A different way of presenting everybody is going to be a little different way and where they present information about improve vertical jump training Tulsa, but understand the purpose of a recruiting seminar. Understand the purpose of anytime you talk to or present. Information to people it’s not to give them information about speed and agility training Tulsa. OK, it’s not just to provide information, so so so that you just giving them something. OK, you’re giving him information and then you’re creating and with intent. A route, a requirement for them to get with you and talk to you about what their problem is. Now that you pointed out that they have. Everybody. Anytime you give information to someone, anytime you present yourself to someone, anytime you’re asking questions at the field. Anytime you’re sending an initial text message or email out to a family to introduce them after align scouting for your purpose is not to get information right, you’re going to need information for improve vertical jump training Tulsa, but your purpose is to create the intent.

And the urgency for them to require to get to you to solve a problem that they have that you brought to their attention. That’s what a recruiting seminar does for speed and agility training Tulsa. Recruiting seminars are done so that we can bring to the attention they need and what no somebody needs to be done for them and they need somebody to fix that problem. That’s the purpose of the cruise mode. There’s a purpose of questions at the field. That’s the purpose of our contact with people we initially contact is to present them an issue that they have or problem that they have that we can fix. Now let’s get rolling this morning. I’m going to go through recruiting seminar just like I would at any high school, and this is going to be addressed today. Two specific group of people were going to call. We’re going to be at the high school is going to be Valley High School. I sent out a a simple high school coach evaluation form. Just like we we just got to you guys and we talked about last week for speed and agility training Tulsa. I sent that out. The coach said hey he sent me some information about some athletes that he has. For football and then he said, hey, let’s do recruiting. Some rock are willing to do that, so we set it up an improve vertical jump training Tulsa session. We’re going to have all the fall sports there. In fact, everyone at the school was invited. Anybody that wanted to come, but mainly the football team volleyball team for Fall Sports Cross country.

But as any time we go do one at a high school, the truth is. I look out in the audience and what do I see? Well, I see golf and I see softball and I see baseball and I see two sport athletes and I see the football guys to the volleyball guys. So I’m gonna dress one today. That’s kind of broad in nature. Poulan, I will address the three different sports that I actually see in the audience of speed and agility training Tulsa, and you guys will pick up on that as we go, but you’ll be able to see that. So we’re just going to kind of go through, so I will stop talking for a second. There’s going to be a couple of seconds of silence and then I’m going to go right into what would water recruiting seminar would be like. Live and in person is we do it OK alright? Moms and dads and coaches and kids athletes. Thank you so much for having me here tonight at Valley High School. You guys have got a rich tradition of playing after great athletics and winning games here and I just want to tell you, it’s great to be here tonight to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Be able to speak with all of you and talk a little bit about you. Know something that’s really important. You know if you’re open playing college, you know the most important conversation you’re ever going to have, possibly is is probably with me or one of our MSR people, because that’s what we do every day. But we’re not here to talk about that today, so moms and dads do speed and agility training Tulsa. Here’s what I’m going to do. We’re going to talk about the NCAA rules we’re going to talk a little bit about myths and whole lot about things that that you need to be doing. Make sure that your child is getting every opportunity will talk a lot about that stuff, and then we’re going to talk about some of the NCAA rules. We’re going to talk about the stages of recruiting and then we’re going to have just a brief session at the end. If you have general questions in general about recruiting, feel free to ask those questions about recruiting in general, but please whatever you do today is not about your child to improve vertical jump training Tulsa.

Because here’s why if you ask me that if you ask me a question about Blue Jimmy and you say hey Coach, toggle or my son is so and so and so and so and you know he wants to play Division One football at Alabama. And and that I may have to ask you a question in front of everyone once you ask me a question that says hey will tell me what you’re great with your sons grateful averages. So tell me what? As ICT stories and that you’re not going to answer that publicly in front, everyone there may be information that I have to have in a valuation in order to even determine if your son can play at the next level. Parents, did you hear what I just said about speed and agility training Tulsa? Hoping. I need to be able to evaluate your child to see if they could even play collegiately at the next level for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Everybody doesn’t get a trophy, just ’cause you’re playing club ball and trumball playing for this awesome school here doesn’t mean you’re go playing cops. Let me share some numbers, tell you real quick four half percent moms and dads. That’s it. 49 percent are gonna play in college somewhere.