Coaching high school football here at Alabama its not Tulsa improve vertical jump training, which by the way, we really don’t. We really don’t. Football is not a big deal now, but I know y’all think it is, but it’s really not so, you know. Haha not as serious as speed and agility training Tulsa. So we don’t really take it all that serious down here. It’s just it is a hobby you know. And so 368 days a year in 29 hours a day is a hobby. So I did that. And gentlemen, I still figured out a way. To be on the top of the Board of the Role Athletes Fitness or every single month I went in to try to improve vertical jump training tulsa. And I was doing 60 hours a week doing something else and had two children that I didn’t miss their games. I didn’t miss coaching them. I didn’t miss anything. So my point all that is, is that. I don’t ever wanna hear you say anything about. I don’t have time. Time is a priority. Do you make time for the things you want to accomplish or you don’t? you should have time to do Tulsa’s speed and agility training . And that time it kind of comes into the whole thing. We talked about the other day being figure scared of things or being lazy. Not willing to do what it takes to improve vertical jump training tulsa.

But we’ll talk more about that this week. I do believe that the success rate for us is based on how hard you’re willing to put work into it and your drive, and that’s going to be the things we will coach you on the rest of it, but I can’t. I can’t get blood out of a turn, but if you don’t give me time and I can’t bullet get blood out of a turn up if you’re scared. And so there’s two things I can’t do. Been doing this a long time and we were voted best speed and agility training Tulsa. Larry Michael, tell you there’s probably no one on this call right now. This more competitive than I am. That’s true. And gentlemen, reason. It is because I do not like to lose if I can jump higher I will do everything in my power to improve vertical jump training tulsa. Why you laughing Jake? I mean come on win why you believe me? I’m the same way I do not like to lose so I can’t be on top. Man I’ll be strapping and kicking and trying to get that whole time because I got it. When is is? You know what rest of it doesn’t matter. So that’s my background. We’re glad you’re here. So remember, we’re going to tell a little bit about us just so you know that we’re going to screw right on through here. ’cause we gotta get, we gotta get rolling today. Yes, layer pair.

Go to Bango next. I gotta do interview at 9:30 was wrong room and go. Most everybody here I’ve talked to, but for those that I haven’t talked to, my name is Larry Perrin. I’m I’m also at the corporate office were we also so speed and agility training Tulsa. Like Robert said, I still do this. As for living and. It’s. You find that it is the greatest job that you’re ever gonna have. If you buy into it. You get to work with kids to help them improve vertical jump training tulsa. You get to help these kids. You get to go to ball games. You get spend time out and in in the glory of nature and watching ball games. Next word thing but. You also get to. Are living for your family and do some things that that that you know you’re not as free to do. Sometimes when you’re like behind the desk. Just. Real quick, my my background is I played football in college. I played in Division Two, program, Henderson State University in Arkansas I could jump out of the park after really working to improve vertical jump training tulsa. I had a good career there came out of college and did just a short stint in in in the defunct USFL before doing Tulsa Speed and Agility Training. In then I had to get a job and so I went into the coaching right out of high school and right out of college and. Like Robert Suzan.

I had kids so I had to get a job, a real job. My dad called it a real job. Quit playing with the football and go get you a real job. So I worked in the steel business for 20 years and then I got back into teaching and coaching and found out that all of that had changed. Admin changed parents to change that leads to change. So I still wanted to be around the game. I still loved working with athletes who wanted to improve vertical jump training tulsa. I still love the recruiting aspect of this and you know, so I went on back at seven years ago and went on this thing. This website called Jobs in sports and filling out a career application in about 5 minutes later. I get a text from a guy in Mississippi and next thing you know we’re on the phone with each other and the next thing you know you know we go through a bunch of personal things that were connected to it and and I’m sitting in a chair down here and Birmingham, AL about a week later. I started as a scout just for clarity. Just for clarity, I was in Alabama. I wasn’t in Mississippi. Played in a city don’t. Please don’t tie me to to actually having lived there for anytime.

OK, I’m sorry my sorry my game is it. Go ahead go ahead. Well, he just derailed me. But starting out as a scout. And got opportunity become a licensee for the Memphis area and worked at that and then got opportunity to become director football over the football all across the country including in tulsa speed and agility training. and. Got opportunity to come down here to corporate and it jumped it at that. I believe in this company that’s why I invested in it. That’s why I have vested my life and career and my family’s livelihood on it. And it’s just. It’s just awesome. I was the father of an under recruited athlete. You know in us all that there needed to be changed, and having coached in the region I coached in college coaches to quit coming to that region. You know, and then when I got into this, we started getting back up the road there and coming to see some of them. Kids, small schools and stuff.