Somebody’s going out to the website for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, somebody saw you at a tournament or in a game and they said I need to look at in a source who they. Are they going there for speed and agility training Tulsa? It’s you know there’s a way for them to fill out a form with about. So they will fill out a form and I’ll see what sport it is, what areas in and I’ll send it to you. Now. That’s really important, because if you don’t get back in touch with these people, I promise you. Maybe it’s somebody who never even thought about a scouting organization or needing help with recruiting, but now they’ve looked at our website there. Wow, I didn’t even know this was out there. And they’re like I need to look some more. So they’re going to dig in, and they’re going to find other companies, and they’ll probably fell out of form with him too. And better the companies go reach out to him about improve vertical jump training Tulsa. And then you’re going to call him a day later, and they’re going to sorry, yeah, we’ve already talked to so and so.

But hey, thanks so you’ve missed out because you’ve waited too long to respond, so make sure you respond. And if you get a scout me from this organic, which means it didn’t come from your phone. Put that information in your phone. OK, that’s another way to add people to your phone so it may only be you may only get 5 this month. Well, there’s five new people you’re adding improve vertical jump training Tulsa to your phone. That you know, if you don’t, if you don’t interview and enroll now for speed and agility training Tulsa. With the campaign later on and getting potentially then. Because again, just ’cause somebody says they’re not interested. That just means they’re not interested right now, it doesn’t mean they will be issued six months down the road. Or after the next recruiting cycle goes through. You know I’ve had plenty of people when I was in the field. Tell me, Oh no, we’re not interested and then guess what they go through summer ball and they don’t get the calls they want from coaches.

They don’t get the attention they want from coaches and so now they’re calling in September going Oh my gosh, what do we do? Same thing you should have done in May for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. But now we just lost some opportunities because you wait. So Scout reforms I don’t want you to. Mistake this and think you have to have a scout before to work a kid. I’ve heard horror stories and it’s pending news Kimi awake at 9 of Scouts going yeah, I told his kid out of the field that told their parents fan. We have a good conversation I told. Hey, you know I really like talk to you. I really like sit down and discuss what I see but I need you to go in and fill out the scout before 1st. And then guess what they go to. The website for speed and agility training Tulsa.

They never fill it out or they say you know what? I’m not doing that is just taking away from Chris being a person now and being talking to me at the field to where now he’s pushing me to a form to fill out. And a lot of people don’t like that. So if you’ve begun the dialogue, if you forget, forget asking the questions at the field that you’re going to learn how to ask, and the different things you don’t. A Scout reform is not a step that you have to follow improve vertical jump training Tulsa. OK, a scout me form is a lead that is generally generated by your final hit or by somebody searching for us on the web or something like that. Not somebody that you began a conversation with. If I’m talking to him on the phone, or even if I’m talking to him through text. I’m asking him the information that’s going to be on the form when I’m talking to him about speed and agility training Tulsa, so I’m going to get that.

So please don’t mistake it. Don’t don’t make Susan called me and said Brian Bill told me. You said to get scout me form filled out before he could set an interview or talk to anybody. ’cause then I’m just gonna I’m gonna fall out about this chair. I’m gonna get mad at Susan. Get mad at Bill and it’s just not. It’s not pretty. So understand that that is not a. A precursor that you have to have a scalp. But we do want to get up. Anybody got questions about email campaigns types of emails? Scout me forms anything like that. Whether you don’t understand what I said about speed and agility training Tulsa or if you got some technical or just. Go ahead and behind my camera. Go ahead. Dumb I guess. How the process works I mean you mentioned the campaign that you did in about 6-7 hundred names that came in with a you know they wanted to be sure or things like that, so as Area Scouts and things like that is this prior to us evaluating these individuals that improve vertical jump training Tulsa. These are generally ones that are coming from your funnel. Email accounts, yeah? Thing is, if you go to these events, you know 300 kids. And we’re going to. I’m just trying to figure out how we’re going to be able to evaluate, and again, you’re not going to be able to OK, and this is what’s important about speed and agility training Tulsa. Let me in a time glad you brought this up, ’cause that’s really, really important. So if you go to an event, say this was the soccer I’m going to use this app ’cause we just hit.