You have a business sense backing you, but if I move forward with you for speed and agility training Tulsa, is because I like you and I want you helping my child. So it needs to be a very personal page. I want you to use your current account because I asked you raise your hand if you know somebody who should apply in college and did it. And everybody raised their hand. Alright, so I’m telling you on your Facebook friend list you have friends that know somebody right now that wants to play in college and they’re not on a path to do that. Keep in mind only 5% are gonna have that opportunity and with kobid it’s worse. So I’m asking you to use your current friend base to recruit improve vertical jump training Tulsa. We’re going to put some things out there on your social media. It’s going to kind of announce to the world that this is what you’re doing. And you’re gonna have families reach out to you, and they’re going to say Bill. I didn’t know you were working for NSR. I gotta run into play in college. You’re gonna say great send me some video of speed and agility training Tulsa. Because why? Why am I not gonna say a great? Let’s have a conversation. Why am I not saying that? I guarantee that at first you have to see what the kids all about. I’m different because I evaluate first. I so anytime somebody brings something to you about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Hey I need some video. I need to know where you’re playing. 

Alright, So what I need you to do. Make sure you don’t put in Sr at the end of your name. We’re not doing that. You can’t change it for 60 days. I like to know that you’re all in with NSR and this is going to be a good fit for you. Before you do that. Clean it up if you got stuff that’s not appropriate for 13 year old eyes or ears. You need to clean it up because the moms of 13 year olds are not going to like it. I’m gonna ask that on your big picture. Your banner picture on Facebook. We’ve got some banners that you can put out there. If you go to access speed and agility training Tulsa. Resources and downloads. There’s a Facebook images. And you can go pick the one that best suits your needs and son that are done in black and white. There’s some that are done in color. There’s some that are sport specific. There’s some that are multi sport. You can pick what you want yours to look like and I want that to be your Facebook banner. The big picture on your Facebook page, OK improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Alright. And then I’m gonna ask that your little picture and what I’m talking about by your little one is every time you post that picture that goes with your name.

And do not make that a speed and agility training Tulsa logo. Do not. That needs to be a picture of you. We’re going to. We’re gonna be getting scout pictures of you. We’re going to talk about that in just a second. You can put a Scout picture out there if you want. If you got a picture with a significant other, you got a picture with your Labrador. Whatever makes you very approachable, especially if you’re a bigger guy, you want to make sure that you come across softer. If you’re afraid you might scare somebody, they need to see a picture of you that sees you as very approaching. Does that make sense improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Talking to all guys here, girls get a pass on this a little bit, but guys, you gotta just make sure you’re not coming across as I’m gonna be honest with you night if I didn’t know you. You can look like you could hurt somebody. That’s not your personality at all, is it? But I need to see a picture that shows you as a very approachable person for speed and agility training Tulsa, OK, and that goes for for all of you. As far as a scout picture. We’re gonna make a badge for you, so part of your homework tonight is to get your NSR golf shirt. I see Jack’s got his in the background there. Get your golf shirt on. If you’ve already got it. If you don’t have it. Get a Royal blue, black, white or grey. Shirt that doesn’t have anything else on it other than just liking Adidas logo or a Nike or whatever and take a picture from the chest up. No hat, no sunglasses. I please don’t make it a selfie where you look like your. I had one guy sitting in a really bad one, but make sure it’s a decent picture. You gotta make it a selfie. Just make it try not to make it look like a silver. And get that picture.

 You’re going to submit that to the office. OK, we’re going to use that to create your badge, and we’re going to put it on our map as well. So take your picture. And then you’re gonna send it to Ryan Ryan Ryan. At you can just let him know your name and your location. Maybe what sport you’re in for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? That would be great. You say that one more time please. Yes, Ryan RRYAN Ryan and NSR. I’m sure gonna take that picture tonight. And you’re gonna clean up your Facebook account. Everybody good with that, right? Everybody understands, we’re asking, do so far Facebook for speed and agility training Tulsa. ’cause when I’m bout to tell you is a little confusing. So you got all that right? Alright, I just told you that when you’re at an even.

A mom of a 14 year old kid is gonna see NSR. They’re gonna find out your name or they’re gonna find you on our NSR map and then they’re going to find you on Facebook. That’s what people do. They stop you. When they go to stalk you, I need to give them something to find. Think about right now. If you went out to an event right now. And among looked you up, would she believe that you’re in MSR scout for improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Probably not. There’s nothing out there to prove that.