into the top of my list. So say I get 300 forms back, but maybe only hear back from 30 of them before the event. So I got 300 Scout reforms. I reached out to all of them with the request. 30 Even came back to me with that information about speed and agility training Tulsa. Well those 30 or about hottest of hot leads. Those are my first thirty.

I’m going to try to watch. OK. Then I’m going to work the other ones as I can give some. May respond by there and turn some of them. I’ve had people text me or call me and say, hey Brian, we filled out this term. This this scouting form. We know you asked for some additional information. You know we didn’t know really what you guys were. What you were about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Once we saw you at the event. And so you really out there scouting and you guys weren’t just telemarketers. Then you know, we definitely want to talk a little bit more stupid, she thought. And I’ve also had some of that after the event for speed and agility training Tulsa. Said that post event email that says Hey Man, due to overwhelming response to the number of kids that wanted to be evaluated for college, you know we weren’t able to get to everybody. You know, that’s. While we want to see your schedule for similar information, you know we will get back to you. You know ASAP and hopefully see you at A tournament down the road so you do have to prioritize. Not every scout me form is created equal OK, and I don’t want you to get frustrated when you tell me you know what product had 10 scouting forms and 5:00 AM ghosted me three of them couldn’t play and one of them said interview. So I got one interview about a tense County forms for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, that’s great if you want to get those teams scouting forms, but you’ve got that one interview.

I don’t know. You know, but you have some opportunities there, but not all scouting forms are created. If you get a Scout meeting that shows it was generated by the parent, ’cause there’s three ways of scouting, form can be generated. One is by the athlete. An athlete can fill it out and send it in for speed and agility training Tulsa. Number 2 by a parent parent can fill it out over half the athletes indent and the third one is by a coach. OK, so coach can fill it out. Send me badly. We definitely follow them. Want to be quick about it? Want to be thorough? Wanna let them know to make sure they let their parents know that we contacted. Remove we do. Those are good scout many forms. They’re not the top of the list. Top of the list County form. It comes in as a parent. OK, ’cause guess who in the end is enrolling with us for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Yeah, we’re going to work with the athlete. But who’s paying the store for that athlete? Mom, dad, grandparents. Maybe I love speed and agility training Tulsa. Not the athlete in most cases. So if you get one from a parent and it comes through. That needs to be followed a bond like that ’cause If I’ve taken my time as a parent man.

I’ve got a job, I may have two other kids. You know other than the one that I’ve been trying to get recruited right now go and I’m taking the time to fill out a form for you to come watch my athlete play and tell me what you think as a college scout. Absolutely, that is the highest priority. Now a coach is a good priorities. Will a very high priority. Because of Coach can also well. You know I’m reaching out to the athlete. You know, not reaching back out to the coach. Initially I reached out to the athlete, the parent, and I’m letting him know, hey, we got to scout me. Formatting from your, you know, your coach believes that you can play at the next level and send scout before medicine, and you know we’d like to evaluate you based on their recommendation. Now. That’s what I love getting from coaches ’cause I can give implied endorsement to the athlete that hey, this coach thinks we need to evaluate you for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And that’s what they’ve done. But I can also go back to the coach after. ’cause I wanna I wanna go up to the athlete first then go back to that coach.