He’s a recruiter for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. He’s a guy. I meant what do you mean, recruiter for speed and agility training Tulsa? Well, he’s a guy we talked to you that but the ballfield the other day and we’re gonna talk to him about Little Caesars Chrooting. Or what does he do? Who work for who’s your recruiting for? Maybe I don’t know all that. I mean, we’re just going to have a meeting with him Saturday night, 6:00 o’clock. No, we’re not. I got a nail appointment 5 and then I got bridge club at 7:30 and if you forgotten that we got church the next morning to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, we gotta get everything set up and ready to go so no 6:00 o’clock is not gonna work. So you just call him, tell him six clocks are gonna work. So then you know what night you get ghosted because dads now embarrassed he don’t want to call you back ’cause he just got his **** handed to him by his wife. Alright honey, I think it’s real. Don’t match real, don’t answer, don’t answer, you’ll incriminate yourself OK. Manager, now let’s play it the other way. Hey Mr Miss you know Miss Miss Susie. How about we haven’t interviewed and let’s talk about you know, but they wasted do everything. Saturday night, 6:00 o’clock for speed and agility training Tulsa.

She flips her phone open. She looks at it goes, you know, saying six will be fine. OK, it’s also allow. I’ll shoot you a text later about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I will get you a questionnaire so we get it all filled out. She goes home that night. OK, she says to you, know, Big Jim, hey Jim hey coach cable is going to come over on Saturday night and talk to us about Little Caesars recruiting. Well who’s big Jim? Well, he works for NSR. He works for the bunch of athletes and he has connections all over the country because we were talking to him, he had a whole list of college coaches he was talking to in Mark. Probably our daughter is probably going to be, you know somebody that he wants to stop. He’s going to make that determination and he’s going to talk about the valuation. Well, I got a golf game at 4. But you can play 9 and you have your **** at home at 6:00 o’clock. ’cause that’s what time we’re going to do speed and agility training Tulsa. Well what’s it gonna cost? I don’t know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. I’ve done the research on it. It’s going to be a whole lot less than what college cost us. We had to pay for it. Who’s it make no flare tonight at 6:00 o’clock. All three of you dog alright. Dad’s gonna have a little bit he’s gonna have a little raw chapter in from being just a little chat because he’s gotta be there ’cause his wife did it. And it’s fine. I’m a warm up to that I’m going.

I’m going to make sure that I played with that hand. But I’m going to warm it back up before we ever get there so that I get a chance and I’m gonna teach you guys how to do speed and agility training Tulsa. You get my point, right? Mom controls the calendar mom can. Mom knows what’s going on. Mom always knows what’s go. Mom will know to the 1000 degree of point of what her kids grade point averages. What’s a great point average 3.76532 and she’s ranked number 16 in the class of 375 and she’s got two doing a Roman. She’ll spit it off to you, ask Dad. There’s I don’t know, but she’s gotta be average. Man, that way to be in touch. What’s going on pops? You **** OK. I mean ’cause? That’s really, really. So the point I’m trying to make is when both are there for speed and agility training Tulsa, you guys said both. Yeah, you said it will. Both right there to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK give it give me opportunity both over. There is perfect, but most of the time it’s not perfect. You have one or the other. So if you have to do it with Dad no on the front side said it would add. But here is why I’m teaching you the pre interview text communication that we’re about to talk about to remove that situation that we just went through with both parties. So we set the interview up. Alright, we set the interview up. I’ve got Mom cell phone number. I’ve got Dad cell phone number, whichever situation is so.

This was on Wednesday. We set it up in the morning. I will send a shoot a small text over to Mom’s mom was the one I set it up with. Hey Mom is I’m looking forward to seeing you guys we are rolling. OK, so you have well love you bye. So the other day that that was my wife, in case you wanted to know about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK so anyway, yeah figured it wasn’t your dog. Let’s get that well. I did speed and agility training Tulsa on camera. Hey, I don’t even have a good have a good alibi. I mean, so we’re we’re hit now you work with her and live with her.

You’re saying that work you in trouble. But anyway, I have 30 something years we figured this out, so we’re going to go. One question. Robert, is this recording still? No, they haven’t. They’re not reported. So OK alright? So. How do I Jack it away, make me lose my place? Let’s get a good job son, anyway, so let’s go back to what we were doing. So now I’ve got mom. I’m going to text Mom. Now I’m on texture and understand we just talked the day before, so I mean it’s fresh, hey Mom, here’s the text. Hey Mom, I’m looking forward to seeing you guys Saturday night via FaceTime coach. College coach interview like we talked about. I’m looking forward to get to know you, your husband, and the same. Most of the time I say you Dad or yeah, you Dad and the family. And sometimes I’ll save Dad, mom and the family. Dad, I’m looking forward to seeing you and Mom and family. Guys. I’ll have to learn. Because I had a situation where I said OK, I’m looking forward my able to mom.