If you need me to help evaluate watching video, its an easy wat to determine how best you can improve vertical jump training tulsa. I know that’s one thing that I feel like I’ve done more. With National Scouting report that I did as a college coaches watching video on a bunch of different sports to kind of give my professional background and. And eyes to something totally different. So be OK to get out of your comfort zone and get to doing the speed and agility training Tulsa.. I think that’s what helps us as a professional is to kind of get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes branch out, find some things that that may benefit fit you in the future. You know a lot of our scouts come in the company and there you know they come in it for one scored and they realize that they have an opportunity to do. For different sports within their region, there areas if somebody is not associated with that, so be open to that. But don’t be afraid to ask questions watch video and improve vertical jump training tulsa.

I think you know, especially a lot of the generation now is they they are afraid to ask questions and you know they don’t want to ask a stupid question. So stupid questions in this business of speed and agility training Tulsa. If you don’t know, you don’t know, and so we want to be able to help you guys in any way possible so. But again, I welcome you again. Welcome to the family. Like Larry said, I’m sure Roberts is here to talk about that. This is a family atmosphere. We’re here for each and everyone of you. Everybody’s here to lend a hand and to make you better athlete through Tulsa speed and agility training. And what you do so again welcome to MSR. Thanks Mike. Alright so just a little bit about me. You’re gonna hear from me a lot. You’ll probably get tired of that so. About 1415 years ago I was in a sales job. I had a territory and it was going great. Then all of a sudden they were deciding to sell out. It was a family owned business. It was going to go to a larger Corporation. My job was going to change tremendously in my pay structure was gonna change tremendously. So I decided to look for something else to do. And then when I was in college my dream was to help improve vertical jump training tulsa, I had helped with recruiting on the football side. So I’d always been involved in sports a lot.

And then Robert by with college, both Anomis. So I was very familiar with that set of the recruiting the football side and I was looking for something to do something different in the speed and agility training space and industry in Tulsa.. I came across in Sr. Did some research, decided it was an awesome opportunity, potentially called up. There had a long conversation, decided this was something Robert 90 to do all the Robert didn’t know about that yet. Then I’ll let Robert know about that. And we came up and talked. Well, I guess I should step back when I presented it to him. It keep in mind he was a youth minister. He was a part time football coach with a focus on improve vertical jump training tulsa. And I was asking about in Sr. Yeah, he knew about in Sri. Still I think it’s something we should do. I think this is a really good move for us as a family. He said, you know what? Everybody get this. If a kid needs a scholarship. I can get him a scholarship. You may have thought that yourself you may have said that yourself. But I reminded Robert of Cybersix kids in the recent two years prior to us. Stop having this conversation that kids should have played in college and didn’t get that opportunity because they didn’t work hard in speed and agility training Tulsa. Maybe they were at levels that he didn’t have great connections. Or maybe the coaches. He had great connections with, didn’t need that position that year. Whatever the case, the kids didn’t have that opportunity, so Robert realized, OK.

She’s brought up a good point. Just take some. She’s brought up a good point, so let’s go. Let’s go see what Rusty has to say in Alabaster, AL right outside of Birmingham then on to Tulsa improve vertical jump training. We did that and immediately decided to jump on board. And that’s kind of what started this 14 or 15 years ago. We don’t keep up very well, but. All of that, to say nothing made us better at this job. As much as having two personal kids who went through the process. We have a daughter and a son both attended speed and agility training Tulsa.. Our son went through the football recruiting, ended up playing small, do one our daughter. Was a volleyball basketball track and field girl ended up going track. Actually infield shoes. She was a thrower at the small Division One level as well. That made us realize how parents really feel going through this process, even though it was a process we had gone through hundreds of times with other families. It’s still somewhat nerve wracking, and so it made us more aware of how that feels, and it made us probably adjust a little bit the way we’re doing. We do our job andf that job is to offer speed and agility training in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma..

All that to say. We we’ve also been parents of athletes that have benefited tremendously from the NSR program that gives us great credibility, but it also gives us great belief in what we do so. We’re going to be talking about a lot of things that hope and try to help you build that belief in is in in NSR. If you don’t currently have it and we’re going to be talking about a lot of stuff, that’s going to help you with that. Enough about me now I’m looking forward to hearing about you. I have looked at your reservation I’m I’m looking forward to hearing what you’re going to be working in where you are. You’re sports full time part time. Tell us what tell us what it is all about. I will start with you, Bill Fulton. OK, thank you very much. I appreciate that my name is Bill Fulton. I live in King of Prussia, PA. Which for anybody who doesn’t know that area, it’s just outside of Philadelphia about maybe 1050 miles away. My background is diverse as you go through life, you acquire more experiences and I have several. I first career was a newspaper journalist, English degree. I played all the sports in high school. Back in those days you were three sport athlete all used to improve vertical jump training tulsa ’cause back in those days there weren’t all leads and. Seven on sevens and indoor. Whatever you were A3 sport athlete because you did something every year.