I’m not going in and dissecting my prospects before I put him in the fund for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, so I’m not going to go in here and say except for maybe by grad year or something like speed and agility training Tulsa. You know, location, that type of thing. But I’m not going to hear so well. This kid has a 3.2 GPA. They they run AN-8840 or they do you know, whatever? So I’m not really going to put them in my phone. I’m going to put him in my phone OK, they may not work out through the bottom of the funnel when they see some of the stuff that may not be somebody that I end up setting an interview with, but I need to put people in my funnel. I need to. If I’m trying to get. 100 enrollments by the end, bye bye in my one year anniversary. I need to have you know a bout working it in, continuing to build it. You know, 500 a 1025 hundred 4500 names in my phone.

So I’m putting the largest amount I can find. And again they do need to be at an area that we know that qualified. So if I’m working softball, not putting girls from my rec League softball in my phone to put into my contact management for speed and agility training Tulsa. But I am going to these tournaments and I’m putting them in there if I’m. You know, in my am I putting a bunch of, you know, eight man football teams to my phone. You maybe it depends on what kind of football they play for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. There’s some pretty good players out there to play eight man football. You know not as many. It’s not the most efficient way to work it, but there are a lot. You know, little cross, you know. Am I putting everything in from the Turkey trot tournament in Atlanta? Yeah, ’cause all those kids are playing club and travel so. They’re wanting to play in college more than likely. And so I’m gonna dump all those in the top of my phone. And then I begin to funneling through. Now your final is not a standard phone, OK? For some of you that it may work, you know.

Back in the day with me, I mean I go way back to speed and agility training Tulsa. It was like we use CRM’s like Act in Goldmine and some of those now you gotta you gotta HubSpot Salesforce different people that are putting funnels out there that help you to automate the process. We looked into a ton of those. And to be honest with you for what we do and for what you guys do, it was best if we build something from the ground up. And so that’s what we did. So your final and hopefully all of you guys have seen it. As everybody got your Google Doc, everybody got your Google Drive. You’ve all been assigned. You’ve all been in kind of looked at it and see what improve vertical jump training Tulsa looks like. I know we just got somebody on today who’s got just joined us today for speed and agility training Tulsa. Or yesterday. Best way to join yesterday for the first time that went on any of the calls or anything? OK, maybe he didn’t come through. But so far all of you got your your Google Drive. You Google Doc so you know what I’m talking about. When I say this. So that’s your phone. OK, when I say final when I say pipeline, that is absolutely the same thing as your Google Doc. Your Google Drive now. That is yours. You’ll notice that there are tabs at the. I mean you know. Titles at the top of it talks about in first and last name, email address, all that stuff. Great if you need to add some more to the backside of that for social media handles or anything on that, you’re welcome to do it. This is yours so you can work the most efficiently that you possibly can OK. Now your Google Drive is shared with us.

We created it and so it’s shared here with us internally. That way, if something ever happens on your end, you’ve lost something your computer blows up. You know we’ve got it, so you haven’t lost anything in improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That’s one of the reasons why we went that route for speed and agility training Tulsa. Using Google and Google Drive. Two reasons, number one is free. It’s pretty darn reliable. There’s very few times that Google has has gone down. And then we’ve had to worry about it. Easy to use ’cause it works. Very similar to Excel, an Excel spreadsheet which a lot of people are used to to use it in one way or the other. OK, we’re not asking you create very hard formulas and things like that. Just be able to type in information now. If you get a book. So you just. He gets a book in his got 600 names in it. Do I want Chris sitting there, filling out his phone with 600 kids and putting all that information in and and wasting two or three days in front of the computer doing improve vertical jump training Tulsa?

No, I don’t. We have people here in this office that will do that. You know speed and agility training Tulsa? If you have to scan it and get it over here, if you wanna drop in the Mail and get it over here, or if it’s a digital book like our soccer people get right now and they can get it over here and we will put it in the system. OK, so I don’t want you sitting in front of your computer for hours and hours on end. Today’s a great day here. This is pouring down rain. You couldn’t go out and go anywhere. So today’s a great fun thing, you know. So if I needed to do some things I could, but I want you to do it tomorrow. But you do need to build some time into your day. Every day for full maintenance for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, that means adding hey, I got 10 kids I saw yesterday on on this website. Great one of those team kids into my phone today. I’ve got 25. You know something like that? I’m going to add those kids you know, here over the next couple days and we’re going to do some things with those to make it where it’s very. Deficient into where you’re getting the information and the leads that unique out of there. So at this point you’ve prospected, you generated the lead and now we’re putting those leads into our database.