Sometimes different coaches are looking for different things. Sometimes you run across speed and agility training Tulsa. A D3 coach that has a D1 box. And it’s gonna be real hard for him or her to fill their roster looking for D1 athletes, but maybe they’ve got a prestigious enough decrease? Cool that they can make that happen to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Sometimes we have coaches that have to adjust their boxes. You’re gonna reference college coach requests when you’re talking to families. It gives you instant credibility if you’re out and about. I hope on your clipboard you would have college coach request printed out and you would have him on the back of your clipboard. Obviously we can’t give these out to people that is company proprietary information. I can’t let anybody see them. It’s OK to show him flip through it, let him just see that I’ve got him. I can’t let them hone in on it because you do.

Anna Anna Mom will call that coach for speed and agility training Tulsa. In, say, Christian, I saw on Christians clipboard that you were looking for this kid and my daughter would feed that would fit that improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Um, that’s not what college coach give us. Coach requests. They do not want those public to families. So we’ve got to be very protective of those. We’ve had a club and travel coaches. Hey, what do I have to do to get some of those? I wanna get the Packers. A copy of those college coach requests will. Of course we can’t do that. Those caused cultural question for our athletes. But it helps you know what they’re looking for, what years are looking for. It keeps you very relevant in what we do. So if you got a lot of schools are looking for 23 and 24 hours. Not 21 and 22. You gotta realize. OK, you know what? Maybe I don’t need to be talking to 2122. College coach requests are only available on evolution for improve vertical jump training Tulsa. Yeah, I don’t know what that is, but if you gone and looked at our website and you went to our database of athletes, that’s our evolution portal. That’s our evolution platform. You don’t have access to speed and agility training Tulsa. You don’t have log into that until you get your first athlete enrolled. When you get your first satellite in Rd, I’m going to say hey. Send an email to the office. Get your evolution login set up. Once you get in there, you got access to the college coach request. I

nside your box that you’ve received or you should be receiving, you will find that there should be some college coach request in there to kind of get you started. Any questions about college coach requests and improve vertical jump training Tulsa? Do you see how that’s gonna help you in the field when you’ve got speed and agility training Tulsa? We’re trying to make sure you have a lot of tools and Arsenal in your in your corner here, and I hope you see how college coach requests are. Big one there. And you heard on the national call today you heard Rusty, the President Company, asking for everybody to get a college coach. Request today. We’re asking for our scouts to make a contact out because listen if we get in 50 college coach requests today. Keep in mind what happens every time one of those comes in. Our database is pushed up against it. We pull out the ones that meet and that goes out to that coach. Think of all the kids in our system that those 50 college coach requests would immediately benefit from. It can be a tremendous asset to improve vertical jump training Tulsa, so it’s an asset for you for you to use in the field. It’s an asset for you to use when you’re doing an interview to close the family an it’s an asset for our current athletes to use speed and agility training Tulsa. It’s just a win win win all the way around and the beautiful thing is, you don’t have to do anything about it. It automatically happens once your kids in the system. If a college coach request comes in that they qualify for that goes out to that school automatically. They don’t do anything to make that happen, and you don’t do anything to make that happen to happen Salamat.

Yes, Susan question the enrolled athletes that are signed up with NSR. They have access to evolution or a part of it. Yes, they have their own portal login and they have access to their portal and there are parts that they can go edit. But there are parts they can’t edit. So they can or cannot see college requests. They cannot see college coach quests, OK? He said. That’s something that you use to benefit yourself, so if you’re in evolution and you see a college coach request that came last week. And you signed a kid today. Keep in mind that last week the database was gone through to pull the kids at qualified. Your kid wasn’t in there, so if you put a kid in and you see a college coach request, that’s recent that your kid would qualify for. That’s a good phone call for you to make to that college coach saying, hey, I I notice that you were looking for this the other day. I’ve got a kid you might wanna look at to improve vertical jump training Tulsa. That makes sense.

You’re going to learn about all the services you’re going to learn about TiVo and all that. I’m just. You’re just getting a little bit of it here and there as we talk about being incredible scout, OK? A promise me by Wednesday all the pieces start coming together alright let’s get the next part. Let’s go to the next page page 11. That’s just an example of of what the college coach request for speed and agility training Tulsa can look like inside a vivo. And as you can see, these were printed. This was made several years ago. These definitely have out dated dates. This is just a sample for you.